“Selena Gomez rocks a chic and sassy look in a printed mini-dress at Louis Vuitton’s PFW event, showing off her toned legs with style”

As one of the last celebrities to arrive in Paris for fashion week, Selena Gomez certainly didn’t disappoint with her eye-catching outfit as she headed to the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2015 show on Wednesday morning. The 22-year-old singer looked stylish and confident in a cute patterned dress and a sleek leather jacket, proving that she could hold her own among the fashionable crowd. Check out the video below for a closer look at her stunning ensemble.

High-fashion star: Selena Gomez cut a stylish figure as she arrived at the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2015 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday

Selena Gomez made a fashion statement as she attended the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2015 show in Paris. The pop star showed off her toned legs in a short dress adorned with an intricate design in white, purple, and yellow shades. A black leather belt was casually draped around her waist, while a high neckline gave a nod to the 1970s fashion trend. To keep warm, Selena wore a mid-length leather coat with a soft white wool lining on the inside and cuffs, adding a touch of luxury to her overall outfit.

Easy breezy: The singing superstar was in great spirits in Paris, although she was caught out by the blustery wind

The singing sensation was in a jolly mood in Paris, despite being taken aback by the gusty winds.

Leggy lady: The 22-year-old flaunted her shapely legs in a printed mini-dress, while wearing patent black ankle boots on her feet to add some height

Tall woman: The young adult proudly showed off her well-shaped legs in a mini-dress with an eye-catching print. To further enhance her height, she paired the outfit with black patent ankle boots.

Cosy cover-up: The stylish singer opted for a mid-length black leather jacket with added white woolly details down the hemline and on the cuffs

The fashionable vocalist chose a chic black leather jacket that falls just below the waist, featuring white cozy accents on the cuffs and along the bottom.

Perfect poise: The star has clearly nailed the art of posing for photos with her lean pins carefully crossed over each other

The celebrity has flawlessly mastered the art of posing for photographs with her slender legs crossed elegantly over one another. Along with her stunning outfit, she paired it with black patent ankle boots and a yellow Louis Vuitton box clutch firmly grasped in her hand. Her long brown locks were styled in luxurious curls, parted in the middle, highlighting her youthful and attractive face as she made her way to the high-profile event on the last day of Paris Fashion Week. Despite missing the preceding eight days of shows, the gorgeous young lady had just arrived in the French capital the night before.

Retro chic: There was a definite nostalgic and 1970s vibe to her ensemble, the jacket and patterned dress in particular adding to the aesthetic

Vintage charm: Her outfit exuded a charming sense of nostalgia, with a distinct 70s essence. The combination of the jacket and patterned dress further enhanced the retro aesthetic.

Big day: Selena looked raring to go ahead of the fashionable event

Selena appeared enthusiastic and ready to take on the stylish occasion.

Strong pins: As she made her way into the star-studded fashion show, Selena revealed her impressively shapely and lithe calves

Strong pins: As she made her way into the star-studded fashion show, Selena revealed her impressively shapely and lithe calves

As Selena strutted her way into the glamorous fashion show, all eyes were on her well-defined and toned calves.

Making their arrival: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also turned up for the Louis Vuitton show on Wednesday, although Kim suffered a fashion fail in her odd black ruffled ensemble

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made an appearance at the Louis Vuitton show on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Kim experienced a fashion mishap in her unusual black ruffled outfit.

Star-studded show: The fashionable likes of Natalia Vodianova (left) and Jennifer Connelly (right) also arrived with their fantastic legs on show in the early spring sunshine

The event was full of famous faces including Natalia Vodianova and Jennifer Connelly who flaunted their fabulous legs in the warm spring weather.

Fresh face: Chloe Grace Moretz looked youthful in her 1970s-inspired outfit as she turned up to the PFW presentation

Chloe Grace Moretz showed off a youthful appearance with her outfit inspired by the 1970s during the PFW presentation. Her fresh face accentuated her overall look.

What a pair! Selena and Chloe's stylish ensembles complemented each other perfectly

What a match! Selena and Chloe rocked their fashionable outfits that blended seamlessly with each other.

When at Louis Vuitton...: Both of the young ladies carried LV-emblazoned bags with them

While at Louis Vuitton, the two girls were sporting LV-branded bags. Although she had stayed in the US to celebrate International Women’s Day with her friend Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez was thrilled to be among the fashion royalty. The event also boasted the presence of famous personalities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who had been in the spotlight recently. Despite just coming off a long overnight flight, Selena looked fresh and ready for her first Paris Fashion Week show.

Pretty print: As she sat on the front row inside the building, Selena revealed more of her attractive dress, complete with red and blue patterned sleeves

Sitting at the forefront of the venue, Selena showcased her stunning outfit, featuring sleeves with intricate patterns in shades of red and blue.

Showbiz friendly show: She sat next to Chloe and actress Dianna Agron to watch the ready-to-wear runway

A fashion show with a star-studded audience drew in famous faces like Selena and her friend Chloe, as well as Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Williams, Natalia Vodianova, and Chloe Grace Moretz. Selena even got to sit next to Chloe and actress Dianna Agron during the ready-to-wear runway event. Outside the show, Selena took a snap with Chloe before joining her on the front row. Over the weekend, Selena shared a quirky photo of herself with close friend Taylor, who was lounging back on the singer. In the caption, Selena remarked on Taylor’s outfit, calling it “fluffy” due to her white fur coat.

Feeling happy! As Selena exited the show, she couldn't wipe the huge grin off her face, clearly thrilled with the fashions she had just witnessed

Selena was beaming with joy as she left the fashion show. She was absolutely delighted with the amazing styles she had just seen and couldn’t stop smiling.

Get her out: Selena made her swift exit from the venue after the show, surrounded by bodyguards

Let her go: Selena left the venue quickly with her security guards after the performance.

Long-haul star: On Monday night (left) Selena departed the US for her flight to Paris, and arrived on Tuesday (right)

The long-distance queen, Selena, embarked on her journey from the US to Paris on Monday evening (as seen on the left). After donning a different outfit, she landed in the City of Love on Tuesday (as shown on the right).

'She's so fluffy' Selena joked about Taylor Swift's fuzzy white fur coat in this Instagram snap she shared on Sunday

In a recent Instagram post shared by Selena, she made a playful comment about Taylor Swift’s soft and fuzzy white fur coat, saying “She’s so fluffy!”

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