Seeking Comfort in Familiarity: Selena Gomez’s Embrace of Motherly Support Amidst Uncertainty in Connection with Justin Bieber

So sad: Selena Gomez looked downcast as she visited her vet in Encino, California with her two dogs and her mother Amanda

A gloomy sight: Selena Gomez appeared downcast during her visit to the veterinarian in Encino, California, accompanied by her two furry companions and her mother, Amanda.

Uncertain: Selena can't be sure where she stands with on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber and is seeking solace with her mother

Not Knowing: Selena is feeling unsure about her current status with her on-again, off-again partner Justin Bieber and is finding comfort in the company of her mother.

Lonesome: Selena met up with Justin twice in recent days, but there's a great divide between them now; he's in Toronto and she's in Los Angeles

Lonely: Selena and Justin have crossed paths twice recently, but their current situation presents a significant distance between them. While Justin finds himself in Toronto, Selena resides in sunny Los Angeles.

Hiding: Selena appeared to be covering her face in her hair during her trip to the vet

Concealing: Selena seemed to be concealing her face within the strands of her hair while she visited the veterinarian.

Time to think: Selena is surely wondering where her relationship with Justin will go

Selena must be contemplating the future of her romance with Justin.

Missing Justin? Selena seemed to be staring out into space, but fortunately Amanda took the wheel

Longing for Justin’s presence, Selena’s gaze lost in the void ahead, yet luckily, Amanda stepped up to take control.

In a daze: Selena checks herself out in the rear view mirror, but doesn't seem to like what she sees

In a state of confusion: Selena gazes at her reflection in the car’s rearview mirror, only to find herself dissatisfied with what she observes.

Dinner date: Selena and Justin met for a meal at Benihana in Hollywood before he took off for Canada, but they seemed rather distant

Romantic Dinner: Selena and Justin enjoyed a delightful meal at the renowned Benihana restaurant nestled in the vibrant heart of Hollywood. However, as Justin prepared to embark on an exciting journey to Canada, their interaction appeared somewhat distant.

In a hurry: Selena walked ahead of Justin and looked like she just wanted to get home

In a rush: Selena briskly moved ahead of Justin, her demeanor indicating a strong desire to reach home quickly.

Stormy weather: Selena and Justin braved the rain as they attended an American Music Awards after party at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on November 18

Inclement weather: Selena and Justin fearlessly faced the downpour during their presence at a post-American Music Awards celebration at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on November 18th.

Not in the party mood? Selena and Justin didn't stay long at the bash, and left an hour later

Feeling a bit low on party vibes? Selena and Justin didn’t quite catch the excitement at the gathering and made a swift exit after only an hour.

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