Mykonos Getaway: Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Comically Large Hat and Shows off Toned Legs

Emily Ratajkowski is a well-known model, recognized for her slender figure, great fashion sense, and gorgeous appearance. However, during a casual walk with a friend in Mykonos, the fashion icon suffered a style mishap when she wore an excessively large hat. The oversized straw floppy hat, with its massive brim, initially appeared chic but ended up making a bold and daring fashion statement.

Wow factor: Emily Ratajkowski had a fashion failure in Mykonos on Thursday when she donned a ridiculously oversize hat for a casual stroll with a pal

Emily Ratajkowski had a fashion faux pas during her leisurely walk with a friend in Mykonos on Thursday. She sported an outrageously large hat that didn’t quite fit her look.

Mad Hatter: Making a bold style statement, the Blurred Lines beauty, 27, struck a pose in a straw floppy hat with a mammoth brim which obscured her vision

The Blurred Lines beauty, who goes by the name Mad Hatter, made a bold fashion statement with her choice of headwear. She wore a straw floppy hat with a mammoth brim that was so large it obscured her vision. Unfortunately, this led to a fashion mishap as the hat also obscured her face while she walked and struggled with the brim. Despite the mishap, Mad Hatter kept the rest of her outfit casual and cool, showcasing her toned frame in an ivory and candied pink bustier top paired with tiny denim hotpants and white trainers that highlighted her toned legs. Her chestnut tresses were styled in a tousled manner, and she wore dark shades to shield her eyes from the sun.

Oh dear: However, the brunette star soon fell victim to a fashion faux pas as the whopping hat obscured her face as she walked along, wrestling with the brim

Uh-oh: The dark-haired celebrity experienced a wardrobe mishap when her oversized hat got in the way and blocked her face while she strolled around, struggling to handle its wide brim.

Windy: Emily struggled with the hat brim as she strode down the street

As she walked along the street, Emily found herself struggling to keep her hat brim from getting blown away by the strong winds.

Fashion forward: Keeping the rest of her ensemble casual cool so as not to detract from her headwear, she showed off her toned frame in an ivory and candied pink bustier top

Embracing a fashion-forward look, she opted to keep her outfit simple and casual to let her eye-catching headwear take center stage. However, she did flaunt her toned physique in a bustier top that featured a combination of ivory and candied pink hues. The natural beauty also chose to skip make-up for the occasion, which allowed her stunning facial features to shine through. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the actress opened up about the role her breasts play in her sexuality, referring to them as a source of power. While she found it amusing that an article once labeled her the “Mozart of Breasts,” she admitted feeling uncomfortable when her father forwarded the piece to her, as he still sees her as his little girl.

Grappling: The star couldn't keep the brim off her face as she strolled with a pal 

Wrestling: The celebrity struggled to keep her hat from covering her face while taking a leisurely walk with a friend.

Chic: The star still managed to look stylish despite the faux pas

Even though they made a mistake, the celebrity still pulled off a fashionable appearance.

I have a great admiration for breasts – both mine and others’. They are simply wonderful. In February, Emily pleasantly stunned her loved ones by tying the knot with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard at a courthouse in New York. The wedding was an intimate affair, with the couple exchanging vows in a cozy setting. Emily’s 16.6 million social media followers were taken aback by the news of their marriage since they had only been dating for a short period before the wedding. However, a source revealed that the two had known each other for many years.

Hat horror: The model valiantly attempted to keep the hat off her face 

The model bravely struggled to prevent the hat from covering her face.

Strut: The brunette beauty's visage was completely obscured by the hat 

The hat completely covered the face of the beautiful brunette.

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