“Miley Cyrus Stuns in Lace-Up Vinyl Boots at 2021 NCAA Final Four Concert in Indianapolis with Rockstar Swagger”

Miley Cyrus exuded the aura of a bona fide rockstar on Saturday as she took to the stage for the 2021 NCAA Final Four. The 28-year-old artist appeared super confident in her sexy lace-up vinyl boots and sang her chart-topping hits and some cover songs for a limited audience of frontline workers who were strictly observing social distancing protocols. The show occurred at the Lucas Oil Stadium, situated in Indianapolis, Indiana, which has a maximum capacity of 70,000 individuals.

Rockstar: Miley Cyrus oozed rockstar-level confidence on Saturday afternoon as she performed during the 2021 NCAA Final Four

Miley Cyrus exuded an air of rockstar-like assurance during her performance at the 2021 NCAA Final Four on Saturday afternoon.

For frontline workers: The singer, 28, donning a pair of sexy lace-up vinyl boots, belted the lyrics to her biggest hits - and a few cover songs - for an audience of socially-distanced frontline workers

The 28-year-old musician performed for a small, socially-distanced group of frontline workers, dressed in a pair of eye-catching lace-up vinyl boots. The COVID-19 pandemic forced Cyrus to limit her audience, however, she managed to deliver an electrifying set with a mix of her popular hits and a few rock covers. Despite the limited crowd, Miley gave it her all as she sang her 2013 hit Wrecking Ball, while also prancing around in a form-fitting outfit consisting of a black corduroy vest and black trousers secured by a personalized belt buckle. The microphone wire was tangled in her fingers as she took center stage and put on a memorable performance.

Fashion forward: Cyrus, with her microphone's wire tangled in her fingers, pranced around on stage in form-fitting ensemble

Innovative in style: Cyrus was seen on stage grasping the tangled wire of her microphone, while energetically moving around in a well-fitted outfit.

Stunning: She had on a black corduroy vest that exposed her taut tummy and a pair of black trousers secured in place with a belt featuring her initials on the buckle

Impressive: The woman wore a sleek black corduroy vest that revealed her toned midsection and paired it with black trousers held up by a personalized belt stamped with her initials on the buckle.

Larger than life: Despite the size of her audience, Miley performed an electrifying set complete with a modern rendition of her 2013 hit Wrecking Ball, as well as several rock covers

Miley Cyrus, the pop star with a massive fan following, put on a captivating performance that included a modern twist on her popular 2013 track “Wrecking Ball” and a few rock covers. She flaunted a show-stopping outfit along with long gloves and chunky jewelry from Loree Rodkin. Miley styled her bright blonde shag in a purposely messed-up manner and adorned her eyelids with various sparkly shades. She enhanced her full lips with abundant lip gloss and highlighted her cheekbones with blush and highlighting powder, drawing attention to them.

Grand entry: Never one to stray from the dramatics, Miley uploaded a video to Instagram showing her walking stoically from her designated dressing room to the stage

Miley Cyrus is known for her flair for the dramatic, and she didn’t disappoint when she recently posted a video on Instagram. The clip showed her walking in a serious and purposeful manner from her dressing room to the stage.

Too cool: 'A STAR IS BORN,' captioned the triple threat, who had a pair of silver framed shades over her ice blue peepers in the clip

Miley Cyrus, known for her dramatic flair, shared a cool video on Instagram recently. The triple threat was seen walking stoically from her dressing room to the stage with a pair of silver-framed shades over her ice blue eyes. She captioned the video, ‘A STAR IS BORN.’ The talented star marched to the stage as her band and sound mixers played a metal-leaning remix of Queen’s We Are The Champions.

Epic: Cyrus marched to the stage to a metal-leaning remix of Queen's We Are The Champions, courtesy of her talented band and sound mixers

The atmosphere was electric as Cyrus made her grand entrance to the stage, with a pumped-up remix of Queen’s We Are The Champions blasting through the speakers. Full credit goes to her talented band and sound mixers for creating such an epic soundtrack. Prior to her performance on Saturday afternoon, Miley took to Instagram to share her excitement with fans. She even snapped a few photos of herself in front of a long mirror and recorded a quirky video near a bathroom bin. It seemed like she was testing out one of her many potential stage outfits, consisting of flared cut-out pants and a cropped black tank top. All in all, it was an unforgettable performance that left the audience buzzing with energy.

Hyped: Before taking the stage of Saturday afternoon, Miley used Instagram to express excitement over her impending performance

Excitedly hyped up, Miley took to Instagram to share her anticipation for her Saturday afternoon performance.

Selfie time: Posing before a floor-length mirror, Cyrus snapped several photos of herself, before filming a surreal video next to a bathroom trashcan

Selfie time: Posing before a floor-length mirror, Cyrus snapped several photos of herself, before filming a surreal video next to a bathroom trashcan

Miley Cyrus took the opportunity to take some selfies by posing in front of a full-length mirror. She then decided to shoot a surreal video next to a trash can found in a bathroom. On Thursday, she arrived in Indiana for her NCAA Final Four performance. Her outfit in a short Instagram video posted on Friday had a ’70s glam rock band vibe. The singer made a grand entrance as she disembarked from a small black bus outside the venue. To keep warm against the cold Midwestern weather, she wore a thick, jagged red-and-blue coat that extended down to her ankles.

Time to party: Miley Cyrus, 28, looked super stylish in eye-catching '70s-style clothing as she arrived in Indianapolis at the end of the week to attend the NCAA Final four games

It’s time to celebrate! Miley Cyrus, who is 28 years old, made a bold statement with her fashion choice as she arrived in Indianapolis for the NCAA Final Four games. She rocked a retro ’70s look that was both eye-catching and stylish.

Chic: The 5ft5in beauty stayed warm against the Midwestern temperatures with a red-and-blue coat and scarlet leopard-print bellbottoms with black platform shoes

Stylish: To combat the chilly weather in the Midwest, the gorgeous 5ft5in lady donned a cozy red-and-blue coat, coupled with a pair of striking scarlet leopard-print bellbottoms. She completed the look with black platform shoes to create a chic and fashionable appearance.

Miley Cyrus rocked a stylish and trendy outfit at a recent event. She donned a busy graphic T-shirt along with scarlet leopard-print bellbottoms and black platform shoes. The Party In The U.S.A. singer completed her look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and a chic spiky blond mullet which she has been sporting for the past few months. Miley made a grand entrance by throwing her coat back, revealing her toned arms, and said in a Mid-Atlantic accent, “Mother… has arrived.” She also shared a video on social media with the caption ‘MILEY MADNESS,’ tagging the NCAA Final Four account and adding the hashtag, ‘#MarchMadness.’

In the house: 'Mother... has arrived,' she said with an approximation of a Mid-Atlantic as she threw her coat back to reveal her toned arms

“Impressive, Mom has just walked in,” she announced in a slightly affected Mid-Atlantic accent while flinging off her coat to showcase her well-defined arms.

Staying in shape: Miley had had a chance to decompress at her hotel earlier in the day when she shared a video of herself running on a treadmill while a friend recorded her

Keeping fit: Miley took some time to relax at her hotel earlier today. She uploaded a video on social media, where she can be seen running on a treadmill while her friend filmed her.

Risky business: She showed that she was living on the edge, as she was running in her socks rather than wearing recommended shoes

Taking risks: Instead of wearing the recommended shoes, she opted to run in just her socks, indicating that she was living life on the edge. Miley had a chance to relax at her hotel earlier in the day, and during that time, she recorded a video of herself on a treadmill while being filmed by a friend. Despite not wearing proper footwear, she kept up an impressive pace and even lifted herself up by the armrests to showcase her socks. In a nonsensical caption, she urged her followers to stay prepared rather than getting ready and added hashtags such as “#ShoesOptional” and “#StyleMandatory.”

Landed: The day before, Miley kept her fans up to date as she landed at the airport in Indianapolis, ahead of the games, which will all be held at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts

Yesterday, Miley made sure to keep her fans in the know as she arrived at the Indianapolis airport, getting ready for the upcoming games that are set to take place at Lucas Oil Stadium – the Colts’ home turf.

Having a blast: She stepped off of the plane and twirled around while stretching out her arms to show off another stylish yet casual look, this time built around a cool black leather jacket

Having a great time: As she disembarked from the plane, she spun around and extended her arms to showcase her trendy yet relaxed attire, featuring a sleek black leather jacket. The day before, Miley had kept her followers updated on her whereabouts as she arrived in Indianapolis. Lucas Oil Stadium, typically the home of the Indianapolis Colts, is currently hosting both the Final Four games and the championship. She alighted from a plane adorned with images of playing card aces and flaunted her look, which included a red-and-white V-neck cropped tank top sweater, dark jeans, a black trucker hat, and dark aviator sunglasses. In a lighthearted social media post, she added the tagline ‘MILEy HIGH CLUB.’

Trippy: She looked as if she was in the midst of a psychedelic trip in a funny candy-colored clip of herself rocking out while on board her plane that she posted around the same time

Groovy: With a hilarious candy-colored video, she showed off her rockstar persona while on a flight, looking like she was having a wild psychedelic adventure. The clip had viewers feeling a bit trippy themselves!

Looking her best: Miley relaxed in another photo from on the plane while wearing patches under her eyes to combat dark circles

Miley was captured in a couple of photos looking her best on her flight. In one photo, she can be seen wearing patches under her eyes to combat dark circles while relaxing on the plane. Another photo shows her having fun and rocking out in a candy-colored clip, giving off a psychedelic vibe. She also shared a cozy photo of herself in bed with a pink bedazzled sleep mask, but it’s unclear whether that was taken before or after her arrival in Indianapolis. Miley’s amusing caption read “30 seconds till take off!!!” followed by a string of emojis.

Beauty sleep: She also included a photo of herself in a white graphic t-shirt as she cozied up in bed with a pink bedazzled sleep mask, though it wasn't clear if that was from the night before her travel or after she'd arrived in Indiana

Getting some restful sleep is crucial to looking and feeling your best, and it seems like this celebrity understands that. On social media, she shared a snapshot of herself snuggled up in bed, sporting a cute white t-shirt and a pink sleep mask with some sparkly embellishments. It’s unclear whether the photo was taken before or after her recent trip to Indiana, but either way, she knows the value of a good night’s sleep for maintaining her beauty.

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