“Kim Kardashian Keeps Quiet on Blac Chyna Drama during Jimmy Kimmel Interview, but Dreams of a Peaceful Resolution”

Jennifer Lawrence has been open about her admiration for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and recently had the chance to interview her idol, Kim Kardashian, while guest-hosting on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the interview, Jennifer asked Kim a variety of personal questions, including about her feud with Blac Chyna and why she’s sometimes harsh towards younger sister Khloe.

Guest host: Jennifer Lawrence quizzed her celebrity crush Kim Kardashian on Thursday while filling in as a guest-host on Jimmy Kimmel Live

On Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live and interviewed her celebrity crush, Kim Kardashian. During the interview, Jennifer asked Kim about her thoughts on Blac Chyna. Instead of getting involved in drama, Kim took the highroad by avoiding any negative comments about her niece’s mother. Jennifer appreciated her respectful response and acknowledged it. Earlier in the show, Jennifer had joked about liking sexy Halloween costumes for children and even asked Kim which one of her children she would kill, but it was all in good fun.

Reality star: Kim was asked about everything from the Blac Chyna feed to why she's so mean to sister Khloe

During an interview, Kim, a popular reality TV personality, was questioned on various topics ranging from the recent Blac Chyna rumors to her relationship with her sister Khloe.

Deep knowledge: Jennifer showed her deep knowledge of Keeping Up With The Kardashians while interviewing Kim 

During her interview with Kim, Jennifer displayed her extensive expertise in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Jennifer asked a series of bold questions that caught Kim off guard, including whether Khloe was aware of any subtle rudeness directed towards her. Kim chuckled awkwardly but explained that she and Khloe were getting along. Jennifer also inquired whether Kim and Kanye had considered her as a surrogate. Before the interview, Jennifer couldn’t contain her excitement and fangirled over introducing Kim.

Hot seat: Kim gamely fielded personal questions from the Oscar winner

Kim bravely answered personal questions from the Academy Award recipient during their “hot seat” session.

Good questions: Jennifer had no shortage of questions for Kim who seem caught off-guard at times

Jennifer was filled with a plethora of inquiries for Kim, who appeared taken aback on certain occasions.

High road: Kim when asked about Black Chyna noted that her brother Rob's daughter Dream was going 'going to see this one day'

Kim Kardashian commented on Black Chyna by mentioning Rob’s daughter Dream and how she would see this one day. During her appearance, she expressed her admiration for Chyna and her family, admitting that she has been a fan for over ten years. Kim then greeted J-Law on stage with a warm hug. She was wearing a stylish olive green suede outfit and blonde hair down her back, looking stunning as always.

Sister talk: Jennifer also asked Kim about being rude to Khloe 

During a conversation with her sister, Jennifer inquired about Kim’s behavior towards Khloe, questioning if she had been impolite towards her.

Style favor: Kim volunteered to help Jennifer with styling the same way she helped Khloe 

Preferred writing style: Casual Kim offered to assist Jennifer with styling in the same manner that she previously aided Khloe. During the interview, Jennifer began with a humorous remark regarding Kim’s past relationship with Reggie Bush. “I can’t help but notice that Reggie Bush’s wife resembles you. Is that a coincidence?” she quipped. The two women then disclosed that they had dinner together just a fortnight ago.

Good times: Jennifer showed her funny side while subbing for Jimmy Kimmel 

It was an enjoyable moment when Jennifer stepped in for Jimmy Kimmel and displayed her comical side.

Fan girl: The Mother star had a fan girl moment before the interview started

As the interview was about to begin, the star of “Mother” experienced a moment of excitement when she encountered one of her enthusiastic fans.

Cracking up: Jennifer and Kim shared some laughs during their interview 

Having a good laugh: Jennifer and Kim had a fun time cracking jokes during their interview.

Remarkable resemblance: Jennifer started off with a joke about Kim's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush

The similarity between Jennifer and Kim is quite astonishing as revealed in a light-hearted conversation. It all started with a humorous remark by Jennifer about Kim’s former beau, Reggie Bush. Further into the discussion, Kim shared how Jennifer joined her for a meal with her whole family at Kris Jenner’s place. The actress then disclosed that she and Kris had a blast dancing together while being tipsy. To prove this, a video of Jennifer and Kris doing the can-can in front of the Kardashian stairwell was shown on the screen.

As the interview continues, the two reveal that they recently had dinner together two weeks ago

As the interview continues, the two reveal that they recently had dinner together two weeks ago

Jennifer was the temporary replacement for Kimmel because his little baby boy was slated to have another brain surgery this week.

Dinner story: Kim explained how Jennifer came over to Kris Jenner's house to have dinner with the whole family

The tale of the dinner: Kim recounted how Jennifer made an appearance at Kris Jenner’s residence and shared a meal with the entire clan.

Inside scoop: Jennifer told the audience that her and momager Kris were drunk and dancing together all night

Exclusive details: Jennifer spilled the beans to the crowd, revealing that she and her mother Kris had a wild night of drinking and dancing together until the wee hours.

Party time: A video was shown on the screen behind the two women of J-Law and Kris Jenner doing the can-can in front of the famous Kardashian stairwell

It was time to celebrate as a video started playing on the screen behind the two ladies. The video showcased J-Law and Kris Jenner doing the can-can dance in front of the iconic Kardashian stairwell.

In the closet: The Hunger Games star also admitted to being so drunk she ended up in Kris Jenner's closet naked

While speaking candidly, The Hunger Games actress shared an embarrassing story about being incredibly intoxicated and finding herself in Kris Jenner’s closet with no clothes on.

Great story: Kim cut into Jennifer's story and added: 'She kept wanting Kanye to style her'

Here’s a fun anecdote: During a conversation between Kim and Jennifer, the Hunger Games actress revealed that she once got so drunk that she ended up in Kris Jenner’s closet with no clothes on. Kim interjected and added that Jennifer kept asking Kanye to style her. However, Kim made it clear that she doesn’t enjoy drinking that much and wasn’t drunk during their dinner. Jennifer also asked what regular activities Kim and Kanye do at home, and Kim shared that they watch Family Feud every night before falling asleep together.

Not drunk: The reality star also made it really clear that she wasn't drunk at the dinner, because she doesn't enjoy drinking that much

The reality TV personality emphasized that she was not under the influence of alcohol during the dinner, as she is not particularly fond of drinking.

Family portrait: Jennifer said she inserted herself into a Kardashian family portrait and showed off her handiwork

Jennifer recently revealed her amusing prank of adding herself into a photograph featuring the Kardashian family. She proudly showed off her clever manipulation skills and the resulting image.

Normal routine: Kim revealed that she and Kanye watch Family Feud to fall asleep

Typical habit: According to Kim, one of the ways she and Kanye unwind before bed is by tuning into Family Feud.

Nice gift: Jennifer couldn't let Kim leave the show empty handed, so she made sure to give her two hand-drawn pictures she made

Jennifer was determined not to let Kim walk away from the show without a little something special. She put her artistic skills to use and created two unique hand-drawn pictures to give as a gift.

Second art: A second 'photo' given to Kim was a horribly drawn image of Kim wearing penny earrings and Jennifer closing her eyes which she admitted was because of how thrilled she was at the moment 

Jennifer didn’t want Kim to leave the show without a gift, so she decided to give her two hand-drawn pictures as a token of appreciation. The initial drawing portrayed the Kardashian’s customary holiday card, with Jennifer adding herself in as a member of the family. This prompted her to ask if she could take part in their next family photo, which Kim happily obliged. The second artwork was a comically bad rendition of Kim wearing penny earrings and Jennifer closing her eyes, revealing her excitement at the moment.

Casual style: Jennifer was seen in a casual ensemble before hosting the show

Informal style: Before taking on the role of host, Jennifer was spotted wearing a laid-back outfit.

Two piece: Kim looked stunning in an olive green two-piece dress

Kim’s outfit was a sight to behold – she rocked an olive green two-piece dress that made her look absolutely stunning.

Moral support: Scott Disick was seen arriving to the Jimmy Kimmel Live set to support Kim

Moral support: Scott Disick was seen arriving to the Jimmy Kimmel Live set to support Kim

Scott Disick showed up at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to provide Kim with some much-needed moral support.

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