Selena Gomez Stuns in a Corset at the American Music Awards, Marking a Much-Awaited Return to the Stage After a Two-Year Hiatus and Opening Up about the Damaging Effects of Body Shaming

Selena Gomez delighted her fans with a highly anticipated return to the stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday evening. This marked her first live television performance in a span of two years. Although a few nerves were evident at times, the 27-year-old artist kicked off the show with fervor, showcasing her impeccable dance skills while belting out her latest tracks, Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now.

In a bold move, Selena surprised the audience with a striking costume change, swapping her elegant black dress for a captivating, snug corset adorned with glimmering sequins. This display of confidence came just days after the star candidly discussed the damaging impact of body shaming on her well-being.

Triumphant: Selena Gomez makes her comeback in a corset at AMAs... after admitting body shaming 'messed me up'

Celebratory: Selena Gomez graces the AMAs stage in a stunning corset, marking her triumphant return to the spotlight, as she courageously opens up about the detrimental impact of body shaming on her well-being.

Impressive: While the nerves showed at times, the 27-year-old opened the show with passion, performing an intense choreographed dance routine while singing her new songs Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now

Impressively, despite occasional moments of nervousness, the young woman, aged 27, kicked off the spectacle with utmost fervor. She mesmerized the audience with a captivating combination of a well-choreographed dance routine and her soulful rendition of her latest tracks, Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now.

Quick change: Selena had a daring onstage costume change, switching her black dress for a tight sparkling corset

Swift transformation: Selena pulled off a bold and captivating costume swap under the spotlight, effortlessly trading her elegant black gown for a snug and radiant corset adorned with dazzling sparkles.

She's back! The show opened to Selena singing while wearing a black gown

Guess who’s made a glorious return? Selena took center stage as the curtains lifted, enthralling the audience with her mesmerizing vocals, clad in an elegant ebony ensemble.

Sleek Selena: Selena opened the AMA's with her first TV performance in two years

Sleek Selena: Selena opened the AMA's with her first TV performance in two years

Stylish Selena: Selena kicked off the AMA’s with her first live TV show in two years. Her famous friends, such as long-time companion Taylor Swift and new bestie Halsey, joyously sang and danced along with her performance. Prior to her outstanding performance, Selena exuded confidence and beauty on the red carpet. Sporting a neon lime green mini-dress paired with matching pumps, she graciously stopped to take selfies with adoring fans. To complete her look, Selena wore her hair down in a chic bob style and adorned her neck with a layered diamond choker.

Loving every moment: Her celebrity pals lapped up the show, with Selena's longterm BFF Taylor Swift and new bestie Halsey dancing along and singing to her performance

Enjoying every minute: Selena’s famous friends thoroughly enjoyed the show, as her longtime BFF Taylor Swift and newly formed bestie Halsey happily danced and sang along to her incredible performance.

Selena's army: They stood front row and danced along to the performance

Selena’s devoted soldiers: Positioned at the forefront, they joyously grooved along with the live show.

Selena's look: Selena Gomez cuts an elegant figure in her black gown

Selena's look: Selena Gomez cuts an elegant figure in her black gown

Selena’s style: Selena Gomez gracefully dazzles in her exquisite black dress.

No shame: Just weeks after revealing fans body shaming 'messed me up,' Selena Gomez looked confident and radiant on the American Music Awards red carpet

No embarrassment: Selena Gomez, who recently opened up about how body shaming affected her, looked confident and stunning at the American Music Awards. Following her performance, Gomez took to Instagram to share a collection of backstage pictures from the event, one of which showcased her new thigh tattoo. Although not visible on the red carpet, the tattoo could be seen partially peeking out from underneath her stage outfit. The tattoo depicted a pair of praying hands with a rosary wrapped around them, and Gomez gave a shoutout to the New York City tattoo shop Bang Bang Tattoo in her post.

Tattoo: After her performance Gomez took to Instagram to share a collage of behind-the-scenes photos from the AMAs, including one that revealed a new thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Following her stellar performance, Gomez took to Instagram and graciously treated her fans with an enchanting collection of behind-the-scenes snapshots from the AMAs. Among this delightful array, was a captivating image that unveiled a brand-new thigh tattoo adorning the singer’s beautiful body.

New ink: While the new ink wasn't visible on the red carpet, it was seen partially peeking out from under her one-piece outfit when she changed costumes on stage

Fresh tattoo: Although the fresh tattoo remained concealed during her appearance on the red carpet, it managed to make a subtle appearance under her one-piece ensemble when she underwent a costume change onstage.

Selfies: She also took the time to pose for selfies with fans who were waiting to see their favorite stars walk the red carpet

Selfie Time: In addition, she made sure to capture some precious moments with her supporters by happily posing for selfies with the excited crowd anxiously awaiting their beloved celebrities to grace the red carpet.

Selena's look: Gomez was wearing a neon lime green mini-dress that left little to the imagination, with a pair of matching neon lime green pumps

Neon green: She wore her hair down in a bob style, with a layered diamond choker at her neck

Selena Gomez sported a vibrant, eye-catching neon lime green mini-dress, accentuated by a matching pair of pumps. This fashion choice made quite a statement, leaving little to the imagination. Just days before this appearance, Selena spoke up about her experiences with being body-shamed on the Giving Back Generation podcast. She opened up about her battle with lupus, which began in 2015, and how it has led to various health issues. These struggles have made her more aware of societal pressures regarding body image. The singer-actress also revealed that the medication she must take for the rest of her life has contributed to fluctuations in her weight, which can vary even from month to month.

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Messed up: Her appearance comes just days after her appearance on the Giving Back Generation podcast, where she admitted being body-shamed by fans 'messed' her up

Jumbled: Just a few days after her guest appearance on the Giving Back Generation podcast, she recently disclosed that being subjected to body-shaming by her supporters had a detrimental impact on her well-being.

Lupus: Gomez was diagnosed with lupus in 2015, with the singer and actress revealing that she now deals with, 'a lot of health issues, and for me that's when I really started noticing more of the body image stuff'

In 2015, Gomez received a diagnosis of lupus, a condition that has brought various health issues into her life. These challenges have also made her more aware of body image concerns. She recounts how people started attacking her for gaining weight, which was simply a result of fluctuating body changes due to the ups and downs of her life. Although she has come to terms with this reality, the negative comments from others affected her deeply for a period of time. Reflecting on this experience, Gomez now prioritizes her own well-being and chooses not to expose herself to the judgments of others.

Truth: 'So for me, I really noticed when people started attacking me for [gaining weight]. And in reality, that's just my truth. I fluctuate. It depends what's happening in my life,' Gomez said

Authenticity: ‘Honestly, what struck me the most was when individuals began criticizing me for my weight gain. But you know what? That’s just the truth of my own journey. I have my ups and downs, like anyone else. It all relies on the circumstances unfolding in my life,’ expressed Gomez.

Messed up: Still, while she has accepted her truth, others' comments, 'got to me big time' and, 'That really messed me up for a bit'

Jumbled: However, even though she has come to terms with her own reality, the negative remarks from others really affected her emotions and mindset for a while. It was a tough period to go through.

In the previous month, Gomez unveiled Lose You to Love Me, the lead track from her upcoming album, which has yet to be named. Without waiting long, she also released her second single, Look At Her Now, the following day. Lose You to Love Me quickly soared to the top of the charts.

Fans can expect the release of her new album on January 10, 2020. Additionally, Gomez lends her voice to the character Betsy in the forthcoming movie Dolittle, a blend of live-action and CGI, hitting theaters on January 17, 2020.

Lead single: Last month, Gomez released Lose You to Love Me, the lead single from her upcoming third studio album, which is still untitled

First single: Gomez recently dropped Lose You to Love Me, the initial track from her forthcoming third studio album, the title of which is yet to be revealed.

New album: Her second single, Look At Her Now, was released the next day, with Lose You to Love Me topping the singles charts earlier this month

Fresh Record: On the following day, she dropped her latest track, Look At Her Now, as the second single from her new album. This release comes after Lose You to Love Me’s successful run at the top of the singles charts earlier this month.

Album and film: The new album is slated to be released January 10, 2020, and she is voicing Betsy in the upcoming live-action/CGI hybrid movie Dolittle, in theaters January 17, 2020

Music and movie: Selena Gomez’s highly anticipated album is set to drop on January 10, 2020, while fans can also catch her lending her voice to the character of Betsy in the exciting live-action/CGI combination film Dolittle, hitting theaters on January 17, 2020.

Victory: Selena Gomez makes a comeback in a stunning corset at the AMAs… following her admission of body image insecurities that have made her feel self-conscious.

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