Miley Cyrus Faces a Fashion Oops: Wardrobe Mishap in Stylish Wrap Crop Top Exiting Marc Jacobs NYFW Show, Following an Electrifying Catwalk Moment

Miley Cyrus encountered a minor fashion mishap when she exited the Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. Following her appearance on the runway for Marc, the 27-year-old artist was spotted leaving the event donning a stylish backless wrap crop top. However, her well-endowed blouse appeared loosely fitted, causing it to sway slightly and inadvertently reveal that she had opted to go braless.

Whoops: Miley Cyrus suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as she left the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday

Oops! Miley Cyrus experienced a minor mishap with her outfit while exiting the Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday.

Slip: Her busty blouse hung loose enough that it fluttered a bit at one side to reveal that she was wearing no bra underneath

Alteration: Mishap: Her ample top loosened enough to sway on one side, inadvertently revealing her decision to forego a bra. The popular singer, known for her rebellious nature, confidently displayed her platinum blonde mullet with bangs, which perfectly complemented her high-waisted trousers. During her fashion show appearance, she opted for a simple black bralette and flared trousers, confidently showcasing her toned midsection. In addition to the Hadid sisters and Kaia Gerber, supermodels on the catwalk included Marc’s prestigious lineup. The evening before the highly anticipated show, Miley chose a leather jacket to stay warm as she made her way to Marc’s New York offices.

Off she goes: The 27-year-old had just walked the runway for Marc and was seen emerging from the event in a backless wrap crop top

Off she dashes: The young woman, at the sprightly age of 27, had just taken to the runway for Marc’s fashion show and was later caught on camera as she gracefully exited the event while sporting a daring backless wrap crop top.

Off she goes: The Can't Be Tamed singer rocked a platinum blonde mullet with bangs, complementing her top with high-waisted slacks

She’s ready to roll: The songstress who can’t be tamed confidently sported a stylish platinum blonde mullet, complete with bangs. She effortlessly paired this look with high-waisted slacks, perfectly completing her ensemble.

Contrast: Miley clashed her black and white ensemble elegantly against a pair of cherry red high-heeled shoes as she legged it out of the show

Comparison: Miley effortlessly combined her chic black and white outfit with a stunning pop of color – vibrant cherry red high-heeled shoes – as she hurriedly made her exit from the show.

When you got it: Miley sharpened her unmistakable features with makeup

Here’s a paraphrased version: Once Miley Cyrus embraced her distinctive appearance by enhancing it with cosmetics, she began teaming up with Marc for various projects. One of their notable collaborations was a 2014 advertising campaign, and they also designed a charitable hoodie together last year in support of Planned Parenthood. Presently, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is romantically involved with Cody Simpson, a 23-year-old Australian singer. Their bond has grown so strong that Miley was recently captured on Insta Stories popping a pimple on Cody’s back. It was just last year when she shocked the world by ending her marriage with the handsome Liam Hemsworth, which had lasted for less than a year.

Together again: Her professional collaborations with Marc include a 2014 ad campaign and a charity hoodie they released together last year for Planned Parenthood

Reunited once more: Their previous joint projects involved a memorable advertisement campaign in 2014, as well as a philanthropic endeavor last year when they co-created a special hoodie to support Planned Parenthood.

Nowadays: The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is currently running around with 23-year-old Australian singer Cody Simpson

In the present day, the offspring of Billy Ray Cyrus is presently seen enjoying the company of Cody Simpson, a 23-year-old musician hailing from Australia.

In the past: Last year she sensationally separated from her dreamboat husband Liam Hemsworth after less than a year of marriage

The previous year, she made headlines when she split from her husband Liam Hemsworth, whom she passionately admired, only months after tying the knot. Following the separation, she swiftly embarked on a fleeting summer romance with Kaitlynn Carter, who had recently ended her relationship with Brody Jenner, the son of Caitlyn Jenner. Despite their shared attendance at the William Morris Endeavor pre-Oscars party in Beverly Hills on Friday night, Miley and Liam reportedly did not interact. According to an insider from People, this situation was not a big deal for Miley, as she was surrounded by her parents and friends and the crowded atmosphere made it less awkward. Miley has firmly left her past with Liam behind her and is now wholeheartedly focused on the future. She cherishes the wonderful years she had with Liam and has no regrets, believing that everything happened for a reason. Presently, she is content and filled with happiness while being with Cody Simpson, whom she deeply adores. This relationship is her main priority and is guiding her path forward.

Looking fab: While on the runway she wore a simple black bra-lette and a pair of flared slacks, allowing her to showcase her sculpted midriff

Looking stunning: During the fashion show, she flaunted her incredible physique by donning an elegant black bralette and a chic set of flared trousers, effortlessly exhibiting her perfectly toned abdomen.

Starry night: Marc's catwalk also played host to supermodel sister act Gigi (pictured) and Bella Hadid

Terrific: Bella was in a throwback chic look redolent of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

A mesmerizing evening under the starry sky: Marc’s catwalk was graced by the stunning presence of the supermodel siblings, Gigi (on the left) and Bella Hadid (on the right).

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