“Justin Bieber Arrives in Style for Selena Gomez’s 21st Birthday Bash, but Did He Bring a Gift?”

Guest of honour? Justin Bieber arrives with friends to Selena Gomez's 21st birthday party

Justin Bieber was spotted with his friends at Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday bash, where he seemed to be the guest of honour.

Reconciled? Justin's appearance heats up speculation that he and Selena are back together

The internet is abuzz with rumors that Justin and Selena are back together after Justin’s recent appearance. Fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation of their reconciliation.

Reinforcements: Bieber's friend Jaden also attended with Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien

Assistance was provided by none other than Jaden, a close acquaintance of Bieber, who accompanied him to the event alongside Dylan O’Brien, the renowned actor from Teen Wolf.

Cheetah boy: Justin rolled up in custom-designed Audio sports car but apparently left it behind to reportedly catch a ride with Selena

The young boy who goes by the name Cheetah Boy, Justin, arrived in a flashy Audio sports car that was specially designed for him. However, it seems that he didn’t keep it around for long as he was spotted hitching a ride with Selena.

Good timing: Bieber reportedly arrived to The Revolve Beach House after Selena's parents had left

According to reports, Bieber’s visit to The Revolve Beach House was well-timed as Selena’s folks had already departed from the place.

Where's the driver: A friend of Justin's waits outside his car after all the other vehicles have gone

Where is the driver? Justin’s buddy remains outside his ride while all the other automobiles have cleared out.

Quick change: Selena wore two stylish outfits for a press conference in New York last week

Quick change: Selena wore two stylish outfits for a press conference in New York last week

In a snap, Selena switched up her fashion game by flaunting two chic ensembles during her press conference in the bustling city of New York just recently.

Best day: Before her party, Selena enjoyed luch with her mother and step-father in Encino, California

Selena had an amazing day before her party where she got to have lunch with her mother and step-father in Encino, California.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

According to Selena, nothing could beat the priceless gift of achieving chart success with her latest album.

Cousin It? With the wind blowing her hair, Selena could have been auditioning for a role in The Addams Family

Is that Cousin It walking in the wind? Selena’s hair was so wild and untamed, she could easily be mistaken for a character in The Addams Family.

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