“Selena Gomez slays in chic striped trousers and a sheer blouse during an NYC fashion outing”

Selena Gomez is juggling her campaign for her latest single alongside keeping up with her impeccable style. Despite a late night in New York City on Wednesday, the singer made a striking entrance as she returned to her hotel after dining at Beauty & Essex restaurant. Sporting fashion-forward striped trousers, the 23-year-old added a touch of sophistication by slicking on a bold red lipstick and pinning back her hair. Watch the video below to see Selena’s effortless style.

Sophisticated: Selena Gomez was seen out late in New York City on Thursday, showing off her style credentials in striped trousers and a blouse

Simpler: On Thursday night, Selena Gomez was spotted in New York City dressed in stylish striped pants and a smart shirt. She looked great in her dainty sandals and simple pedicure. Even though she was stopped by fans, she was polite enough to pause and take photos with them. Selena’s outfit emphasized her petite frame, with red diagonal stripes on her trousers that complemented her plain blouse. Her semi-sheer top gave a subtle sexy touch, revealing hints of her lace undergarments.

Elegant: She strutted on dainty black sandals, which set off her striped trousers

Chic: With a confident stride, she flaunted her striped trousers perfectly complemented by her delicate black sandals.

Polite: The popular singer obliged as she was stopped by a fan outside the NYC hotel

Friendly: Selena Gomez kindly stopped to greet a fan outside a hotel in New York City. Despite putting on a polite smile, she appeared somewhat subdued compared to her earlier cheerful demeanor. The talented artist was spotted refueling at a Starbucks in SoHo, seemingly making multiple stops throughout the city. She looked stunning in a grey knitted crop top which showcased her toned midriff and a black pleated skirt that accentuated her slender legs. Additionally, her latest single is currently making its way up the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

And off she goes: No doubt the actress and singer was heading off to get some much-needed beauty sleep

With a wave goodbye, the multi-talented artist was surely on her way to catch up on some well-deserved rest.

Elevated: She elevated her petite frame on tall stilettos

Soho long Selena: She was spotted out and about in the trendy area of New York on Wednesday night

Selena bids farewell to Soho: She was sighted wandering around the fashionable Soho district during the wee hours.

She just wants to look good for you! Selena Gomez seemed to take her own lyrics to heart during her New York outing on Wednesday

During her outing in New York on Wednesday, Selena appeared to take her own lyrics to heart – “she just wants to look good for you!” The singer left her glossy brunette hair loose and complemented her look with a pair of black mules, trendy sunglasses, and a slick of red lipstick. Just one day earlier, Selena made her latest debut with rapper A$AP, who added a few verses for the song’s remix. Over the years, Selena has transformed her image from her once youthful appearance to a more daring and risque style, which can be seen in her latest music videos.

Flashing the flesh: The singer showed off her flat stomach and slender legs as she grabbed coffee

Flashing the flesh: The singer showed off her flat stomach and slender legs as she grabbed coffee

Exhibiting her physique: The vocalist flaunted her toned abs and lean limbs while she got herself a cup of coffee.

Stylish starlet: Selena looked gorgeous as usual in a grey long-sleeved crop top with a black pleated skirt and matching mules

Selena Gomez, the stylish actress, looked breathtaking as always in a grey crop top with long sleeves paired with a black pleated skirt and matching mules. In the updated video, the singer, Fashion Killa, appeared in front of a green screen with Selena’s face on a sofa, rapping alongside her. Selena’s song, Good For You, has been nominated for one of 12 categories for this year’s MTV VMA’s. Despite her busy schedule, the actress is still accepting new projects, such as joining season nine of The Voice as a guest coach for Gwen Stefani’s team. The show is set to premiere on NBC on September 21.

Finishing touches: The 23-year-old also sported some trendy sunglasses and a slick of red lipstick

Final details: In addition to that, the young lady of 23 years old adorned some stylish shades and a dash of bold red lipstick.

Friendly: Selena happily greeted her adoring hands as she left a Soho Starbucks with a coffee in hand

In a joyful manner, Selena warmly acknowledged her loving fans while exiting a Starbucks located in the trendy Soho district with a cup of coffee in her possession.

Star power: She posted to Instagram on Wednesday with a new link and bio showcasing A$AP Rocky's appearance in the remixed music video

Selena Gomez recently revealed on Instagram that A$AP Rocky will be making an appearance in the remixed music video of her upcoming single “Same Old Love.” The music video was shot last Saturday and is part of her second album Revival, which is scheduled for release on October 9. Selena explained that she came up with the album title while she was in Mexico and noted how the songs are fresh, different, funky, cool, and sensual. She’s excited for everyone to hear it.

'Can't say no to Gwen': Selena commented on accepting her role as guest judge alongside Gwen Stefani for season nine of The Voice

Selena expressed that she couldn’t resist Gwen’s offer when asked to join her as a guest judge for the ninth season of The Voice.

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