Miley Cyrus: Redefining Fashion with Dishwashing Gloves in WSJ’s Exclusive Photoshoot, Unveiling Her Unique Hair Care Routine on Instagram Chat Show

During her brief Instagram Live talk show while in quarantine, Miley Cyrus welcomed a number of renowned celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, and Amy Schumer. However, the musician confessed that only two guests were deserving enough for her to go the extra mile and pamper herself with shampoo and conditioner. In her recent feature on the cover of WSJ. Magazine, the 27-year-old artist opened up about this experience in an interview conducted by Derek Blasberg.

Colorful character: Miley Cyrus was featured in the most recent issue WSJ. Magazine and accompanying interview with Derek Blasberg

Vibrant personality: Miley Cyrus recently graced the pages of the latest edition of WSJ. Magazine, where she engaged in an interview with Derek Blasberg. During the conversation, she delved into her popular livestreamed interview series, Bright Minded: Live With Miley, which she independently produced a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, she revealed that she only took the effort to wash her hair for two lucky guests, as showcased in the accompanying photoshoot where she whimsically wore dishwashing gloves to emphasize the importance of hygiene amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Despite this, Miley emphasized that, like everybody else, she spends her days at home in cozy sweatpants and a simple topknot.

Interesting: In it she talked plenty about her Bright Minded: Live With Miley livestreamed interview show which she did entirely herself a few weeks ago and even revealed there were only two guests she washed her hair for

Fascinating: She shared numerous details regarding her highly entertaining Bright Minded: Live With Miley livestream interview series, which she single-handedly hosted a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, she disclosed that out of all the guests, there were only two for whom she bothered to wash her hair.

Interesting: Miley said she has only washed her hair for two guests: Senator Elizabeth Warren (pictures0 and Elton John

Giving: Elton said he is working with his Aids Foundation and the new funds would be available in the 'next few months'

Fascinating: Miley revealed that she has exclusively cleansed her hair for a mere pair of visitors, namely Senator Elizabeth Warren and the legendary musician Elton John.

Green with envy: She was also featured on the cover of the monthly publication

Jealousy in the air: In addition, she graced the cover of the monthly magazine. ‘For the show, I’ve only bothered washing my hair twice: once for Elton John and once for Senator Warren.’ When it comes to her conversation with the previous nominee for the presidential election, she confessed it caused her the most unease she had ever experienced with a guest on the show. She revealed, ‘I was incredibly anxious that I even went as far as wearing a fancy linen blouse. Can you believe it? I don’t even own a darn blouse! My closets are filled with only studded, leather, or latex outfits, darling.

'I was so nervous I even put on a nice linen blouse': Of her interview with the former presidential candidate, she said it was the most anxious she's been about a guest on the show

“I was incredibly anxious, to the point where I wore a lovely linen blouse,” she admitted, reflecting on her interview with the ex-presidential hopeful. This particular guest had left her more on edge than anyone else she had interviewed on the show.

Interesting approach: In a few of the snaps Miley donned purple dishwashing gloves

Yum? She even posed with a finger in her mouth

Fascinating approach: In some of the pictures, Miley opted for purple rubber gloves used for dishwashing and even playfully posed with a finger in her mouth.

Tied up: She put her signature blonde locks up in a messy bun

Hair Pulled Back: She pulled her signature blonde hair back into a casual bun. “I was rummaging through my entire closet, trying to figure out what to wear for my interview with the senator. That was my biggest concern, obviously. How can I exude a political vibe?” Her chat show streamed on Instagram Live, airing five days a week for a month, from the middle of March to the middle of April. One of the guests she had on the show was Selena Gomez, who expressed her enjoyment of being interviewed by someone she once shared the Disney spotlight with.

New gig: Her chat show was on air on Instagram Live five days a week for a month from mid-March to mid-April

Exciting news: She had her very own talk show streaming live on Instagram every weekday for an entire month, starting in mid-March and ending in mid-April.

Good times: She put on all types of quirky poses

Good times: She put on all types of quirky poses

Fun times: She eagerly struck a variety of unconventional poses.

'I liked the rawness of the show': One of her guests was Selena Gomez who told WSJ. that she loved the experience of being interviewed by her fellow ex-Disney star

“I was drawn to the authenticity of the show”: One of the individuals she invited was Selena Gomez, who mentioned to WSJ. that she thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by her fellow former Disney star. She expressed, “One day, I happened to stumble upon the show and was captivated by Miley’s approach. I immediately knew that I wanted to be a guest. What appealed to me was the unfiltered nature of the show.” “In today’s world, I believe people crave genuine content. They don’t want something overly manufactured.” Miley took on all aspects of the show, from composing the opening song to conducting the interviews and even organizing guest appearances. Interestingly, the star didn’t even rely on publicists to arrange interviews. Instead, she personally messaged (DMed) celebrities.

Bright minded: Miley donned her signature colorful style in the accompanying photoshoot including a green sequined top, peace sign patterned clingingtop and bottoms, and a blue jumpsuit

Miley embraced her signature vibrant style in the photoshoot, opting for a green sequined top, a clinging top and bottoms with a peace sign pattern, and a blue jumpsuit. In regards to her communication methods, she confidently stated, “I consider myself an expert at direct messaging! It has been my go-to approach for getting things done for many years. I even took a chance and sent a message to Reese Witherspoon, not expecting a response. But to my surprise, she replied and agreed to give me a few minutes of her time. It was an amazing experience. I’ve reached out to both familiar and unfamiliar faces using this method.”

Wearing protection: She also sported an intresting mask complete with a tongue sticking out her signature pose

Protective Gear: Additionally, she flaunted a unique mask with a tongue protruding in her distinctive pose. Miley embraced her signature vibrant fashion in the accompanying photoshoot, featuring a green sequined top, a tight peace sign patterned outfit, and a blue jumpsuit. In the interview, she opened up personally about the challenges of being separated from her family during the quarantine, but she remains in constant communication with her mom and manager, Tish Cyrus, through FaceTime. The renowned singer of “Wrecking Ball” even expressed her longing to reunite with her loved ones once the quarantine is over. Miley shared, “The moment it’s deemed safe, my top priority is definitely embracing my mom and dad. Currently, my mom keeps her distance from me.”

Family first: She even got personal in the interview as she revealed that it is hard being away from her family during the quarantine but she is constantly on FaceTime with her mom and manager Tish Cyrus

Prioritizing family: The interview took a personal turn when she opened up about the challenges of being separated from her loved ones during the quarantine. However, she shared that she stays connected by making regular FaceTime calls to her mom and manager, Tish Cyrus.

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