Flaunting her radiant orbs! Emily Ratajkowski confidently reveals ample décolletage in snug velvet blazer

She has made a name for herself as one of the beloved models in the industry. Emily Ratjakowski, known for her confident fashion choices, once again stole the spotlight at the Max Mara Face Of The Future event in Hollywood. Her eye-catching ensemble featured a snug velvet jacket, which accentuated her most renowned features. Before entering the upscale Chateau Marmont venue, she effortlessly struck a pose, radiating confidence and elegance.

Trousering all the attention: But it was Emily Ratajkowski cleavage-baring jacket rather than her pants that caught the eye at the Max Mara Face Of The Future event in Hollywood on Tuesday

Stealing all the attention: However, it was Emily Ratajkowski flaunting her cleavage in a low-cut jacket rather than her trousers that turned heads at the Max Mara Face Of The Future event in Hollywood on Tuesday. The 25-year-old, famous for her topless appearance in the music video for the hit song “Blurred Lines”, confidently displayed her ample bosom and toned stomach by leaving just one button fastened on her golden jacket. She paired the jacket with matching trousers and stilettos.

The event, organized by the Women In Film organization, was the perfect fit for Emily as she had appeared in both the films Entourage and We Are Your Friends last year. Reflecting on her ideal group of female friends, Emily revealed, “In my girl squad, I guess it’s girls, but I would have loved to have Prince and I believe he would’ve collaborated well with a girl squad. Beyoncé, without a doubt. Lemonade is extraordinary and I believe she would be an incredibly fun person to hang out with.”

Golden globes: She showcased her famous cleavage by wearing nothing at all under her velvet jacket

Golden Globes: She put her famous cleavage on full display, confidently opting to go braless under her luxe velvet jacket.

Perfect fit: The shapely We Are Your Friends stunner fit right in at the Women In Film evemt

Ideal match: The beautifully proportioned beauty from We Are Your Friends seamlessly blended in at the Women In Film occasion.

No need for blurred lines: The modelling beauty looked mighty fine in sharp focus

No need to blur the lines: The stunning model looked absolutely stunning in clear focus. She also discussed her ultimate beauty inspiration, Lily Aldridge.

“I find myself constantly referring to her photos, and whenever I’m having my hair and makeup done, I always look at the things she has done. Her and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – I truly believe they are incredible!”

Finally, the confident model also shared her journey to feeling confident in herself.

“I think it’s really about not comparing yourself to others and recognizing that your physical body is unique and should be loved and accepted. It’s important to realize that everyone experiences these feelings, so while you may be looking at someone and wishing you had everything they do, they could be thinking the same thing.”

Smooth as velvet: She was looking in fine form indeed as she posed up outside the event

Velvety smooth: She exuded an exquisite charm, radiating confidence as she struck a pose outside the prestigious gathering.

Toasting her birthday: Emily slurped on a cocktail from a golden pineapple at her bash last week

Celebrating her special day: Emily joyfully sipped on a refreshing cocktail served in a stunning golden pineapple during her recent birthday event.

Capturing everyone’s attention: However, it was Emily Ratajkowski’s daringly revealing jacket, rather than her pants, that turned heads at the Max Mara Face Of The Future event in Hollywood on Tuesday.

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