“London Rain Can’t Dampen Jennifer Lawrence’s Style as BAFTA Controversy Brews”

On Sunday’s BAFTAs, Jennifer Lawrence added a touch of Hollywood glamour, but she received criticism for her alleged ‘spoiled brat’ behavior. She was accused of being rude and discourteous towards the ceremony’s host Joanna Lumley. Despite the controversy, the Oscar-winning actress continued with her schedule and was spotted on Monday morning in London, where she had a busy day ahead. Under umbrellas held by her handlers, Jennifer Lawrence stepped out onto the rain-soaked streets of London wearing patterned black palazzo pants, a black coat, and a T-shirt with ‘Oh My Yes’ printed on it.

Out and about: Jennifer Lawrence was spotted out and about in London on Monday morning

Jennifer Lawrence was seen exploring the streets of London on Monday morning with a fresh and chic look. She sported open-toe embellished heels, bold waves in her hair, and striking makeup consisting of red lipstick and deep blush. The American Hustle actress carried a sleek black leather handbag as she went about her day running errands, including a planned visit to KISS FM studios in London. Unfortunately, earlier that same day, some viewers labeled the Kentucky native as a “spoiled brat” due to comments made towards host Joanna Lumley during an interview.

Serious: The Hollywood actress appeared to be in a serious mood as she departed her hotel

Casual: The famous actress seemed pretty somber as she left her hotel.

Oh My Yes! As handlers shielded her under umbrellas, the Oscar-winning beauty stepped out in patterned black palazzo pants and a white T-shirt emblazoned with the words 'Oh My Yes'

Wow, how stunning! With handlers protecting her from the rain with umbrellas, the gorgeous actress made a stylish entrance wearing black palazzo pants with a bold pattern and a white T-shirt featuring the phrase ‘Oh My Yes.’

Heel: She flashed her open-toe embellished heels as she emerged from a chauffeur-driven car

As she stepped out of a fancy car driven by a chauffeur, Jennifer Lawrence showed off her bedazzled open-toe heels. This was her first time presenting the show, taking over from Stephen Fry as the host. Joanna, who introduced Jennifer as the ‘hottest actress on the planet’, asked her to present the Best British Film award. In her opening words, Jennifer said that they should start giving out the beautiful BAFTAs and began with the award for Outstanding British Film. She then joked about being the hottest actress on the planet and mentioned her upcoming film, Red Sparrow.

Natural beauty: The screen star wore her tresses in bold waves, while she highlighted her natural beauty with a rich palette of makeup that included bold red lipstick and a deep blush

The actress showcased her stunning natural features by opting for loose, voluminous waves and enhancing her appearance with a beautiful array of makeup. Her bold red lipstick and deep blush perfectly complemented her innate beauty.

Fresh-faced: Toting a stylish black leather handbag, the American Hustle star looked fresh-faced and effortlessly stylish as she stepped out for a day of appointments

Casually Chic: Carrying a stylish black leather purse, the Hollywood actress of American Hustle appeared casually chic and effortlessly fashionable as she went for a day of appointments. The 27-year-old Jennifer arrived on stage wearing a black dress with white chiffon sleeves that contrasted elegantly. During her introduction, she greeted the audience with a friendly “Hi” and thanked Joanna Lumley but made a comment that seemed out of place and inappropriate for some viewers. Although intended as a joke, many were strongly critical of her tone and words on Twitter. Some expressed their dislike for Jennifer Lawrence, with one even citing Joan Rivers’ nickname of “Miss Arrogance.” Others believed that Jennifer had acted rudely towards Joanna Lumley, and that her behavior came across as snobbish and petulant.

Radio stop: Her day of errands included a scheduled stop at the London studios of KISS FM

Stopping by KISS FM’s London studios was just one of the tasks scheduled for her day of running errands.

Nailed it: The star sported a perfect mani-pedi as she stepped out on the rain-soaked streets

Got it right: The celebrity flaunted flawless nails as she braved the damp streets. “I must admit, Jennifer Lawrence’s attitude came across as unpleasant and ill-mannered. Joanna Lumley was being genuine and kind-hearted, and I’ve never really been a fan of Lawrence’s. She’s been in the limelight way too much for my liking, with only a couple of decent performances under her belt. Her behavior comes off as entitled.” “I can’t believe how rude Jennifer Lawrence was to Joanna Lumley. Who does she think she is? This is the last straw.”

It's over! Jennifer Lawrence has quipped that she'll never joke again after her joke with Joanna Lumley at the BAFTAs spectacularly backfired

Earlier today, Jennifer, aged 27, received criticism from BAFTA viewers for her behavior towards the host Joanna Lumley, aged 71. Some viewers called her “spoiled brat” and accused her of being rude and discourteous.

Awkward: Joanna had introduced Jennifer as being the 'hottest actress on the planet' and Jennifer said: 'that was a bit much but thank you Joanna'

Improved: During the introduction, Joanna referred to Jennifer as the ‘hottest actress on the planet’. Jennifer gracefully accepted the compliment and responded, “That’s very kind of you, Joanna.”

Not pleasing everyone: Jennifer was presenting the award for Best Film, which was picked up by Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Wow thing: Jennifer looked incredible wearing a monochrome Christian Dior gown

Jennifer was responsible for announcing the winner of the Best Film award, and it ended up going to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Of course, not everyone was happy with this outcome.

No words: Joanna quietly watched Jennifer from the side of the stage after her flippant comment - which she has now said was an 'inside joke' between the two of them 

Joanna silently observed Jennifer from the wings of the stage following her thoughtless remark, “I’ve never been so furious as to tweet about a celebrity, but that comment to Joanna Lumley was incredibly discourteous!!! Grow up and get some manners, #JenniferLawrence. You came across as a spoiled brat! Joanna Lumley is the kindest lady in your industry. Shame on you!” People also opined that Jennifer Lawrence’s response to Joanna Lumley at the #EEBAFTAs was uncalled for. Some even went as far as to call her stuck-up and use vulgar language. If Joanna were in their shoes, they knew exactly where she would stick that #BAFTA.

Her moment: Jennifer had a big smile on her face as she walked onto the stage with the gong in hand 

Jennifer was beaming with joy as she made her way onto the center stage, clutching the gong firmly in her grasp.

Brilliant: Joanna was ever the professional as she took to her presenting duties with ease

No happy: A host of viewers really stuck up for Joanna after Jennifer's words

Awesome: Joanna displayed her expert skills with ease as she gracefully embraced her role as a presenter.

New: Joanna was presenting the show for the first time since taking over hosting duties from Stephen Fry

Joanna took on the role of hosting the show for the first time, replacing Stephen Fry. Prior to her debut, Joanna expressed her excitement, stating how thrilling it was to be presenting the BAFTA Awards. She reflected on Stephen Fry’s longstanding presence and never imagined that she would be stepping into his shoes. However, she eagerly accepted the opportunity to host the event. In his departure from the position, Stephen Fry fondly remembered his 12 years of hosting the BAFTA film award ceremonies. He noted the mixture of glamour, drama, and occasional mishaps that make the event a unique part of the British film calendar.

'Unnecessarily rude': Twitter went wild over how they viewed Jennifer's behaviour towards Joanna 

Twitter users had a mixed response to Jennifer’s behavior towards Joanna, with some criticizing her for being unnecessarily rude while others believed that her comments were meant to be taken lightly. Some even defended Jennifer by pointing out that Joanna may not have known enough about her to use appropriate language in the introduction. They also praised Jennifer for her humble and courteous reaction and urged people to lighten up and avoid biased views. However, there were still those who remained puzzled by the accusations of rudeness towards Joanna.

When Joanna Lumley introduced Jennifer Lawrence as the “hottest actress on the planet” and “ravishing,” Jennifer laughed and humbly dismissed the compliments, thanking Joanna for them. Some people may perceive her reaction as being rude, but it’s all a matter of perspective. In fact, Jennifer has been called ‘rude’ before, and she has even joked about it herself. Regardless, it was amusing to witness Joanna’s flattery being met with Jennifer’s witty response.

Beauty: Whatever anyone's thoughts were about Jennifer's behaviour, it's fair to say she looked incredible on the night (as Joanna said)

Appearance: Regardless of how people perceived Jennifer’s actions, it’s safe to say that she looked stunning during the evening (as Joanna mentioned).

In November, she confessed to being impolite and unkind when encountering her fans in public. During a conversation with Adam Sandler for Variety Studio: Actors On Actors season seven, the Academy Award-winning actress shared that she intentionally behaves negatively towards her supporters as a means of self-protection. She revealed, “The moment I step into a public space, I become extremely impolite. I transform into an enormous jerk. It’s my way of safeguarding myself.”

Mixed reviews: Some people did stick up for the Hollywood actress who felt like she was being jovial 

The Hollywood actress, Jennifer Lawrence, received mixed reviews after displaying an icy stare and finger-wagging gesture whenever someone approached her table at a restaurant. Some people defended her behavior, noting that she was probably just trying to be jovial. However, in 2016, Lawrence faced backlash for calling out a foreign reporter during a Golden Globes press conference. Many accused her of being rude to the reporter, Juan Pablo Fernández-Feo, when she told him to stop using his phone during their interview. This incident caused controversy and sparked discussion about the appropriate way to interact with reporters and fans.

Shady: Back in November, Jennifer admitted she is 'incredibly rude' and a 'huge a**hole' when she meets her followers in public

In November, Jennifer made a confession that she can be extremely impolite and unkind towards her fans when they approach her in public. This statement sparked a debate on social media about whether she had taken her jokes too far during an event held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. During an interview about her experience at the Oscars, Jennifer interrupted with a humorous comment, saying that people should not spend their entire lives behind their phones and should instead live in the present. Her remark was accompanied by eye-rolling and finger-wagging, which caused the audience to burst into laughter. The famous actress, who looked stunning in a red dress, had just received the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in the Motion Picture Comedy category for her outstanding performance in the movie Joy in 2016.

She's at it again: Jennifer was accused of being 'rude' to an E! Network reporter during a press conference that followed the Golden Globes in 2016

Jennifer seems to have repeated her behavior as she faced accusations of being impolite towards an E! Network journalist during a post-Golden Globes press conference back in 2016.

Unimpressed: The Joy actress was unimpressed when a reporter used his phone as he asked her interview questions

Getting a laugh: She told him that if he'd put down his phone, he'd have a more suitable question for her

Underwhelmed: The actress from Joy wasn’t too thrilled when the interviewer kept using his phone while asking her questions.

During an interview at the Golden Globes, a reporter made the mistake of asking about the Academy Awards, prompting a correction from the interviewee. A few years ago, Joan Rivers criticized Jennifer Lawrence for not appreciating her success and urged her to calm down. Rivers also pointed out Lawrence’s hypocrisy in advocating against body image issues while simultaneously allowing heavy photo retouching on her posters. Rivers advised Lawrence to avoid speaking out on issues she is not genuinely committed to.

Harsh? In 2013, the late Joan Rivers slammed the actress saying: 'My New Year’s resolution is [ensuring] Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realizes how lucky she is and calms down'

Did you hear about Joan Rivers’ comment about Jennifer Lawrence back in 2013? She basically said that Jennifer needed to grow up and appreciate her luck, and stop acting out.

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