Hail the Bra! Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Cleavage in Low-cut Mini Dress for Romantic Evening with Partner Andrew Dryden

Since December 2014, Emily Ratajkowski and her partner Andrew Dryden have been in a loving relationship that continues to thrive. Demonstrating their affection for one another, the couple decided to unwind and enjoy a delightful evening at Craig’s, a renowned establishment in West Hollywood. Clearly aiming to create a memorable experience, both Emily and Andrew were elegantly dressed in sophisticated evening attire, setting the stage for a romantic and charming evening together.

Date night: On Monday, Emily Ratajkowski, 25, and boyfriend Andrew Dryden enjoyed dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood

A charming evening: Emily Ratajkowski, a vibrant 25-year-old, and her beau Andrew Dryden indulged in a delightful dinner at the famed Craig’s restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood. For the occasion, Emily opted for a chic ensemble, donning an elegant, little black dress that harmoniously matched her stylish suede boots. Adding a touch of sophistication, she cinched her slender waist with a trendy military-style jacket embellished with gleaming gold zippers. Completing her ensemble, the gorgeous model and actress accessorized with a tasteful nude purse and chose delicate jewelry, including exquisite earrings and a fashionable choker.

No sweatpants here! It was certainly meant to be a romantic outing, as the duo were each dressed in evening attire

No casual loungewear in sight! The couple clearly intended for a romantic evening, as they both appeared in elegant evening attire.

Revealing: Emily wore a tiny, black dress paired with a set of suede boots

Emily donned a chic, little black dress accompanied by a stylish pair of suede boots. As for Andrew, he made sure to dress to impress his beloved girlfriend. The charming musician, with his captivating blue eyes, looked absolutely dashing in a cream-colored T-shirt layered beneath a fashionable blazer. To perfect his ensemble, he opted for a pair of white trousers and sleek black dress shoes.

Getting it all together: The 25-year-old star cinched in her waist with a military-style jacket, adorned with gold zippers

Getting it all together: The 25-year-old star cinched in her waist with a military-style jacket, adorned with gold zippers

Putting it all in one place: The 25-year-old celebrity accentuated her midsection by fastening a military-inspired coat that showcased gold zipper embellishments.

Enjoying double duty: The Vogue Germany covergirl has expanded her career to include both modeling and acting

Having a blast with her double duty, the lovely lady gracing the cover of Vogue Germany has taken her career to new heights by embracing both modeling and acting. With two exciting film projects on the horizon, she is set to make a splash in the entertainment industry. One of the films, titled “Cruise,” is bound to captivate hearts with its romantic storyline. The other film, a mysterious thriller called “In Darkness,” features the talented Natalie Dormer alongside our star. While the release date for the latter is yet to be announced, we can’t wait to see our multi-talented model-actress shine on the big screen!

Busy schedule: She is expected to appear in two upcoming films, with one set for release this year and the other at a date not yet announced

Hectic agenda: She has slated appearances in two upcoming movies, one of which is scheduled for release this year while the release date of the other is yet to be disclosed.

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