Selena Gomez shows off her style in a chic crop top and shorts while ringing in her 21st birthday with an epic house party captured in a lively video.

Happy birthday to me! Selena Gomez celebrated her 21st birthday on Monday by debuting her new music video 'Birthday' with her fans

I had an amazing birthday! Selena Gomez made her 21st birthday unforgettable by premiering her latest music video, ‘Birthday,’ exclusively for her beloved fans on YouTube.

Party time: In the clip, Selena is seen enjoying a house party with friends

It’s time to party: Selena can be spotted having a blast at a cozy house gathering, surrounded by her friends.

All grown up: With her hair coiffed in soft waves and scarlet lipstick applied to her lips, Selena looks all grown up

Matured and sophisticated: Selena appears more mature with her hair styled in gentle waves and a bold shade of crimson lipstick accentuating her lips.

Looking good: Selena shows off her toned figure in a cropped top and tiny shorts

Looking fabulous: Selena flaunts her well-toned physique in a stylishly shortened top paired with trendy little shorts.

For her fans: Selena debuted the new video on Monday and accompanied the clip with a message for her fans

Selena delighted her devoted fans by premiering her latest music video on Monday, adding a heartfelt message exclusively for them along with the release.

Finally! It seems that Selena has been eager to turn 21 for a while, as at the end of the song she is heard saying, 'Finally'

Finally! It appears that Selena has been eagerly anticipating her 21st birthday for quite some time, because in the closing lines of the song, she exclaims with excitement, ‘Finally!’

Having a ball: Selena pals wear tiaras and blow horns as they party alongside the pop star

Having a blast: Selena’s friends don tiaras and cheer loudly as they celebrate together with the renowned pop sensation.

Single lady: Selena revealed over the weekend that she is NOT dating Justin Bieber

Unattached woman: Selena recently shared that she is not currently in a romantic relationship with Justin Bieber.

Just me and the gals: And she is seen partying with her gal pals in her new video clip

Just me and my gal pals: Catch a glimpse of her enjoying a fun-filled night with her closest friends in her latest music video.

Kisses: Selena blows a kiss to her fans at the end of the clip

Smooches: Towards the end of the video, Selena playfully sends a kiss to her devoted fans.

Rowdy: The party scene was filmed at a home in Los Angeles

Rowdy: The filming for the party scene took place in a Los Angeles residence.

Devilish: Selena celebrated her 21st at Julianne Hough's 25th birthday bash at the Roosevelt hotel with Lily Collins on Saturday night

Mischievous: Selena joined the lively festivities at Julianne Hough’s 25th birthday extravaganza, held at the iconic Roosevelt hotel. Accompanied by the lovely Lily Collins, she celebrated her own 21st birthday in style on Saturday night.

Moving out: On Sunday night Selena told Ryan Seacrest that she was finally ready to move out of home

Relocating: Selena revealed to Ryan Seacrest on Sunday evening that she had reached a point where she felt prepared to embark on the journey of moving away from her parental home.

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