“Poolside Glam: Miley Cyrus Rocks a Red Hot Bikini to Beat the Heat”

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus announced that she was having a fabulous ‘hot girl summer.’ And this Saturday, she shared a steamy photo of herself lounging in a pool, which is sure to turn up the heat. The singer showed off her enviable figure in a red checkered bikini and pulled down on the bottoms to highlight her toned waist.

Red hot summer: Miley Cyrus flaunted her toned waist in a red checkered bikini, as she tugged on the bottoms in Instagram photos on Saturday

Miley Cyrus sizzled in the summer heat as she shared a series of Instagram photos over the weekend. The pop star showed off her toned physique in a red checkered bikini, pulling on the bottoms to accentuate her waist. In the caption-less post, she struck various poses for the camera, sporting square sunglasses and a red scrunchy in her ponytail to match her swimwear and inflatable float. In one shot, she lounged back with her hands behind her head before changing angles for more snaps.

A red vibe: She matched the red tones in her bikini and he square sunglasses to the red and white floaty and to scrunchy in her ponytail

She coordinated her outfit perfectly, with red hues in her bikini, square shades, and even in her scrunchie that held her ponytail. The cherry on top was the red and white floaty that complemented her overall look.

Get this angel: She laid back with her hands behind her hair in one snap, before getting in some photos from a lower angel

Check out this amazing photo of her! She can be seen in a relaxed position with her arms behind her head. In another shot taken from a lower angle, she poses for the camera while on the water. Prior to that, she shared some pictures and a video of herself having fun in a tree and dancing. She even gave advice to her followers, encouraging them to “feed two birds with one scone” by combining activities like climbing a tree and having a dance party. One of her furry friends was also present at the base of the tree as she danced in a stylish grey sports bra and black bicycle shorts.

Tree dance: Her time on the water came after she posted to Instagram photos and a video of herself in a tree and dancing

She enjoyed spending time on the water after sharing photos and a video of herself dancing in a tree on Instagram.

Following her recent public announcement of refusing to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards due to not receiving a nomination, Miley Cyrus has taken to social media once again. In response to an Instagram fan account stating they would only watch the VMAs if she performed, Cyrus replied with a firm “no f***ing way.” It’s worth noting that Cyrus made headlines in the past for twerking against Robin Thicke during his performance of “Blurred Lines” at the 2013 VMAs, which later resulted in a copyright lawsuit and a loss for Thicke brought by Marvin Gaye’s estate.

Both? Both.: She said 'If you¿re ever torn between climbing a tree & having a dance party..... ¿feed [two] birds with one scone

The suggestion is to enjoy both activities, climbing a tree and having a dance party, without having to choose between them. The phrase “feed [two] birds with one scone” emphasizes the idea of achieving two things at once.

Miley Cyrus is currently in the process of releasing three separate EPs that will eventually be combined to create a full studio album titled She Is Miley Cyrus. The first of these, entitled She Is Coming, was released on May 31st, with the subsequent EPs She Is Here and She Is Everything yet to come. Unfortunately, Miley was not nominated for any VMA awards for her work on She Is Coming. On a personal note, Miley married actor Liam Hemsworth in her home state of Tennessee in December of last year.

I'm not performing: Her latest social media posts come after she publicly refused to play the MTV Video Music Awards after not being nominated

The recent updates on her social media indicate that she has chosen not to participate in the MTV Video Music Awards as she was not included in the nominations.

More is coming: She released the first EP She Is Coming on May 31 and is still gearing up to release its follow-ups, She Is Here and She Is Everything

Exciting news awaits! On May 31, she dropped her first EP titled She Is Coming and there’s more to come. The next releases in the series are She Is Here and She Is Everything, so stay tuned for those!

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