“Parisian Nights: Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in Low-Cut Dress”

Emily Ratajkowski is known for confidently showcasing her well-known figure, as seen in her recent Instagram post. However, the 26-year-old model added a touch of humor this time around. Despite being on a business trip in Paris, she managed to amuse her 17.7 million followers.

Funny girl! The brunette has been showing off her glamorous trip to the French capital on her Instagram, and also added a dash of comedy to her posts to entertain her 17.7m followers

The hilarious Emily Ratajkowski has done it again! She recently shared a new post on her Instagram account, flaunting her curves while adding a touch of humor. The photo shows her wearing a beautiful paisley-patterned dress underneath a black coat, with a plunging neckline revealing her famous cleavage. The dress also had apparent splits on each side, revealing her shapely legs. To add to the look, she sported new bangs, a subtle blush, smokey eye, and a glistening rose lip gloss. But what caught our attention the most were two plates of delicious burrata cheese that were prominently displayed in the frame.

Exposure: The extremely low-cut neckline showcased her famous cleavage, while her shapely legs were also visible thanks to apparent splits on either side of the garment

The outfit that Emily wore exposed her famous cleavage, with a neckline cut extremely low. Additionally, the garment had splits on either side, which revealed her shapely legs. In a playful caption, Emily referenced the delicious meal she was enjoying while also using a clever wordplay with her name and the dish. She continued sharing pictures from dinner, this time without wearing a jacket, showcasing her remarkable figure. In the subsequent image, Emily is sitting behind a table with an ashtray containing cigarettes, and her decolletage once again takes center stage.

Flattering angle! Earlier in the day she treated her fans to a status update as well as a photo of her fantastic physique

What a great perspective! She shared an update and a snapshot of her incredible body with her followers earlier in the day. To add some humor, she asked if she was now French. The candid picture showcased her slender legs in light purple leggings as she wrote about heading straight to work from the airport. Additionally, she shared a few quick videos of herself twirling around in the same outfit in a dressing room.

'Round and 'round! She also showed off the same outfit in several quick clips that saw her spinning around in a dressing room

Peachy posterior! She showed off her sculpted backside when she turned around

Spinning around and around! The actress flaunted her attire in multiple brief videos while twirling in a changing area.

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