Obsessed with her style! Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her alluring backside in a daring swimwear for a fun honeymoon selfie

At the moment, she is delighting in a romantic getaway with her recently wedded spouse. Emily Ratajkowski provided her admirers with a sneak peek of her alluring appearance as she relaxes in Utah, sharing a pair of provocative snapshots on Instagram. The 26-year-old appeared absolutely stunning in a strapless swimsuit, featuring a delightful combination of brown and white colors with charming polka dots adorning the entire design.

Dotty for her look! Emily Ratajkowski showed off her perky posterior as she posed in a very racy cut-out swimsuit for a selfie during her honeymoon

Head over heels for her appearance! Emily Ratajkowski proudly flaunted her pert derriere while striking a pose in a daring swimsuit adorned with alluring cut-outs. The captivating celebrity shared this intimate moment during her romantic honeymoon getaway.

Newlywed: Posing in her bathroom, she showed off her pert posterior in the number, as well as her toned abs due to the cut-outs in the design

Newlywed: Striking a pose in her bathroom, she proudly flaunted her perky backside in the outfit, showcasing her well-defined abs thanks to the strategic cut-outs in its design. Proving her skills as a model, she effortlessly worked her angles in front of the mirror, capturing a series of selfies. These recent photos follow her low-budget wedding at a courthouse, where she stunningly rocked a $200 Zara suit. However, she’s pulling out all the stops for her honeymoon. Together with her new husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, the couple is indulging in the luxurious Amangiri resort in the Utah desert, where the price for a suite can reach a whopping $8,800 per night.

Lap of luxury! Emily and her new husband stayed at the deluxe Utah desert resort Amangiri for honeymoon, where suites can go for $8,800 a night

Indulging in opulence! Emily Ratajkowski and her recently wedded spouse, Sebastian Bear-McClard, have chosen to reside in the extravagant Amangiri resort nestled in the picturesque Utah desert. Offering an upscale experience, the resort boasts suites that come with a hefty price tag of $8,800 per night.

Desert getaway: The resort has attracted the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, who reportedly enjoyed a weekend getaway there with her now fiance, Brad Falchuk, four years ago

Getaway in the desert: The resort has been a popular destination for celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, who reportedly had a relaxing weekend there with her now fiance, Brad Falchuk, four years ago. Situated next to a breathtaking canyon in the desert of Utah, this luxurious five-star resort offers suites that come with their own pools, private terraces, and courtyards. Guests can indulge themselves in the resort’s sauna, steam room, cold plunge pool, and even take part in yoga sessions and get guidance from a wellness coach on-site to improve their health and fitness. Recently married Emily has been sharing numerous envy-inducing photos from her romantic escape, showing off her incredible accommodations.

Move over, breakfast in bed: Ratajkowski enjoyed her morning coffee naked in the bath tub

Forget about having breakfast in bed; Ratajkowski relished her morning coffee while soaking naked in the bathtub. On Wednesday morning, the actress from Gone Girl delighted in her breakfast experience, sharing a revealing photo of herself enjoying a cup of coffee against a breathtaking desert backdrop. The following day, Emily proudly showed off her gold wedding band while luxuriating in a private outdoor pool in her room, all the while listening to some tunes. Fans of Emily and Sebastian were taken aback last month when the couple tied the knot at a New York City courthouse following a whirlwind romance.

Kicking back! The newlywed soaked in her room's private outdoor pool while listening to music

Taking it easy! The just-married individual luxuriated in the private outdoor pool of their hotel room, enjoying the soothing melodies of their favorite music.

Hello gorgeous: The star kicked back in the private pool 

Hey stunning! The celebrity lounged in the exclusive swimming pool

'Morning in the desert': Ratajkowski soaked in her private pool earlier this week

Embracing the Desert Sun: Ratajkowski Unwinds in Her Personal Oasis As the sun rose over the vast desert landscape, Emily Ratajkowski indulged in a moment of tranquility. Just a few days ago, the renowned model was captured in a state of pure relaxation as she luxuriated in her exclusive private pool.

Loved up: Sebastian got hands-on with his new wife in a snap he posted Thursday 

Head Over Heels: Sebastian Gets Playful with His New Spouse in a Snapshot He Shares on Thursday

She stunned everyone at the ceremony by wearing a vibrant yellow suit from Zara and a stylish black hat adorned with a veil. In a series of adorable photos, she proudly showed off her wedding ring. The news of her wedding was a complete surprise to her 16.6 million followers, as it was only recently revealed that she had parted ways with her ex-boyfriend Jeff Magid. However, it is believed that their breakup occurred several weeks before the announcement. The last time Emily and Jeff were seen together was in November 2017. In December, Emily was spotted with her now-husband Bear-McClard at a basketball game. Their romantic relationship was confirmed on Valentine’s Day when pictures of them kissing were released, marking the official end of her connection with Magid. Bear-McClard is a talented actor and producer, known for his work on the 2017 film Good Time, which starred Robert Pattinson.

Gorgeous: The actress showed off the gorgeous desert evening sky

Stunning: The actress flaunted the mesmerizing twilight of the desert sky

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