Selena Gomez proudly showcases her fit midriff while debuting her latest Puma line inspired by ‘all that defines me: my essence, my special day, my artwork’

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez unveiled her latest collaboration with Puma, marking her second collection with the brand. The 26-year-old artist, known for her hit song “Wolves,” appears effortlessly stylish and athleisure-ready in the new promotional images. Gomez expressed her adoration for the collection, stating that it draws inspiration from her own life. The former Wizards Of Waverly Place star’s toned physique is showcased beautifully in several of the photos, demonstrating her incredible comeback following a challenging 2018 that included rehab and a temporary departure from social media.

Standing tall amid the storm of life: Selena Gomez presented her second collection with Puma on Wednesday

In the midst of life’s challenges, Selena Gomez made a remarkable appearance as she unveiled her latest collection with Puma on Wednesday. The collection was carefully crafted to reflect Selena’s journey from her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas to her present life in Los Angeles, as mentioned in a press release. The SS19 collaboration includes two fresh shoe designs, stylish apparel, and trendy accessories.

Selena Gomez expressed her desire to create a collection that truly resonates with her lifestyle and authentically represents her. She emphasized the importance of comfort and flattering pieces that effortlessly demonstrate her unique style. With this collaboration, Selena aimed to convey her personal history and identity through the clever use of graphics inspired by significant places, her birthday, tattoos, and cherished memories. The famous actress, known for her role in “Monte Carlo,” eagerly shared her enthusiasm for this collection and how it pays homage to her roots.

Ready to take off: The 26-year-old Wolves singer looked stunning in the new images which show her looking athleisure stylish as she hits an airport

Excited for departure: The 26-year-old artist known for her hit “Wolves” appeared absolutely fabulous in the fresh photographs where she effortlessly rocked an athleisure look while navigating through an airport.

Suits her: 'I’m in love with this collection, because it’s inspired by my life,' the former Wizards Of Waverly Place star said in a statement

Expressing her adoration for the collection, the former star of Wizards Of Waverly Place, spoke fondly, stating, “I’m absolutely smitten with this collection as it draws inspiration from my own life.” The songstress behind the hit “Fetish” boasts an impressive collection of tattoos, including music notes adorning her wrist, a roman numeral etched onto her neck, Arabic inscriptions on her side, various writings on her hip and foot, and an “om” symbol embellishing her hip. Puma’s website describes the collection, mentioning that the goal was to design pieces that are not only visually stunning but also comfortable enough to be worn daily, combining the liveliness of sports with the self-expression found in street fashion. The versatile nature of the different pieces allows for mixing and matching to create customized looks, suitable for any mood throughout the day.

Fun on set: Here the Big Short actress is seen with a young model who was in pink and grey Puma

Having a blast on the set: In this delightful moment, the talented actress from The Big Short shares the frame with a youthful model sporting vibrant pink and elegant gray Puma attire.

Kicking back: In several of the photos, the brunette bombshell is showing off her toned figure as she has bounced back after a difficult 2018 that involved rehab and a break from social media

Taking it easy: In a number of the photographs, the attractive brunette is proudly displaying her well-toned physique as she has made a strong comeback after a challenging 2018 that involved rehabilitation and a hiatus from social media.
The collection was crafted from the inspirations derived from her own experiences, the places she has called home, and the people she has met along the way. These unforgettable imprints serve as a reminder of where she has been and the thrilling potential of her future endeavors.
The pieces incorporate various graphics that pay homage to these meaningful locations that hold a special place in Selena’s heart, along with her birthdate, coordinates, and symbols that hold significance in her life.
The SG Slip-On abandons traditional shoelaces for a more effortless and comfortable style, now available in Glitz and Sunrise.
The SG Runner Ice seamlessly combines Selena’s personal fashion sense with PUMA’s timeless court and running shoe designs, as stated on the website.

The style works: The look was was inspired by Selena’s rise from her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas to her life today in Los Angeles, according to a press release

The design aesthetic appears to be influenced by Selena’s journey from her birthplace in Grand Prairie, Texas all the way to her present life in Los Angeles, as mentioned in an official statement.

No seat belt, no problem: 'I obviously wanted to create something that matches my lifestyle and that shows the real me – I’ve said it before, I need something that’s comfortable and flattering, pieces that I can just put on and give the impression it took me hours to plan,' said the Monte Carlo actress

“I wanted to create a collection that truly reflects my personal style and showcases my authentic self. Comfort and style are essential to me, so I aimed to design pieces that are both comfortable and flattering. My goal was to create outfits that can be effortlessly thrown on, giving the impression that I spent hours planning my look,” expressed the actress from Monte Carlo.

Additionally, there is the SG x Sweatshirt, a relaxed and oversized off-the-shoulder sweatshirt that falls just above the ribs. It features boxy sleeves and subtle colored graphics on both the front and back.

The SG x Romper is made from durable sweatshirt material and includes capped sleeves, hand pockets, adjustable draw cords, a back halfmoon cutout, and a bungee zipper opening for added convenience.

For those seeking a versatile outerwear option, the SG x Jacket is a fully-lined and breathable layer that allows for easy movement. It showcases adjustable features, including a waist buckle and adjustable sleeves and hood. The statement graphics on the back make sure you stand out and leave a lasting impression no matter where you go.

Feet up: 'My favorite thing about it is that it gives different nods to me, to my history. 'The graphics show the places that hold a special piece in my heart, my birthday, my tattoos, my identity,' said the ex of Justin Bieber

Kicking back: ‘What I love most about it is that it pays homage to who I am, my personal history. ‘The designs reflect the places that hold a special significance in my heart, like my birthday, my tattoos, and my individuality,’ shared the former partner of Justin Bieber.
The SG x PUMA SS19 Collection will be globally available on Wednesday, both on and in selected retail stores around the world.
This revelation follows her criticism of social media as ‘harmful for my generation,’ where she highlighted the risks associated with online platforms at the Cannes.
With 150 million followers, she boasts one of the most popular Instagram accounts globally, yet she expressed concern over how ‘vulnerable’ young people can become on the internet.
During a press conference for her latest film, The Dead Don’t Die, the former child star shed light on the dangers of ‘hazardous’ social media.

Makes sense: 'She was looking to create pieces that looked amazing, but comfortable enough for everyday use – mixing the energy of sports with the self-expression of street fashion,' the copy reads on the Puma website. 'The different pieces can be mixed and matched to create personalized looks to match any mood throughout the day'

The description on the Puma website explains that the designer wanted to create stylish yet comfortable pieces for everyday wear. The collection combines the energy of sports with the self-expression of street fashion. Each item can be mixed and matched to create personalized looks to suit any mood throughout the day.

Selena, when asked about the potential threats to the planet, expressed concern about the negative impact of social media, particularly on her generation. While acknowledging the benefits of using social media as a platform, she also finds it alarming how exposed young girls and boys can be. She believes it is a dangerous situation.

When questioned about her role in making social media platforms safer, Selena expressed skepticism, stating that it is currently impossible to achieve complete safety. As one of the most followed social media users, she takes caution in her posting frequency and carefully chooses what she shares on Instagram.

A zippy look: Here the Vogue cover girl looks great in a light grey top and shorts with matching shoes

A trendy glance: In this Vogue cover photo, Selena looks fabulous sporting a light grey top paired with shorts and matching shoes. During an interview, Selena expressed her gratitude for having a platform and emphasized her commitment to being intentional with her posts. She shared her concern for young girls who often face bullying and emphasized the importance of setting time limits for social media usage. In the past, Selena has also taken extended breaks from Instagram, explaining to her fans that she values being able to live in the present moment rather than constantly being engrossed in social media.

Good accents: The ponytailed wonder added very large gold hoop earrings and a black crossbody purse

Stylish accessories: The person with a trendy ponytail adorned themselves with oversized gold hoop earrings and carried a stylish black crossbody bag.

Joyful: 'The collection was inspired by the sights she has seen, the places she has lived in and the people she has met. Unforgettable stamps that remind her of where she’s been and the exciting possibility of where she’ll go next,' it was stated

Filled with delight, the designer’s collection drew inspiration from the captivating landscapes she has encountered, the remarkable cities she has called home, and the fascinating individuals she has crossed paths with. These indelible imprints serve as a nostalgic reminder of her past adventures while also igniting a thrilling anticipation for the incredible journeys that lie ahead.

'The pieces feature different graphics that nod to these locations that have a special place in Selena’s heart' it was added

“The designs showcase unique graphics that pay tribute to these cherished locations that hold a special place in Selena’s heart,” was mentioned.
“For a little while, let’s focus on spreading kindness and offering words of encouragement! It’s important to remember that negative comments can be hurtful to anyone’s feelings. Obviously,” she expressed.
Selena made a comeback on Instagram in January.
In an interview with ELLE Magazine last year, the superstar revealed that she doesn’t even like having Instagram on her personal phone and instead prefers to access her account from a friend’s device.
“I don’t know my Instagram password,” she shared. “I purposely don’t have any apps installed on my phone, especially no photo editing apps. The only game I have is Peak, which is a brain exercise app.”
“I choose not to view Instagram as a real representation of my life,” she explained further. “Although my voice is influential, I am cautious and selective in how I use it.”
“In terms of my personal life, if someone sees me enjoying a glass of wine, it doesn’t bother me at all. I have no desire to conceal anything,” she emphasized.
“This is my life, and I’m living it on my own terms.
“At the same time, I make a conscious effort to prioritize spending quality time with my friends whenever possible.

More details: That includes her birth date, coordinates and symbols that are important in her life, it was said. Her birthday, 7.22.92, is written on the leg

According to reports, the details of Selena’s life, such as her birth date, coordinates, and meaningful symbols, have been included in her latest film. Her date of birth, July 22, 1992, is specifically mentioned in the scene. The upcoming movie, titled The Dead Don’t Die, is directed by Jim Jarmusch and features Selena Gomez in the role of Zoe, a character who finds herself fighting for survival when the town is overrun by zombies. This comedy-horror film not only tackles the issue of climate change denial but also highlights the dangers of a society obsessed with material possessions. One amusing scene shows the undead zombies searching for a Wi-Fi connection with their smartphones in hand. The Dead Don’t Die is set to be released in the UK on July 19 and has been nominated for several awards at the festival, including the esteemed Palme D’Or award, which is the highest recognition given at the event.

The belle of Cannes: Photographers went mad for the former Disney star whose personal life is heavily followed

The stunning sensation of Cannes: Photographers went crazy for the ex-Disney sensation whose every move is closely followed

Selena Gomez flaunted her well-toned abs as she modeled the second collection of Puma, showcasing “my heart, my birthday, my tattoo, my identity.”

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