“Love and Sunsets: Justin’s Romantic Getaway with Selena Gomez in Mexico”

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez are enjoying a blissful beach vacation in Mexico to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The couple indulged in a romantic moment on the picturesque shores of Cabo, sharing a tender kiss. They then decided to beat the heat and took a refreshing dip in the ocean, followed by an adventurous ride on jet skis.

Setting aside any recent controversies, such as the allegation of Justin becoming a father, the pair seemed to be in high spirits. They relaxed on the beach, enjoying the sun’s rays while sipping on pink smoothies to keep themselves hydrated and further enhance their glowing tans.

Scantily clad: Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez share a passionate kiss on the beach in Mexico yesterday where they are celebrating their year-long anniversary

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were seen in Mexico, enjoying their one-year anniversary. The two were seen in swimwear, with Selena looking stunning in a turquoise bikini and Justin opting to go shirtless in cutoff denim shorts. They were spotted lazily sunbathing on lounge chairs, with Justin taking photos of Selena. He brought his camera along and captured moments of them cuddling together. Despite being at a wedding resort, fans of Bieber can rest assured that the couple is not tying the knot themselves.

Cheeky snap: The teen singer takes a photograph of Selena and himself on his camera as the refresh themselves with pink smoothies

Playful snapshot: The teenage crooner captures a candid moment between Selena and himself as they indulge in strawberry smoothies.

According to TMZ, Selena and her beloved pop star arrived in Mexico on Tuesday to attend a private wedding for their dear friend. The sight of Selena wearing a ring on her engagement finger earlier today led to speculations of their engagement. However, her representative informed Us Weekly that they are not engaged and Justin has not popped the question.

Upon their arrival in Mexico, the couple wasted no time in soaking up the sun and enjoying a romantic afternoon by the pool. Selena is honored to be a bridesmaid for her close friend Shannon Larossi. It’s worth mentioning that they grew close while working together on the popular show, Wizards of Waverly Place, with Larossi serving as a costume designer.

Matching beach bodies: Justin went shirtless in pair of cut off denims while Selena donned an aqua blue bikini and open hot pants

Matching beach bodies: Justin went shirtless in pair of cut off denims while Selena donned an aqua blue bikini and open hot pants

Sporting their perfect beach physiques, Justin bared his chest and donned a pair of denim shorts, exuding laid-back vibes. Meanwhile, Selena effortlessly flaunted her stunning figure in an aqua blue bikini paired with open hot pants, exuding a relaxed and radiant beach look.

Making a splash: The couple beat the heat by taking to the ocean on a pair of jet skis

Taking advantage of the hot weather, the couple decided to cool off by riding jet skis in the ocean. Selena, aside from being a bridesmaid, is also rumored to be performing at the reception. This short break comes after a challenging period for the young duo. Justin has been entangled in a contentious paternity dispute with Mariah Yeater, a fan who alleges that he is the biological father of her child. Yeater claims that she and the superstar had a short intimate encounter behind the scenes in Los Angeles the previous year.

Joking around: Earlier the pair were spotted fooling around on their sun loungers

Playfully messing around: Earlier, the duo were caught joking and fooling around on their sun loungers.
Even though he has already undergone one paternity test, her legal team is now asking him to undergo another one.
According to the NY Daily News, Yeater’s attorney, Jeffery Leving, is insisting that the singer take another test in the presence of Yeater herself.
Leving stated: ‘I want a fresh DNA test where both parties are present at a California lab as soon as possible. Once I give her the green light, she will comply. We must adhere to proper procedures and ensure a secure chain of custody.’
Reports have also claimed that he has been in conversation with Bieber’s lawyer Howard Weitzman.

Jetting in: Selena, who is also set to be a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding, arrived in Cabo with Justin on Tuesday

Arriving in style: Selena, who is all set to fulfill her role as a bridesmaid at a dear friend’s wedding, touched down in Cabo alongside Justin on Tuesday.

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