“Love in the City: Emily Ratajkowski’s Affectionate Moments with Hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard on a Scorching Day in NYC”

In February, Emily Ratajkowski tied the knot with actor/producer Sebastian Bear-McClard after dating for only a few weeks. The couple was spotted in New York on Wednesday engaging in some steamy PDA, showing that their love is still going strong. The 27-year-old model, who was born in Britain, showered her 31-year-old partner with affection by hugging, kissing, and even wrapping her legs around him.

Emily Ratajkowski wasn't hiding her love for husband Sebastian Bear McCloud

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear McCloud, were spotted out and about in town showing their affection for each other. The couple was unabashedly displaying their love as they held on to each other tightly. Emily even went so far as to sit on a fire hydrant just to be closer to her beloved husband. While holding onto Sebastian’s torso, she rested her head on his chest while he tenderly stroked her hair. It was clear that nothing could get in the way of their strong bond.

Eye see you: Emily threw her arms around Sebastian's neck so the duo could gaze into one another's eyes

Emily hugged Sebastian tightly and they locked eyes, completely immersed in each other’s gaze.

Peek-a-boo! As EmRata walked she combed her hair back with her hands, lifting her top to flash a hint of black bra and underboob

As EmRata strolled, she ran her fingers through her hair and playfully lifted her shirt, revealing a peek of her black bra and underboob.

Here will do: Emily sat herself down on the nearest possible fixture for more PDA 

Emily plopped onto the closest available seating option to engage in further public displays of affection.

Kick it up: The model rounded out her look with white athletic sneakers, a recent fashionista favorite

Elevate your style: Emily paired her outfit with trendy white sneakers, a staple in the fashion world. She opted for a simple and alluring look for the summer by pairing Levi cut-offs with a small white tee. While strolling, she casually ran her hands through her hair and lifted her top to reveal a peek of her black bra and underboob.

I would do anything for love... Not letting any obstacles get in the way of their love, Emily wrapped her arms around her Bear's torso from the comfort of the unsuspecting fire hydrant

Love is a powerful force that can make us do just about anything. Emily was no exception. She refused to let anything stand in the way of her love for Bear. She even went as far as wrapping her arms around his torso while leaning against a nearby fire hydrant, seeking comfort and support from her beloved.

Feeling good: The duo looked flirty, still smitten with one another

The pair appeared to be in great spirits, with hints of flirtatiousness and a continued fondness for each other.

Weird science: Continuing her on-trend appeal, Emily had a pair of black sci-fi sunglasses hooked upon her shirt collar 

Emily kept up with the latest fashion trends by wearing black sci-fi sunglasses that were hanging on her shirt collar. To complete her look, she matched it with white athletic sneakers that are becoming more popular among fashion enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Bear-McLard opted for a preppy blue polo with Japanese characters written on the front.

Touching: The couple simply couldn't keep their hands off of each other during the jaunt around town

Affectionate: The pair couldn’t resist touching each other while exploring the city.

Sporty: Bear teamed his top with matching Adidas track pants with a red stripe down the side

Bear sported a coordinated look by pairing his top with Adidas track pants that also featured a red stripe running down the side.

Summer loving: For fashion, Emily kept things simple and sexy

Emily’s summer fashion sense was all about simplicity and sexiness, keeping her outfits effortless yet attractive.

Classic: She teamed Levi cut-offs with a tiny white tee shirt

Fresh: She matched a pair of Levi shorts with a small, white t-shirt.

He paired his top with Adidas track pants that had a red stripe on the side, creating a cohesive look. Emily and Sebastian proudly wore their wedding bands, displaying their happiness as a married couple. The brunette commemorated their union by sharing three Instagram posts with minimal captions that included the date of their February 21 wedding and a ring emoji.

Rings and things: Both Emily and Sebastian's wedding bands were in full sight, clearly enjoying the wedded life

Emily and Sebastian proudly displayed their wedding rings, giving off a happy, content vibe in their marriage.

Tying the knot: The brunette celebrated the union with a trio of Instagrams with simple captions of the February 21 wedding date and the ring emoji

Getting married: The dark-haired woman commemorated her nuptials by sharing three photos on Instagram. Each post featured a short caption consisting of only the wedding date (February 21) and a ring emoji.

Surprise! Their marriage came as a shock to Ratajkowski's 16.6 million followers as the two were only dating for a few weeks prior to the wedding

Emily Ratajkowski’s recent marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard took many of her 16.6 million followers by surprise, as the couple had only been dating for a few weeks before tying the knot. However, a source close to the couple revealed that they had actually known each other for years, despite only recently becoming romantically involved. Prior to her relationship with Bear-McClard, Ratajkowski had been in a three-year relationship with Jeff Magid, which reportedly ended in January. The model-actress was first seen with Bear-McClard in mid-February.

They go way back: They only became a couple a few weeks before the wedding but a source told UsWeekly that she'd known him 'for years'

Their history goes way back: Although they officially became a couple just a few weeks prior to the wedding, a reliable source informed UsWeekly that she had actually known him for several years.

Moving on quickly? Emily had only split from boyfriend of three years Jeff Magid in January according to reports

Are things moving fast for Emily? It has been reported that she ended her three-year relationship with Jeff Magid just this past January.

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