Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Playful Side: A Love-Filled Getaway with Cody Simpson in a Stylish Beach Soiree

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson enjoyed a romantic day at Malibu’s Zuma Beach, where they couldn’t help but show their affection for each other. The 27-year-old singer, looking effortlessly stunning, changed into a stylish black one-piece swimsuit while her 23-year-old beau relaxed and checked his phone. These lovebirds are clearly relishing their time together, making the most out of their beach date.

Beach date: Miley Cyrus, 27, snuggled up close to her boyfriend Cody Simpson, 23, during a beach date at Malibu's Zuma Beach on Monday

Beach rendezvous: Popstar Miley Cyrus, aged 27, cozied up to her handsome beau Cody Simpson, aged 23, during a romantic outing at Zuma Beach in Malibu on Monday. Contrary to her usual flaunting of her slender physique, Miley opted for a stylish black one-piece swimsuit to combat the breezy weather. Shedding her black ‘DON’T DO WEED’ sweatshirt and distressed acid wash jeans, the petite beauty revealed her beach-ready attire. Meanwhile, Cody sported a casual ensemble consisting of a gray T-shirt and black jeans. As he was about to dip his toes in the ocean, the Australian singer was interrupted by an important phone call.

Covered up: Miley normally likes to showcase her svelte figure, but she stuck with a sleek black one-piece to counter the chilly breeze

Hidden: Miley typically enjoys flaunting her slender physique, however, she chose to don a stylish black swimsuit to protect herself from the chilly wind.

Important business: The Australian musician was about to wade into the waves when he had to take a call

Significant matter: Just as the Australian musician was ready to dip his toes into the ocean waves, an important phone call came his way.

Chilly: Despite the breezy and overcast day, the celebrity couple still wanted to relax on the beach

Cool: In spite of the windy and cloudy weather, the famous duo was determined to unwind by the seaside. Sporting stylish black sunglasses with sharp angles, both of them embraced the coastal vibes. Cody even brought along a copy of Bob Dylan’s memoir, Chronicles: Volume One, to seek some creative inspiration. As they settled into a perfect spot on the sandy beach, Cody reluctantly had to abandon Miley’s side momentarily and walk towards the shoreline to attend to a phone call.

Notes from a master: Both rocked angular black sunglasses, and Cody also brought a long a copy of Bob Dylan's memoir Chronicles: Volume One for some inspiration

Master’s observations: Both individuals sported stylish black sunglasses with angular frames. Additionally, Cody carried along a copy of Bob Dylan’s autobiographical masterpiece, Chronicles: Volume One, as a source of inspiration.

After the two lovebirds found a prime spot in the sand, Cody had to leave Miley be while he walked down to the shore to talk on the phone

As soon as the couple settled on a perfect spot in the sandy beach, Cody excused himself to give Miley some space and walked towards the shoreline to have a phone conversation.

On the phone: The Australian musician had on a pair of black jeans and white briefs, plus a gray T-shirt that he took off before taking a call

During the phone conversation, the Australian artist sported a stylish combination of black denim bottoms paired with white underwear, accompanied by a casual gray T-shirt that he decided to remove before answering the call.

Busy: The singer and dancer paced on the beach while on the phone

Engaged in Activity: The performer and dancer strolled along the shoreline while engaged in a phone conversation. Miley soaked up the sun in her swimsuit, seemingly reluctant to venture into the chilly water. Due to the gusty wind, she decided to reposition her hoodie over herself and effortlessly slipped into her jeans without leaving the comfort of the sand. Subsequently, a shirtless Cody made his way back to Miley, who appeared to be disregarding him, perhaps due to his prioritization of the ongoing call.

Miley sunbathed in her suit, though she didn't appear to get into the freezing water

Miley relaxed under the warm sun, content to stay dry and not venture into the icy water.

Brrr: It was too breezy, so she put her hoodie back on

Chilly: The wind was quite gusty, prompting her to slip back into her hoodie.

Revealing: The former Hannah Montana star showed off her fit legs and tattoos

Unveiling her toned legs and body art, the ex-Hannah Montana actress proudly displayed her unique style and confidence.

Low key: She didn't want to make a big display of putting her clothes on

Casual vibes: She preferred a subtle approach when it came to dressing up.

Low key: The singer kept mostly to herself during the beach trip

Casual vibe: The vocalist opted for a laid-back approach and mostly enjoyed her own company during the beach getaway.

Voyeur: Miley shimmied back into her jeans while a seagull watched feet away

Peeping Tom: As Miley skillfully slid back into her denim bottoms, a curious seagull observed closely from just a few steps away. Sensing the perfect opportunity, the singer and dancer seized their camera and stooped down to capture a lighthearted snapshot of Miley engrossed in her phone. Unimpressed by the impromptu photography session, Miley defiantly raised her middle finger in response. With a quick smooch from Cody before returning to the waves, the couple continued their beach escapades.

Making it last: Cody grabbed their camera and crouched down to take a playful photo of Miley

Ensuring longevity: Cody snatched their camera and crouched down, capturing a whimsical snapshot of Miley.

Busy: The actress and singer seemed more interested in scrolling through her phone

Busy: The artist and vocalist appeared to be more engrossed in browsing on her mobile device.

Denied! She flipped off Cody and pulled her hood down even more once he crouched down for the shot

Rejected! With a defiant gesture, she extended her middle finger towards Cody, simultaneously tugging her hood further down as he prepared to capture the moment.

Sweet smooch: She warmed up a bit and let him lean in for a kiss

Affectionate peck: She grew more comfortable and allowed him to come closer for a kiss Once they returned to the water, Cody discreetly changed into his jeans under a towel wrapped around his waist. Although earlier in the day the couple seemed distant, there was no sign of that tension as they prepared to depart from the beach. Miley rose on her toes and embraced her boyfriend tightly, wrapping her arms around him. He embraced her tightly, placing his head gently on her blonde locks as she nestled against his chest.

Fit figure: Cody showed off his fit physique in a gray camouflage swimsuit

Toned frame: Cody proudly displayed his well-built body while wearing a trendy gray swimsuit with a camouflage pattern.

Quick trip: He didn't stay in the cold water very long before heading back to Miley

Short getaway: He didn’t spend much time in the chilly ocean before making his way back to Miley.

Magic: He did his own covert changing trick with a towel wrapped around his waist as he put his jeans back on

Magic: With a towel wrapped securely around his waist, he effortlessly performed his own secret vanishing act while gracefully slipping back into his jeans.

Longtime pals: The two have been friends for years, but they only began dating in October after her public split from Liam Hemsworth

Old buddies: These two have been close companions for quite some time, however, their romantic relationship only commenced in October following her highly publicized separation from Liam Hemsworth.

Longer relationship: Before getting serious with her current beau, Miley briefly dated Brody Jenner's ex Kaitlynn Carter

Previous Relationship: Prior to entering a serious relationship with her current partner, Miley had a brief romantic involvement with Kaitlynn Carter, who is known as Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend. Miley and Cody displayed even more affection towards each other recently, as they were seen sharing a passionate kiss while searching for their car in an underground parking lot. Despite her public image as a partygoer, the renowned singer of “Party In The USA” doesn’t indulge in partying much these days. However, she made an exception to celebrate Cody’s 23rd birthday, expressing her love for him and their unique bond on her Instagram. “Happy birthday to my dearest and closest friend, Cody Simpson,” she wrote, accompanied by the hashtags #iloveyou and #piratelife.

Making up: Though things seemed chilly between the couple earlier in the afternoon, there wasn't any hint of the distance as they got ready to leave the beach. Miley leaned in on her tiptoes and leaned in for a tight hug with her boyfriend

Reconciliation: Despite a slight tension in the air earlier in the day, there was no trace of it as the couple prepared to depart from the beach. Miley, standing on her toes, affectionately embraced her boyfriend, pulling him in for a warm and tight hug.

Holding her close: He held her close and rested his head gently on her blonde tresses and she snuggled up against his chest

Embracing her tightly: He affectionately embraced her, placing his head tenderly against her golden locks while she nestled snugly against his chest. Despite having been close friends for many years, their romantic journey only commenced in October, following her highly-publicized breakup with Liam. Prior to committing to her current partner, Miley briefly pursued a relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, who had previously been involved with Brody Jenner. Although she and Liam are yet to finalize their divorce, it appears that Cody has captured her undivided focus for now.

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