Girls’ Day Out with her Closest Companions: Selena Gomez Finds Solace in Friendship following Breakup with On/Off Partner Justin Bieber

Girls on top: Selena Gomez enjoys a day out with her best friends as she gets over split from Justin Bieber

Girls taking the lead: Selena Gomez finds solace in the company of her closest companions, leaving behind the heartbreak caused by her breakup with Justin Bieber.

Smiles all round: Selena looks cheered by the conversation with The Secret Life of the American Teenager star Francia Raisa

Everyone is all smiles as Selena seems to be uplifted by her chat with Francia Raisa, the talented actress from hit TV show The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Skater style: Selena looked cool in a grey beanie hat, oversized wayfarer shades, a skeleton jumper, black jeans and lace up boots

Skater chic: Selena appeared effortlessly trendy with her choice of a charcoal gray beanie, oversized sunglasses in the iconic wayfarer style, a playful skeleton sweater, sleek black denim pants, and stylish lace-up boots.

Happy face! Retial therapy with her girlfriends helps Selena forget about her split from the Pop Prince

Selena finds solace in retail therapy and the company of her girlfriends, allowing her to temporarily escape the pain of her separation from the Pop Prince.

Luscious: The actress's chocolatey brown hair has grown to a gorgeously long length since filming ended on Spring Breakers

Luscious: The actress's chocolatey brown hair has grown to a gorgeously long length since filming ended on Spring Breakers

Gorgeous: The stunningly long hair of the actress has beautifully grown in chocolatey brown shades ever since the completion of filming for Spring Breakers.

The guy's opinion: A male friend joins the girls for the afternoon in Beverly Hills

The dude’s perspective: A male buddy tags along with the ladies for an afternoon in Beverly Hills.

Girls gone wild: Vanessa Hudgens. Rachel Korine, Selena and Ashley Benson play four college girls who descend into crime to fund their spring break vacation in new film Spring Breakers

The film Spring Breakers features four college girls, namely Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine, Selena, and Ashley Benson, who embark on an adventurous journey to finance their spring break. As they dive into a life of delinquency, their carefree vacation turns into a wild escapade.

Safety first: Selena looks both ways as she crosses the road whilst her friend concentrates on her phone

First and foremost, Selena prioritizes her safety by diligently checking both directions before crossing the road, while her friend remains preoccupied with her phone.

Single life: She'll be spending this Valentine's Day, sensibly at work since she reportedly broke up with Justin on a New Year trip to Mexico.

Solo life: Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, she has decided to dedicate her time sensibly by focusing on her work. It is rumored that she ended her relationship with Justin while on a holiday trip to Mexico at the beginning of the year.

Day to night:The girls head out on Thursday night, with Selena wearing the same boots from earlier in the day

Nightfall: On a Thursday evening, the girls decide to venture out, displaying Selena’s fashionable choice of wearing the identical boots she sported throughout the day.

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