Glowing under the sun! Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her irresistible charms in a mesmerizing swimwear endorsement for Amore + Sorvete

Emily Ratajkowski has certainly mastered the art of capturing the most stunning swimwear photos. In her most recent campaign with Australian brand Amore + Sorvete, the 25-year-old model effortlessly showcases an array of bikinis against a picturesque backdrop on a sunlit day. Get ready to dive into the visual treat!

Showing off: Emily Ratajkowski stuns in a new swimwear campaign for Amore + Sorvete

Impressive Display: Emily Ratajkowski Leaves Everyone in Awe with her Striking Appearance in the Latest Swimwear Campaign by Amore + Sorvete

Looking over: The 25-year-old model shows off several different bikinis in the brand new images

Examining: The fresh images feature a 25-year-old model flaunting various bikinis.
The model presents the brand’s latest pre-sale styles while posing in and around a swimming pool.
In one photo, the well-known star from the Blurred Lines video reveals her famous round derriere, clad in Brazilian cut bottoms, with the top half of the swimsuit concealed by a wet white T-shirt.
In another shot, Emily exudes allure as she gazes seductively over cat-eye sunglasses, wearing a bandeau bikini adorned with a floral pattern.
Elsewhere in the photo shoot, Emily showcases two black and white bikinis with wavy line patterns, paired with different sun hats.

Strike a pose: The Blurred Lines video star displays her enviable assets in black and white

Strike a stance: The music video sensation shines a spotlight on her desirable features in a monochrome palette.

Sunning off: Posing next to a pool, Emily displays each of the brand's four new styles

Soaking up the sun: By the poolside, Emily proudly showcases all four fresh designs from the brand.

Her usual way: Emily has previously revealed that confidence is the key to taking the perfect swimwear photo

In a recent interview with, Emily shared her strategies for capturing the perfect swimwear photo, emphasizing the importance of confidence. According to her, feeling good in the swimsuit is crucial for looking good in it. Once women overcome this hurdle and find a suit they feel comfortable in, Emily advises them to position their bodies in flattering angles. This can be achieved by lifting the buttocks in a specific way to create an attractive arch in the back. Interestingly, Emily mentions that you can even feel a bit sore after a photoshoot, especially if you spend the day contorting your body into unconventional poses. The level of discomfort depends on the pose itself.

Not shy: The model shared a series of eye-popping images while on the Greek island of Santorini recently

Not shy: The model shared a series of eye-popping images while on the Greek island of Santorini recently

Unreserved: The stunning model delighted her followers with an array of breathtaking photos she took during her recent visit to the mesmerizing Greek island of Santorini.

All on show: She also sported this incredibly revealing number to the Harper's Icons party last week in New York

All in the spotlight: Last week, at the Harper’s Icons party in New York, she chose to wear an incredibly revealing outfit that left little to the imagination. Reflecting on her fashion choices, the model admitted that she becomes very conscious of her stomach muscles and considers how they look from certain angles. It’s not an easy task, but Emily believes that confidence is key to capturing a good picture. While many women struggle with self-assurance, Emily has demonstrated time and again that she has no hesitation in flaunting her figure. In fact, during her recent vacation in Santorini, she treated her followers to a series of jaw-dropping photos in a variety of bikinis, including a stunning blue piece also from Amore + Sorvete.

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