Miley Cyrus Wows in a Scanty Black Bikini while Dancing Sensually to Sister Noah’s Fresh Tune

Miley Cyrus proudly flaunted her stunning physique while endorsing her younger sister Noah Cyrus’ latest EP, The End of Everything. In a TikTok video, the Wrecking Ball sensation revealed herself in a captivating black bikini, marking the first time she had donned one since the quarantine began. Accompanied by the melancholic tune Ghost, Miley danced with allure and grace, swaying her hips and hands in a mesmerizing slow motion. As she descended the stairs of her backyard, her sensual movements left a lasting impression.

Supportive: Miley Cyrus showed off her sensational figure in a tiny black bikini as she promoted her little sister Noah Cyrus' The End of Everything EP

Miley Cyrus rocked a stunning physique in a stylish black bikini while proudly endorsing her younger sister Noah Cyrus’ latest EP titled The End of Everything. To make her promotion even more entertaining, Miley utilized the trendy split-screen effects on a popular video-sharing platform, effortlessly appearing in multiple frames at once. Not only did she mesmerize her followers with these creative filters, but she also revealed a fresh and unique hairstyle known as the ‘pixie mullet’. Interestingly, Miley’s mother Tish Cyrus, with the guidance of a hairstylist called Hershberger through FaceTime, skillfully executed this edgy haircut earlier in the week.

'Seeing myself in a bikini for the first time since quarantini,' the Wrecking Ball hitmaker captioned a new TikTok video of dancing seductively to the melancholic track Ghost

‘After being in quarantine for so long, I finally got to see myself in a bikini again,’ wrote the famous singer, referring to a recent TikTok video where she danced sensually to the melancholic song Ghost. The stylist, who had previously cut Miley’s hair four months ago, revealed that the singer had sent her a picture for inspiration, but the resulting pixie mullet was different and unique. Describing the hairstyle as an ongoing creative endeavor, the stylist expressed Miley’s satisfaction with the final look. Miley herself loved the combination of two styles that expressed her own personal fashion sense. According to the stylist, the final look was cool and daring, just like Miley herself.

Clones: She used a number of split-screen effects on the popular video-sharing app, which allowed her to appear simultaneously in multiple frames

Clones: By incorporating various split-screen techniques within a widely-used video-sharing application, she cleverly managed to project herself into multiple frames simultaneously.

She mentioned that the mother and daughter successfully achieved the desired outcome with their haircut, as hair salons remain closed in California to prevent the spread of the virus. Hershberger added, “I’m certain that Tish will start receiving appointments soon – she might even receive requests for virtual haircuts!” Hershberger’s client list also includes famous individuals such as Meg Ryan, Jimmy Fallon, and Tom Cruise. The hairstylist revealed that she had previously performed a virtual haircut for Miley Cyrus by guiding her through a FaceTime call to help her fix her bangs and trim her hair last month.

Feeling good: As the Grammy nominee strutted down the steps of her backyard, she swayed her hips and hands in a slow motion

Feeling great: With a Grammy nomination under her belt, the sensational Miley confidently descended the stairs in her own backyard, gracefully swaying her hips and hands with a leisurely elegance. Miley’s recent decision to encourage her followers to listen to her younger sibling’s fresh music comes in the wake of Noah’s candid admission about the challenges of living in the shadow of her famous sister. Noah expressed how being constantly referred to as “Miley’s sister” took away her own sense of identity when she was younger. Reflecting on the impact of being labeled as “Hannah Montana’s little sister,” she revealed in an interview with Rebecca Judd on Apple Music that it often felt as though her individuality was overlooked and undervalued.

Under pressure: Noah said being Miley's sister 'stripped her of her own identity' when she was younger during an interview with Rebecca Judd on Apple Music

Feeling the heat: In a candid chat with Rebecca Judd on Apple Music, Noah opened up about how being Miley’s sister once made her feel like she had lost her own sense of self.

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