Outshining Lady Godiva: Emily Ratajkowski’s Alluring Equestrian Display in Harper’s Bazaar

Emily Ratajkowski is determined to continue baring it all in front of the camera, regardless of any criticism that comes her way. However, her decision to do so is not solely based on her physical appearance.

In a recent photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar, the 25-year-old model embraced her nudity by effortlessly embodying Lady Godiva atop a stunning white horse. With only her flowing brunette hair shielding her modesty, Emily exudes confidence as she gazes confidently into the lens, using her hands to maintain balance on the horse’s back.

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Taking it off: Emily Ratajkowski posed nude for the new issue of Harper's Bazaar

Stripping down: Emily Ratajkowski bares it all in a daring photoshoot for the latest edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Honest: The 25-year-old actress seems confident in her skin, and also participated in an interview

Genuine: The 25-year-old actress exudes self-assurance and recently took part in an interview. Drawing a parallel to Lady Godiva, a 13th century noblewoman who rode au naturel in protest against her husband’s imposed taxes, it’s understandable why Emily receives comparisons. Displaying her outspoken nature, Emily advocates for women’s rights and their autonomy over their own sexuality. In particular, she discussed the topic of female nudity, emphasizing that a woman can seek attention while also making a statement, with the two not being mutually exclusive. This isn’t the first instance where Emily has used nudity to convey a message. Earlier this year, she noted her lack of personal acquaintance with Kim Kardashian, who posted a naked selfie on Instagram that caused a stir amongst the public. Reacting to the backlash, Emily expressed her anger towards Piers Morgan, who criticized Kim for her actions due to her age and status as a mother. In Emily’s view, Kim is entitled to do as she pleases.

Behind the scenes: Video from the shoot reveals that she wasn't fully nude atop the horse, but wore a thong

Behind the curtains: Footage from the filming session uncovers that, contrary to initial speculation, she was not completely bare while riding the horse. Instead, she was adorned with a thong.

Lookalike: The thong was edited out in production to play up the Lady Godiva reference

Doppelganger: The production team decided to remove the thong to enhance the Lady Godiva allusion.

On the issues: In an interview, she talks about Kim Kardashian's nude selfie in March

In the discussion: During an interview, the topic revolves around the nude selfie shared by Kim Kardashian in the month of March.

Talking bacK: The star supported Kim at the time, and says now that she didn't deserve the negative reaction she received

In a discussion about Kim Kardashian’s controversial nude selfie, Emily, a well-known star, came forward to support her and express her belief that Kim didn’t deserve the backlash she received. To demonstrate her solidarity, Emily decided to join forces with Kim and took a similar nude selfie, this time with both of them defiantly raising their middle fingers.

Emily noted that while Kim can be criticized for various aspects of her public image, it was important to show that regardless of these criticisms, she didn’t deserve such a negative response. Some individuals who had an issue with the selfie argued that nude images of women only serve to benefit men and can never be empowering. However, Emily disagrees with this perspective, emphasizing that the male gaze should not be the sole focus.

She highlighted that society often overlooks the fact that men appreciating such photographs or finding them attractive doesn’t diminish a woman’s power or agency. In the public eye, especially in her industry, there’s a pervasive notion that if a man enjoys a nude photograph or finds a short skirt appealing, he is somehow taking something away from the woman. Emily firmly believes that this view is incorrect.

She firmly stated that sex, desire, and attention are all normal aspects of life and should not be stigmatized. Labeling and shaming women based on their sexual expression is, essentially, slut-shaming. Emily aims to challenge these destructive attitudes and promote a more positive and accepting outlook towards sexuality.

Joining in: Take two: She also took a similar topless selfie with Kim after the incident

Participating in the fun: Round two: After the incident, she followed suit and snapped a similar photo without a top alongside Kim.

Tackling a problem: Emily noted the difference between the way women and men are perceived when they pose naked

Tackling a problem: Emily noted the difference between the way women and men are perceived when they pose naked

Addressing a dilemma: Emily observed the contrasting perceptions of nudity between women and men. During her interview with feminist author Naomi Wolf, she expressed her concern regarding the double standards that women encounter when they choose to reveal their bodies. Emily highlighted the fact that when Justin Bieber displayed his bare chest (on stage, for Calvin Klein, and in public in general), he was applauded for maturing as an individual. However, society does not exhibit the same nonchalant attitude when women pose semi-nude or nude for photographs. Furthermore, even among women who decide to embrace nudity, there exists a discrepancy. The reactions towards Lena Dunham going topless compared to Kim Kardashian doing the same reveal a troubling distinction. Emily firmly believes that the world should not limit itself to celebrating just one ideal body type. Instead, it should encompass all body types and all ideals.

Not conflicting: She added that sexuality and desire are normal and just because a man likes a nude picture of a woman doesn't mean she doesn't own her sexuality

No contradiction: She also stated that sexual orientation and attraction are natural, and simply because a man appreciates an image of a woman’s nudity does not imply that she has no control over her own sexuality.

Bold: In an interview with the magazine, she opened up about her feelings on feminism and sexuality

In a candid conversation with the publication, she bared her thoughts and emotions on the subjects of feminism and sexuality.

Giddy up! Emily expressed her excitement about the spread while sharing the behind-the-scenes video from the shoot

Yeehaw! Emily couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, expressing her excitement about the fantastic spread.

In print: The photoshoot is online and appears in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, featuring Gwen Stefani on the cover

Trang điểm: Bộ ảnh được đăng trực tuyến và xuất hiện trên số tháng 8 của tạp chí Harper’s Bazaar, có sự xuất hiện của Gwen Stefani trên bìa.
Ngoài việc ngồi xuống để trả lời phỏng vấn ngay thẳng, Emily còn xuất hiện trong một video hậu trường từ buổi chụp ảnh, cô đã đăng lên tài khoản Instagram của mình vào sáng thứ Năm.
Trong đoạn video, đã tiết lộ rằng Emily không phải hoàn toàn khỏa thân trong suốt buổi chụp ảnh, thực tế cô đã mặc tanga khi cưỡi trên ngựa – tuy nhiên, những dải vải nhỏ xíu này đã bị chỉnh sửa ra khỏi các hình ảnh kết quả trước khi xuất bản.
“Ngày làm việc khó khăn khi hóa thân thành Lady Godiva trong vẻ đẹp khỏa thân của mình cho Harper’s Bazaar,” Emily viết kèm theo đoạn video màu đen trắng, trong đó cô cưỡi quanh trong một vòng tròn và tạo dáng một cách khéo léo – và bị theo dõi bởi một số nhà quay phim nhiệt tình.
Trong hình ảnh khác xuất hiện trong đặc san của Harper’s, người mẫu được chụp mà không có ngựa đồng hành, thay vào đó đứng một mình trước ống kính, với mái tóc dài xoáy quanh vai, trong khi hai bàn tay được kẹp chặt trước ngực.
Emily cũng đã đăng tấm hình này lên Instagram và ca ngợi cuộc phỏng vấn của cô với Naomi.
“Naomi Wolf là người tôi đã khâm phục từ thuở nhỏ. Những ý tưởng của bà trong cuốn sách The Beauty Myth và Promiscuities đã giúp tôi phát triển ý kiến mà tôi mang theo đến ngày hôm nay,” cô nói.

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