Jennifer Aniston, 51, flaunts her stunning figure in a trendy ensemble for an empowering advertising campaign by Vital Proteins

For years, Jennifer Aniston has passionately supported a healthy lifestyle, and her impeccable figure stands as evidence of her unwavering commitment. Recently, she graced a mesmerizing campaign shoot as the brand ambassador for Vital Proteins. In this captivating photo session, the 51-year-old star showcased her stunning physique, effortlessly donning a crop top and leggings. She amazed everyone by effortlessly executing yoga poses and going for a refreshing run.

Wow! Jennifer Aniston shows off her incredible physique in a stunning new campaign shoot after becoming the face of Vital Protein

Wow! Jennifer Aniston is rocking her amazing body in a breathtaking photo shoot for her new partnership with Vital Protein. In one shot, the beloved Friends star showcases her incredibly fit arms and waist while jogging in the warm sunlight, wearing a stylish green sports bra. Another photo captures Jennifer’s passion for yoga, as she strikes a pose on a mat, still donning the sporty outfit. The third image highlights the stunning star’s impressive abs, as she changes into a knotted white crop top and stretches gracefully. Excitingly, Jennifer will not only be the face of Vital Protein’s upcoming December campaign but also assume the role of Chief Creative Officer.

Looking fab: The shoot sees the 51-year-old wowing in a crop top and leggings as she demonstrates some yoga moves and goes for a run

Looking fabulous: In the photoshoot, the 51-year-old looks stunning in a trendy crop top and leggings, effortlessly showcasing her yoga skills and going for a run. The talented actress recently revealed her collaboration with a wellness brand, exciting her fans with this news. To celebrate the partnership, Jennifer took to Instagram and shared a captivating picture, featuring herself proudly displaying a collection of Vital Proteins products. Dressed in a relaxed white tank top, she holds a basket filled with an assortment of jars on her lap, captivating her followers with her genuine enthusiasm for the brand.

Healthy living: One shot shows the Friends icon flaunting her toned arms and waist in a green sports bra as she poses on a yoga mat in the sunlight

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential, and one famous figure has taken to social media to share her excitement about a new endeavor. In a photo showcasing her fitness, the Friends icon confidently displays her sculpted arms and waist while sporting a vibrant green sports bra. As she strikes a pose on a yoga mat, the sunlight adds a tranquil glow to the scene. Captioning the picture, she joyfully announces her new role as Chief Creative Officer of @vitalproteins.

The actress reveals that she has been a regular user of Vital Proteins for many years, making this opportunity to be a part of the brand even more exciting. She further expresses her long-standing belief in the importance of holistic wellness, emphasizing the significance of collagen. Promising her followers that there is more to come, she invites them to join her on this health journey from the inside out.

New job: Jennifer announced Wednesday in an Instagram post that she was joining the wellness brand Vital Proteins as its Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer revealed on Wednesday through an Instagram post that she would be taking on the role of Chief Creative Officer at the wellness brand Vital Proteins. Emphasizing the importance of good nutrition and the right supplements, she stated, “Our strength originates from within.” Collagen, a protein naturally found in the body’s bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can be beneficial in promoting muscle growth and enhancing skin elasticity when taken as a supplement.

Last year, Jennifer’s personal trainer Leyon Azubuike shared dietary advice that included consuming ample amounts of healthy fats. According to him, Jennifer enjoys foods such as avocados, coconut oil, salmon, and fish oil, all of which are excellent sources of beneficial fats. To aid in muscle-building, Leyon also mentioned that Jennifer adheres to a diet that consists of 1.7 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein per her kilo weight.

In a candid interview with Elle back in 2016, Jennifer admitted that pasta was her guilty pleasure. She expressed her love for carbonara and even shared her own recipe, which includes just an egg, parmesan cheese, and a small amount of pasta water. To make it healthier, she substitutes turkey bacon for regular bacon.

Big fan: 'Years ago I started using Vital Proteins regularly... so when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of the brand in a bigger way, I jumped on it,' she wrote

Huge admirer: ‘Many years back, I began incorporating Vital Proteins into my routine… so when the chance arose to become more involved with the brand, I eagerly seized it,’ she exclaimed.

Wow! Jennifer Aniston flaunts an astonishing figure in a stunning new campaign photoshoot after becoming the face of Vital Proteins.

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