Miley Cyrus Channels Her Inner Fashionista with Gucci Print Face Mask, PDA Alert with Cody Simpson

Masks have quickly become a common sight in Los Angeles within a short span of time. Showing her fashion-forward style, Miley Cyrus sported a Gucci face mask on Thursday. Emblazoned with the brand’s recognizable logo, the pop star donned this trendy accessory while stepping out for a coffee outing with her boyfriend-turned-quarantine companion, Cody Simpson. It’s worth noting that Gucci itself is not currently producing and selling official masks. However, this hasn’t stopped Angelinos from getting creative and crafting their own personalized face coverings using fabric and bandannas.

Fashion  first: Miley Cyrus found a Gucci print facemask for her outing with Cody Simpson in Los Angeles on Wednesday

Prioritizing fashion: Miley Cyrus sported a stylish Gucci printed facemask as she stepped out with Cody Simpson in Los Angeles last Wednesday.

Designer time: Miley and Cody were making a visit to a local coffee shop

Fashionable Encounter: Miley and Cody decided to drop by a local coffee shop together. Following the latest regulations in Los Angeles, they made sure to wear masks, as required for anyone visiting essential businesses such as coffee shops and grocery stores. Miley effortlessly paired her stylish Gucci outfit with a casual black T-shirt, camo sweatpants, and fashionable black boots. On the other hand, Cody, the Australian singer, was sporting a blue mask, which perfectly complemented his band T-shirt. In an impromptu haircut, his head was now shaved. As they patiently awaited their purchases, Miley found a comfortable spot on a chair, while Cody affectionately wrapped his arms around her. Just recently, the 23-year-old, who is romantically involved with the talented ‘Wrecking Ball’ artist, openly praised Miley, stating that she is not only creative and inspiring but also fiercely independent.

Quarantine pals: The duo were seen waiting for their purchases outside the cafe, Miley perched on a chair as Cody embraced her

Quarantine buddies: The pair was spotted eagerly awaiting their orders outside the cozy café, with Miley comfortably seated while Cody lovingly held her.

In his own words, he expressed his admiration for Miley, stating that being in a relationship with her brings immense joy to his life. He highlighted her boundless creativity and ability to inspire others, including himself. Their connection is rooted in their shared pursuit of artistic expression, as they both consistently support each other’s work. Notably, Miley serves as a muse for Cody’s art, instilling a touch of romance in his poetic compositions. He acknowledges that his private life inevitably seeps into his creative endeavors, and it comes as no surprise that some of his poems may be influenced by their relationship. Having previously dated Gigi Hadid, Cody confesses his affinity for being in the company of independent and strong-willed women. This speaks to his appreciation for individuals who possess individuality and personal strength.

Daily outing: The two were seen walking side by side in the sunshine

Every day adventure: The two individuals strolled leisurely beside each other, basking in the delightful rays of the sun.

Supply run: Cody and Miley also picked up groceries together in Calabasas

Grocery Shopping Expedition: Cody and Miley Team Up in Calabasas In addition, he expressed, “I owe a great deal of my down-to-earth nature to these remarkable women. Their upbringing has instilled in me the ability to make wise choices: I don’t want to let down my mom or my grandmothers. They have taught me that staying close to your mother and grandmothers helps you become a better human being… I had a two-year relationship with Gigi Hadid and have always appreciated being in the company of independent women who possess strength and individuality. Although I haven’t experienced profound heartbreak, there have been disappointments in my past relationships.” While Cody does envision settling down in matrimony one day, he is in no rush. During an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, he revealed, “I do believe in marriage, but I haven’t given it much thought yet. Honestly, I am still too young to seriously consider it. Right now, I am focused on surrounding myself with positive, inspiring women who teach me something new every day.”

Simple style: Miley kept it simple in a black top, camo pants and black boots

Pop star: The pop star looked ready for action

Casual approach: Miley opted for an effortless look, pairing a sleek black top with camouflage pants and stylish black boots.

Tender moment: Cody pushed a shopping cart as Miley draped her arm around his shoulder

Heartwarming scene: Cody maneuvered a grocery cart while Miley affectionately linked her arm around his shoulder.

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