“Selena Gomez rocks a chic coffee run look with high-waist jeans, crop top, and designer Emilio Pucci handbag”

Jennifer Pearson’s article, published on April 21, 2014, discusses Selena Gomez’s fashion choices while getting coffee at a Starbucks in Los Angeles. Despite the attention on her on-again relationship with Justin Bieber, Gomez’s unique style stands out. She paired high-waisted blue jeans with a black crop top and accessorized with an attractive orange designer handbag.

Orange appeal: Selena Gomez made a dazzling fashion statement as she headed to Starbucks in LA on Monday thanks in part to that $1,500 Emilio Pucci handbag

Selena Gomez rocked a lively style when she went to Starbucks in LA on Monday, flaunting her $1,500 Emilio Pucci handbag. The handbag added a touch of vibrancy, which Selena wore with confidence while carrying it on her arm. Her awesome outfit didn’t stop with the handbag alone; Selena completed her look by wearing black open-toe booties with stiletto heels and a denim jacket draped over one shoulder. Interestingly, she half-wore the denim jacket.

Need a perk: The 21-year-old Come & Get It singer sipped an icy coffee beverage that probably put her in a happier mood

Looking for a boost: The young and talented 21-year-old singer of Come & Get It was spotted enjoying a refreshing and chilled coffee drink. It’s safe to assume that this beverage helped lift her spirits and put her in a cheerful mood.

Can do no wrong: The aspiring designer certainly knows how to put together the accessories with the outfit as she showed during her outing

Can do no wrong: The aspiring designer certainly knows how to put together the accessories with the outfit as she showed during her outing

The up-and-coming designer has a knack for pairing accessories perfectly with her outfits, as demonstrated during her recent outing. She seems to have a natural talent for creating stylish ensembles.

Minor adjustment: Selena, who was accompanied by a girlfriend, fiddled with her fashionable sunglasses

Selena, having her friend by her side, played with her trendy shades while strolling down the street. She gracefully walked, taking extra care not to spill her cold drink on her outfit. Recently, she was seen at Coachella Music Festival with Justin Bieber, and a photo of them snuggling together made the rounds. Bieber even appeared unexpectedly on stage with Chance The Rapper during the event.

Killer heels: The Spring Breakers star walked daintily in her chic and lacy booties that had very high heels

Stylish footwear: The actor from Spring Breakers elegantly strutted in her fashionable lace-up boots that featured elevated heels.

Warming trend: Selena started a new trend by wearing her denim jacket half on, half off

Trending fashion: Selena Gomez set a new fashion trend by sporting a denim jacket with one sleeve on and the other off. Later, she attended a party with her partner, staying close and enjoying the music. Over the weekend, Selena was spotted donning lovely, bohemian-inspired outfits along with her pals Kylie and Kendall Jenner, among others, having a blast.

Fun weekend: The brunette star had just come off an exciting weekend at Coachella Music Festival where she was seen canoodling with on-again beau Justin Bieber

Exciting weekend: The dark-haired celebrity recently had a blast at the Coachella Music Festival, where she was spotted being affectionate with her on-again partner, Justin Bieber.

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