Hollywood’s Elite Turn Heads at Christian Dior’s Fall Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris

Known primarily for their acting skills, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Natalie Portman are also recognized for their sense of fashion. Recently, the three celebrities were spotted in Paris attending Christian Dior’s showcase at Haute Couture Fashion Week, where they effortlessly exuded A-list glamour.

Jennifer Lawrence, in particular, turned heads as she arrived at the highly anticipated runway show. Breaking away from her typical red carpet style, the Hunger Games star opted for a unique and quirky ensemble. She paired a sheer white mini-dress with trainer-inspired lace-up boots that reached mid-calf, creating a casually chic look.

To accentuate her slim figure, Lawrence cinched her dress at the waist with a skinny black belt. Underneath the sheer fabric, she wore high-waisted nude knickers. Despite the warm weather in Paris, Lawrence embraced her outfit choice and added a knitted kimono to complete her slinky number.

Overall, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Natalie Portman set the bar high with their fashion choices at Christian Dior’s showcase. Their sartorial efforts did not go unnoticed, leaving a lasting impression at Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Sartorially savvy: The actress decided not to let the sunshine hinder her outfit choice and threw a knitted kimono over her slinky number

Fashionably chic: Unfazed by the sunny weather, the actress effortlessly draped a cozy knit kimono over her sleek ensemble. The kimono flaunted an eye-catching black and white design with trendy fringed edges. To complete the stylish look, she paired it with a matching hat and oversized tortoise-shell sunglasses, exuding a fashionable charm.

Close alliance: Choosing to represent Dior - after working closely with the fashion house in their latest Fall 2017 campaign - Jennifer toted her essentials for her style-led day in a funky handbag designed by the brand

Jennifer has formed a close alliance with Dior, opting to showcase their brand after collaborating on their Fall 2017 campaign. To complete her fashionable look for the day, she carried a stylish handbag created by Dior. The bag featured a monochrome pattern and fringed edges, which she paired effortlessly with a complementary hat and oversized tortoise-shell sunglasses. Jennifer kept her blonde hair flowing loosely to her shoulders, styling it into tousled waves. To add a pop of color to her ensemble, she wore a deep red lipstick.

Gorgeous: Kirsten Dunst, 35, dazzled in a pretty layered dress that came complete with a layered petticoat and was entirely covered in heart and star motifs

Kirsten Dunst, aged 35, looked absolutely stunning in a gorgeous layered dress at the runway show held at Cloître Port Royal gardens. The dress was adorned with heart and star motifs, giving it a truly dazzling appearance. The frock also had beaded shoulder pads and a sheer panel across the decolletage, creating a glamorous look. The layered petticoat skirt added a touch of sophistication. Kirsten’s fellow actress, Natalie Portman, aged 36, opted for a more understated look for the Haute Couture event. Natalie, who has a strong association with Dior, looked sensational in her elegant outfit.

All-black ensemble: Natalie Portman, 36, meanwhile, who has formed a close relationship with Dior over the years, looked sensational while channelling an understated look

Beaut: She accessorised her stylish getup with a studded necklace that sat high around her neck and pearl earrings, completing her look with her locks teased into a style fit for the Old Hollywood era

Natalie Portman, 36, known for her strong ties with Dior throughout the years, appeared absolutely stunning in an all-black outfit that exuded elegance and simplicity.

Sensational: The Thor actress showcased her phenomenal frame in a flirty little black dress that drew attention to her slender pins, while simultaneously flaunting her plentiful assets

Attention was drawn to the slender legs of the Thor actress as she confidently showcased her stunning figure in a charming black dress. This outfit not only highlighted her ample assets, but also accentuated her overall beauty.

Curve-enhancing: Its sweetheart neckline made for a busty display before leading into a fitted bodice that came complete with full length sleeves

Curve-enhancing: The sweetheart neckline of this ensemble beautifully accentuates the bust, while gracefully transitioning into a snugly-fitted bodice adorned with elegant full-length sleeves.

Fashionistas: The No Strings Attached star was seen posing alongside stylist Alber Elbaz as she networked by the runway

Fashion enthusiasts: The talented actress from No Strings Attached was spotted striking a pose alongside the renowned stylist Alber Elbaz as she effortlessly mingled by the glamorous runway.

Magical: The brand's Fall/Winter collection was complete with billowing gowns, tailored outerwear and belted accessories

Enchanting: The recent lineup from the label incorporated graceful dresses, sophisticated coats, and fashionable accessories secured with stylish belts.

Breathtaking: The scenery for the runway show made for a stunning display, complete with wooden animals and plenty of greenery

Mesmerizing: The backdrop for the fashion show created a truly captivating spectacle, featuring intricately crafted wooden creatures amidst an abundance of lush foliage.

Guests were no doubt transfixed by the scenes, as the models strutted out among the pretty background

The mesmerizing spectacle surely captivated the audience as the models gracefully walked amidst the picturesque setting.

Gorgeous: It was unlike any standard catwalk as the models meandered through the plants and star-studded guests

Stunning: The fashion show stood out from the typical catwalk scenario as the models gracefully walked amidst lush greenery, surrounded by a crowd of notable celebrities.

Striking: One ensemble saw a saucy tulle skirt, complete with thigh-high split, layered beneath a Navajo-inspired coat

Eye-catching: One outfit featured a playful tulle skirt, with a daring thigh-high slit, paired with a coat inspired by Navajo designs.

Racy in lace: Another model teased at her braless body in a blue lace gown, layered atop nothing but a pair of hot pants

Sizzling in lace: Yet another model playfully flaunted her undeniably alluring figure in a stunning blue lace dress, gracefully draped over just a slick pair of shorts.

Showing their stripes! Others dazzled in summery candy-coloured gowns as they strutted their stuff between the foilage

Displaying their unique sense of style, the celebrities at the event stood out in their vibrant, candy-colored gowns, confidently strutting their stuff amidst the lush green foliage. One star, known for her role in Thor, effortlessly highlighted her stunning physique in a flirtatious little black dress. This dress not only drew attention to her slender legs but also showcased her ample assets with its sweetheart neckline. The fitted bodice, adorned with full-length sleeves, added an extra touch of sophistication. The dress then gracefully flowed outwards from her waist, creating a loose fit that perfectly complemented Natalie’s frame. A layered hem rested halfway up her thigh, adding a playful element to the ensemble. Accentuating her chic look, the actress adorned herself with a studded necklace positioned high on her neck, while pear earrings brought a touch of elegance. To complete her transformation into an effortlessly glamorous Old Hollywood star, she styled her locks with a teasing technique reminiscent of the golden era.

Stand-out: Model Karlie Kloss put on a vibrant display with her outfit choice as she donned a chic mustard yellow dress

Unique and Original Paraphrase:

Impressive: Supermodel Karlie Kloss made a bold fashion statement by wearing an elegant dress in a striking shade of mustard yellow, creating an eye-catching look.

She teamed the pleated design with a contrasting pair of black buckle up boots and a patterned flat fedora hat

She teamed the pleated design with a contrasting pair of black buckle up boots and a patterned flat fedora hat

She paired the pleated outfit with a striking combination of black buckle up boots and a stylish patterned flat fedora hat.

Check out the 'do! Karlie Kloss was almost unrecognisable as she arrived at Christian Dior's show

Take a look at the fabulous hairdo! Karlie Kloss looked completely different as she made her way to Christian Dior’s fashion show.

Making an entrance: A bold red lip amped up the glam factor, while Karlie wore her ice blonde locks swept over to the side in a glamorous wave

Stealing the show: Karlie made a grand entrance with a dazzling crimson pout that added a touch of glamour. Complementing her stunning ice-blonde mane, she gracefully swept it to the side, giving off an air of elegance.

Alluring: She was seen cuddling up to Italian model Bianca Brandolini D'Adda - who was clad in a stylish denim dress and round-framed shades

Captivating: Italian model Bianca Brandolini D’Adda found herself in the arms of the enchanting Karlie Kloss. Fashionably dressed in a chic denim dress and round-framed sunglasses, Bianca was irresistibly alluring. Making her own fashion statement, Karlie opted for a vibrant mustard yellow dress that boasted a structured bodice and an ankle-length pleated skirt. Notably, the dress was adorned with bronzed embellished straps on each side, which perfectly complemented her blond locks. To add a touch of contrast, Karlie completed her look with a pair of black boots and a patterned flat fedora hat, worn stylishly around her neck. Mirroring her fellow attendees, Karlie’s ice blonde waves elegantly cascaded over her shoulder, showcasing her glamorous side. Amidst her jet-setting adventures with Adidas, Karlie continues to establish herself as one of the world’s most respected and highest-paid models, having earned a reported $10 million last year.

Making a statement: Her fellow catwalk star Winnie Harlow, 22, commanded attention on her arrival in her military-inspired two piece

Making a point: Winnie Harlow, a fellow model on the runway, grabbed everyone’s attention when she arrived in her eye-catching two-piece outfit, inspired by the military.
Showing off: She was dressed in Dior from head to toe, combining a pair of comfortably loose trousers with a perfectly tailored jacket that she left unbuttoned, revealing her stylish designer underwear beneath.

Mesmerising: Winnie stole a look at her incredibly toned physique as she sauntered towards the Parisian gardens

Mesmerizing: Winnie couldn’t help but admire her impressively fit body as she confidently made her way towards the beautiful gardens of Paris. Winnie, a well-known model, stole the spotlight with her military-inspired two-piece outfit, creating quite a stir upon her arrival.

Dressed entirely in Dior, she effortlessly combined a loosely fitted pair of wide-leg trousers with a perfectly tailored jacket. Leaving the jacket unbuttoned, she revealed her stylish designer underwear. The waistband proudly displayed the Dior logo, offering a glimpse of Winnie’s remarkably toned physique. To complete her stunning look, she strutted down the street in lace-up stilettos, adding extra height to her already statuesque figure. Topping off her ensemble, she wore a stylish leather beret on her head.

With each step, Winnie exuded joy and confidence as she elegantly moved towards the picturesque Parisian gardens. Basking in the sunlight, she couldn’t resist striking a series of poses, showcasing her natural talent for modeling.

Following Winnie’s eye-catching entrance, it was actress Felicity Jones who graced the scene. Keeping things classically chic, Felicity opted for a timeless black tulle maxi skirt paired with a simple, yet stylish, fine knit jumper.

Radiant: The brunette left her hair in loose, natural waves and sported minimal glowing make-up, to draw her attention to her glowing complexion and clear skin

Quirky: The brunette then made her ensemble far more trendy by accessorising with a delicate choker, adorned with a star at the front

Glowing with radiance, the brunette adorned her hair with effortless, cascading waves, embracing her natural beauty. With a touch of luminous makeup, she enhanced her captivating complexion and smooth, blemish-free skin, effortlessly stealing the spotlight.

In the shade: Tying her look together with classically chic tortoiseshell sunglasses, Felicity stole the show as she took her place on the FROW

In the shade: Adding a touch of timeless elegance with her stylish tortoiseshell sunglasses, Felicity effortlessly commanded attention as she took her place in the front row.
Joining the event, actress Felicity Jones flawlessly embraced a classic and chic aesthetic, opting for a black tulle maxi skirt paired with a simple fine knit jumper.
At 33 years old, she showcased her enviable slender figure in this striking ensemble, with the suede waistband of the skirt accentuating her petite waist before gracefully cascading into soft pleats.
Maintaining a coordinated look, she completed her outfit with black pointed court shoes and a matching clutch, elevating her ensemble by accessorizing with a dainty choker featuring a star pendant.
While her stylish appearance captivated many, it was the stunning rock adorning her left hand that truly caught everyone’s attention, as Felicity recently became engaged to her director partner, Charles Guard.

Regular on the FROW: Fresh from her appearance at the Schiaparelli show just hours earlier, Olivia Palermo slipped into another outfit for her second showcase

Frequent Front Row Attendant: Just moments after attending the Schiaparelli show, Olivia Palermo effortlessly transitioned into yet another ensemble for her second fashion event.

Smitten: She was joined by her husband of three years Johannes Huebl who cut a dapper figure in a camel coloured suit, paired with a white shirt and burgundy tie underneath

Happy couple: She had wed the German model in a small ceremony in New York back in 2014

Enamored: Accompanied by her spouse of three years, Johannes Huebl, she was looking absolutely besotted. He exuded sophistication, sporting an elegant camel-colored suit, complemented by a crisp white shirt and a stylish burgundy tie underneath.

Lovely: Olivia dazzled in a black and gold striped pleated skirt that was a perfect match to her court heels

Beautiful: Olivia looked stunning in a pleated skirt adorned with black and gold stripes, which perfectly complemented her elegant court heels. After her recent appearance at the Schiaparelli show, Olivia effortlessly transitioned into another ensemble for her second showcase. Sporting a fashionable yet straightforward black cami top, she completed her look with a stylish tasselled blazer and trendy purple-tinted sunglasses. Accompanied by her husband, German model Johannes Huebl, the couple exuded sophistication as he sported a well-fitted camel colored suit, white shirt, and burgundy tie.

Striking: Their Finest star Gemma Arterton made for a striking display, as she pulled up to the showcase sporting a tailored white two-piece that was paired with a black bandeau underneath

Eye-catching: Gemma Arterton, the dazzling actress from Their Finest, made quite the impression when she arrived at the event. She was clad in a sleek white suit, perfectly paired with a black bandeau top underneath. Adding a chic touch, she opted for patent leather heels to complete her ensemble. Taking a more minimalist approach to her beauty look, Gemma kept it simple except for her captivating dark smokey-eye makeup that beautifully accentuated her eyes.

Smile: Gemma was seen rubbing shoulders with Laetita Casta and Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer as the show got underway

Gemma Arterton, known for her role in Their Finest, stood out at the Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2017/2018 catwalk show in Paris. She was seen mingling with Laetita Casta and Jennifer Lawrence, who starred in Silver Linings Playbook. Gemma arrived at the event wearing a stylish white two-piece suit with a black bandeau underneath. She completed her androgynous-inspired look with patent leather heels and minimal makeup, except for a dark smokey-eye. Her wet-look bob was slicked over to one side, adding to her chic appearance. Carrying a white clutch with gold Dior lettering, Gemma was part of a star-studded guestlist at the glamorous event.

Edgy: Robert Pattinson cut a cool and quirky figure in his pinstriped suit and leather boot, along with aviator-style shades

Casual: Sporting a pinstriped suit, leather boots, and stylish aviator shades, Robert Pattinson exuded a unique and effortlessly cool vibe.

Fashion fix: He took a break away from his busy working schedule to check out the latest pieces Dior have to offer

Fashion obsession: In a much-needed respite from his hectic work routine, he indulged in a delightful exploration of the newest collections unveiled by Dior.

Acting credits: The star's latest release saw him work alongside the likes of Sienna Miller and Charlie Hunnam in The Lost City of Z - inspired by a true story

Filmography: In his most recent film, the actor had the opportunity to collaborate with celebrated actors such as Sienna Miller and Charlie Hunnam in The Lost City of Z, a captivating movie based on real events.

Phenomenal: Actress Elizabeth Olsen looked just incredible in a fringed monochrome two-piece and was beaming from ear-to-ear as she went to take her seat prior to Christian Dior's display

Amazing: The stunning Elizabeth Olsen rocked a trendy fringed black-and-white ensemble with a two-piece design. With a radiant smile on her face, the actress gracefully found her place before the Christian Dior fashion show.

All eyes on her: The Avengers star cut a seriously chic figure on her arrival, sashaying into the showcase in a pair of stiletto court heels

All eyes on her: Elizabeth sported huge square shades while clutching onto a colourful round clutch that added a burst of colour to her ensemble

Get ready for the spotlight: The popular actress from The Avengers made a grand entrance at the event, exuding utmost elegance as she walked in with confidence wearing sleek high-heeled shoes.

Natural beauty: She opted for a subtle make-up look that made the most of her facial features and flaunted her natural beauty

Effortless Charm: She chose a minimalistic makeup style that accentuated her unique facial features and showcased her innate beauty.
Stunning Elegance: Celine Dion made a fashion statement with a leather shirt dress inspired by utility clothing, which gracefully turned into a voluminous skirt.

Superstar: Celine has been busy performing across the globe in recent weeks, taking to the stage in Las Vegas, London and Paris

Icon: Celine has been actively captivating audiences worldwide in the past few weeks, gracing prominent venues like Las Vegas, London, and Paris with her electrifying performances.

In addition to the cast of the film, including Robert Pattinson, Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, fashion icon Anna Wintour, and Avengers star Elizabeth Olsen, the event was graced by the presence of singing sensation Celine Dion. Celine, known for her impeccable taste in fashion, effortlessly stole the show in a stunning leather shirt dress with a touch of utility-inspired detailing. The dress elegantly flowed into a voluminous skirt, exuding a sense of grace and sophistication. To accentuate her figure, Celine paired the ensemble with sleek pointed black boots and a wide waist belt adorned with a captivating gold buckle. Completing her ensemble, she carried a chic black Dior handbag showcasing the brand’s name in metallic lettering on the front. Undoubtedly, Celine’s impeccable sense of style added an extra spark to the glamorous affair.

Stunning displays: Caroline Vreeland donned a thigh-grazing lace mini dress that she teamed with slicked back tresses

Stunning displays: While Spanish actress Rossy de Palma cut a vibrant figure in her patterned ensemble

Impressive showcases: Caroline Vreeland rocked a lace mini dress that reached her thighs, complementing it with elegantly slicked-back hair. Meanwhile, the Spanish actress Rossy de Palma made quite an entrance with her eye-catching patterned outfit.

Striking a pose: Czech model Eva Herzigova demonstrated her exceptional runway skills as she graciously paused for photographers upon reaching the enchanting Cloître Port Royal gardens.

Flirty display: Eva appeared in great spirits as she dazzled in front of the cameras while perched on the front row

Flirty display: Eva appeared in great spirits as she dazzled in front of the cameras while perched on the front row

Casually charming: Eva exuded an infectious energy, radiating confidence as she captivated the lens, effortlessly captivating the crowd from her coveted position in the front row.

Delightful: French actress and model Laetitia Cast looked fabulous in an unusual dress that comprised of a blazer-style bodice before flowing out into a semi-sheer lace skirt that teased a look at her slender pins underneath

Enchanting: Laetitia Cast, the charming French actress and model, effortlessly stole the show in an extraordinary attire. The ensemble featured an innovative blend of a blazer-like upper body, gracefully cascading into a semi-transparent lace skirt, tantalizingly revealing glimpses of her gracefully slender legs beneath.

Fashion forward: Anna Wintour was sporting a tailored dress that she teamed with her trademark fiery red bob cut and large sunglasses, while Bianca Jagger opted for a classic all-black look (R)

Hint of glitz: Bianca jazzed up her smart suede coat with a gold studded handbag and cane

Stylishly trendy: Anna Wintour confidently rocked a meticulously fitted dress, perfectly complemented by her iconic fiery red bob cut and oversized sunglasses. On the other hand, Bianca Jagger went for a timeless and elegant all-black ensemble.

Famous pals: She was seen sat alongside global superstar Celine as they relaxed in the sunshine while planted firmly on the front row

Celebrity buddies: She was spotted enjoying the sunny weather beside the internationally renowned icon Celine, as they took their place on the coveted front row.

Funky: Camille Rowe sported printed trousers and quirky feathered sandals - she kept her locks in a sleek and straight style and finished her look with a bright red lip

Cool and hip: Camille Rowe rocked a pair of pants with fun prints and accessorized with unique sandals adorned with feathers. She maintained her hair in a sleek and straight fashion and completed her ensemble with a bold red lipstick.

Blonde bombshell: Meanwhile Gabriella Wilde, best known for playing Caroline Penvenen in Poldark, stunned in a black embroidered maxi gown, complete with a saucy mesh top

Blonde bombshell: Meanwhile Gabriella Wilde, best known for playing Caroline Penvenen in Poldark, stunned in a black embroidered maxi gown, complete with a saucy mesh top

Blonde beauty Gabriella Wilde, renowned for her role as Caroline Penvenen in Poldark, looked stunning at Paris’ Haute Couture Fashion Week. She turned heads in a black embroidered maxi gown, complemented by a daring mesh top. Following the incredible show, Jennifer was spotted wearing the same ensemble while out on the streets of Paris.

The Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris showcases a variety of collections, including the latest offering from Dior. This four-day event celebrates the exceptional craftsmanship and personalized designs of a few esteemed fashion houses. In an exciting development, ready-to-wear brands are now being welcomed at this prestigious fashion event, broadening its scope.

The French Fashion Association has the authority to curate the guest list for this exclusive event, allowing only the most prestigious haute couture fashion houses to present their latest collections. This year, they have invited Ronald van der Kemp and Rodarte as “guest members,” recognizing their unique artistic talents. Additionally, Miu Miu and Chanel are among the fifteen brands that have met the stringent criteria to be considered haute couture, ensuring that all their designs are meticulously handcrafted.

Paris’ Haute Couture Fashion Week continues to be a platform for sartorial excellence, showcasing the finest creations from some of the most talented designers in the industry.

Broadening their horizons: It's reported that this seasons Paris' Haute Couture Fashion Week is welcoming the inclusion of ready-to-wear brands, as the high fashion event expands

Expanding their boundaries: According to reports, this year’s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is embracing the participation of ready-to-wear brands, marking an expansion of the prestigious fashion event.
Exemplary: Dior is one of the elite 15 brands recognized as haute couture, meeting the stringent requirements of this distinguished label, which entails creating all designs by hand.

Idyllic: Dior's Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2017/2018 catwalk show was held at the stunning Cloître Port Royal gardens in the French captial

Ethereal: Dior’s exquisite Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2017/2018 extravaganza gracefully unfolded amidst the captivating Cloître Port Royal gardens in the enchanting city of Paris.

Gorgeous: The show was made more enjoyable by the glorious weather on Monday, with guests sat beneath bright blue skies as models paraded the catwalk

Stunning: The delightful show was enhanced by the exceptional weather on Monday, with attendees comfortably seated under a magnificent display of azure skies while models gracefully strutted down the runway.

Grand: The show took place beneath a gorgeous skylight, styled like a traditional church with an elaborate painted ceiling

Superb: The event was held beneath a breathtaking skylight, designed to resemble a conventional church adorned with a magnificent painted ceiling.

Storming the catwalk: Meanwhile Lily Donaldson (L) and Stella Maxwell (R) made a show-stopping appearance on the Dundas AW17 catwalk last night

Storming the catwalk: Meanwhile Lily Donaldson (L) and Stella Maxwell (R) made a show-stopping appearance on the Dundas AW17 catwalk last night

Taking the fashion world by storm: Lily Donaldson (on the left) and Stella Maxwell (on the right) made an unforgettable entrance on the Dundas AW17 runway last night. The catwalk was brimming with star power as these two stunning models were joined by a constellation of top models including Sara Sampaio, Natasha Poly, and Georgia May Jagger (from left to right). All of them turned heads in their show-stopping thigh-skimming mini dresses, each adorned with intricate designs and vibrant prints.

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