Healing with Food: Selena Gomez Indulges in Fast Food after Mother’s Miscarriage

After enduring a challenging holiday season, Selena Gomez, who had sadly lost her unborn sister due to her mother’s miscarriage, seemed to have found a reason to smile again. Recently, the 19-year-old singer and actress was spotted at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Los Angeles, where she indulged in a hearty fast-food meal. The sight of Selena delighting in her fries even before exiting the parking lot marks one of her first public appearances following the heartbreaking family ordeal that took place last December.

Lunch for two? Selena Gomez hit the McDonald's drive-thru before heading to Justin Bieber's home in LA

Selena Gomez grabbed a quick lunch at the McDonald’s drive-thru before making her way to Justin Bieber’s residence in Los Angeles.

Multi-tasking: Selena nattered on her phone while pumping her car with gas

Multi-tasking: Selena nattered on her phone while pumping her car with gas

Engaging in multiple activities at once, Selena effortlessly talked on her phone while refueling her car. In a recent tweet, she expressed her gratitude for the support and love she received during the festive season, mentioning her sister’s name and thanking their “guardian angel.”
Despite everything, the talented actress from “The Wizard Of Waverly Place” appeared to be in good spirits. She showcased her trademark style with her chic, dark hair, stylish faded grey jeans, and elegant black patent wedge heels. Completing her look with fashionable accessories and a loose white shirt that was casually tied at the waist.

Make mine a large: Selena takes a super size drink from the window attendant

Selena is seen grabbing a large-sized drink from the attendant at the window. Despite facing personal tragedy, Selena and her band, The Scene, are determined to put on a show at the 2nd Annual Charity Concert on January 20th, taking place at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

Yesterday, Selena took to Twitter to share her excitement about the upcoming event. She teased her followers with the promise of surprise guests for the UNICEF charity show, expressing her anticipation to unveil them to her fans.

Since becoming a UNICEF Ambassador in 2009, Selena has made giving back a priority in her life. She believes that connecting with her fans in person at this concert is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her job. Not only does it allow her to offer a memorable experience to her supporters, but it also enables her to raise funds for important causes. Selena genuinely enjoys using her platform for the greater good.

In addition to her charitable efforts, Selena has also reached out to her friend Demi Lovato in a heartfelt open letter. She empathizes with the struggles Demi faced, including self-harm and an eating disorder that led to rehab in late 2010. Selena’s caring nature is evident in her sincere words of support for her friend during such challenging times.

Even skinny girls eat! Selena was seen munching on her chips before she even drove away

Even slender girls indulge in food! Selena was spotted enjoying her packet of chips before she even started driving away. Demi Lovato, who graces the cover of Seventeen magazine in February, attended a special luncheon yesterday where editor Ann Shoket shared a heartfelt email from Gomez, as reported by E! Online. In the email, Gomez expressed her admiration for Lovato’s courage and desire to make positive changes in her life. She commended Lovato for navigating through difficult times and pledged her support as Lovato embarked on a journey of personal growth. Gomez also expressed her love for Lovato and praised her for becoming a role model. Lovato echoed Gomez’s sentiments, stating that they never argue as Gomez is not a confrontational person.

Dissatisfied: Selena didn't look too impressed with her fast food

Unsatisfied: It seemed like Selena wasn’t particularly pleased with her quick meal.

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