Selena Gomez radiates vitality and joy while filming her latest movie following the disclosure of a concealed kidney transplant during her struggle with Lupus

In a surprising turn of events, Selena Gomez has stunned her fans by sharing the news of an undisclosed kidney transplant she underwent during the summer to aid her ongoing battle with Lupus. Despite the recent revelation, the courageous singer appeared upbeat and in good health as she went about her business on the set of her upcoming movie in New York City. Sporting a beaming smile, Selena was seen strolling alongside her co-star Timothee Chalamet, casually enjoying a cup of coffee.

Back to work: Brave Selena Gomez was pictured on the set of her new movie in New York City on Thursday as news of her secret kidney transplant broke

Return to the job: Fearless Selena Gomez was captured in photos while filming her latest film in the bustling streets of New York City. Coincidentally, this occurred on the same day when reports about her undisclosed kidney transplant began to circulate.

Happy and healthy: The singer, 25, was smiling from ear-to-ear as she wandered around with her co-star Timothee Chalamet while sipping on a cup of coffee

In high spirits and in good health, the 25-year-old vocalist radiated happiness as she strolled around with her co-star Timothee Chalamet, enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee. Selena opted for a casual look, pairing skinny jeans with a simple white t-shirt, complemented by lace-up running shoes. Her luscious brunette hair was pulled back, revealing her beautiful face.

Engaged in an upcoming project by Woody Allen, the actress was tight-lipped about the details regarding the film. As Allen is known for his secretive nature, very little is known about his latest creation, aside from the notable cast members.

Aside from Selena and Timothee, the talented Elle Fanning will also showcase her acting skills in the untitled project, making it the third collaboration between Allen and Amazon Studios.

Just hours prior to her public appearance, the singer shared an unexpected revelation of having undergone a kidney transplant during the summer in her ongoing battle against Lupus. The star faced hardships earlier this year as well when she was reportedly hospitalized in May due to kidney failure while she was in Chicago supporting her boyfriend, The Weeknd, who kindly stayed by her side throughout the ordeal.

Candid: Selena Gomez earlier revealed she underwent the surgery after receiving a donor kidney from her best friend Francia Raisa (left)

Informal: The famous person showed up not long after they opened up about having a private kidney surgery during the summer to support their battle against Lupus.

Detailing her story: The singer, 25, shared three photographs alongside her emotional statement, including one of her from her hospital bed and another of her surgical scar

Providing a glimpse into her journey, the vocalist accompanied her heartfelt message with a series of three images. One photo captured her while she was resting in a hospital bed, while another showcased her post-surgery scar.

'She gave me the ultimate gift': Selena paid tribute to her friend Francia Raisa and said she felt 'incredibly blessed', as her pal had been the one to donate her kidney

‘Selena expressed her gratitude and admiration for her friend Francia Raisa, who selflessly donated a kidney to her. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Selena referred to Francia as her sister and thanked her for the ultimate gift and sacrifice. She acknowledged feeling incredibly blessed and professed her love for Francia.

Accompanying the heartwarming message, Selena shared a photo of herself and Francia lying side by side in the hospital, their hands tightly clasped. Additionally, she posted two other pictures, one of which showed her surgical scar.

Selena then addressed her fans’ concerns about her absence and lack of promotion for her new music during the summer. In an emotional statement, the former Disney star explained that she was aware of her fans’ observations but needed to focus on her health and recovery. Despite being proud of her new music, Selena prioritized her well-being during that time.’

Back in action: Selena was dressed casually in skinny jeans and a simple white tee, teamed with lace-up running shoes

Ready to go: Selena sported a laid-back outfit, rocking a pair of narrow-fit jeans and a plain white t-shirt, effortlessly matched with trendy lace-up sneakers.

Working hard: The star wore her brunette locks tied back from her pretty face as she strolled around the Manhattan set with her co-star

Putting in the effort: The actress sported a stylish updo, pulling back her beautiful brunette hair, as she casually walked around the bustling New York City filming location alongside her fellow actor.

Under wraps: The actress was working on an as-yet-untitled Woody Allen project. Notoriously secretive about his work, little is known about Allen's latest project apart from the stars

Keeping it a secret: The actress was engaged in a Woody Allen project that is yet to be named. Known for his tight-lipped nature, Allen has managed to keep the details of his upcoming project under wraps, leaving little information available besides the cast members.

Out and about: Selena seemed happy and animated as she chatted to members of the crew

Out and about: Selena seemed happy and animated as she chatted to members of the crew

During a casual conversation, Selena appeared joyful and full of life as she engaged in conversation with the crew members. She revealed that she had recently discovered the need for a kidney transplant due to her battle with Lupus and was currently in the process of recovery. Selena expressed her eagerness to share her journey of the past few months with her fans, something she had always wanted to do. In the meantime, she expressed deep gratitude towards her family, her remarkable team of doctors, and her dear friend Francia Raisa, struggling to find the right words to convey her appreciation for their unwavering support both before and after the surgery took place.

Recovery: Selena looked a picture of health and happiness as she strolled around the set, evidently pleased to be getting back into the swing of things after a difficult summer

Recovery: Selena appeared radiant and content as she casually wandered about the film set, clearly relishing the opportunity to ease back into work following a challenging summer period.

Plenty to smile about: The talented starlet has had a busy few days; attending numerous New York Fashion Week events, before getting back to work on the set of her new movie

Plenty to smile about: The talented starlet has had a busy few days; attending numerous New York Fashion Week events, before getting back to work on the set of her new movie

Lots of reasons to be happy: The gifted actress has had a whirlwind couple of days, making appearances at various New York Fashion Week festivities, before resuming her duties on the film set of her latest project.

Happy go lucky: Selena shared a joke with her co-star as they enjoyed a refreshment break

In a carefree manner, Selena cheerfully exchanged a comical anecdote with her fellow actor while luxuriating in a relaxing pause for refreshments.

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