Nervously Nail-Biting Selena Gomez Steps Out for Lunch in a Chic Midriff-Baring Ensemble with a Friend

Under pressure? Selena Gomez headed to lunch at Kabuki in Los Angeles on Monday alongside a friend, but noshed on her nails the entire time

Feeling the squeeze? Selena Gomez decided to take a breather and enjoy a casual lunch at Kabuki in Los Angeles on Monday, accompanied by a close friend. However, rather than indulging in the delectable dishes, she found herself nibbling on her own nails throughout the entire meal.

Glam but glum: The actress looked forlorn as she bit her nails, but was wearing an overall chic ensemble

Glam but glum: The actress looked forlorn as she bit her nails, but was wearing an overall chic ensemble

The actress appeared melancholy while nervously chewing on her nails, although she was donning a stylish outfit.

Chomping at the bit: Something must have been troubling the 20-year-old, as she could not stop gnawing on her fingernail

Keen to the point of distraction: There seemed to be a bothersome matter preoccupying the young woman’s mind, evident through her constant nibbling on her fingernails.

Chic set: Both Selena and her friend donned summery outfits that expressed their personal style

Fashionable Duo: Selena and her companion effortlessly showcased their individual fashion sense with their vibrant summer ensembles.

Easy breezy: Letting the spirit of the laid-back season move her, Selena wore boho-chic wide-legged trousers in a black and red print

Effortlessly embracing the carefree vibes of the relaxed season, Selena effortlessly rocked a pair of wide-legged trousers in a stylish boho-chic design featuring a captivating black and red print.

Still gorgeous: The actress' long brown locks shone under the sunlight and blew with the wind

Continuing to captivate: The stunning actress effortlessly radiated beauty as her cascading chestnut tresses glistened in the sun and gently danced with the breeze.

With her clique! The actress has been spending time with friends, as captured here in a recent Instagram snap

Hanging out with her squad! The talented actress has been enjoying the company of her closest friends, as showcased in a fresh snap shared on her Instagram account.

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