Selena Gomez stuns in a vibrant pink crochet dress adorned with meticulously hand-embroidered blossoms at the star-studded 2023 Billboard Music Awards

Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning in a gorgeous pink gown adorned with hand-embroidered flowers, designed by Oscar de la Renta, as she accepted her well-deserved 2023 Billboard Music Award.
During her acceptance speech for the best Afrobeats category, the talented 31-year-old artist took a moment to express her immense gratitude towards her loyal fans and her collaborator, Rema.
In a heartfelt pre-recorded message that was released prior to the show, the two-time Grammy nominee couldn’t contain her excitement, saying, “Hi Billboard! I want to thank you all so, so, so much for this incredible award. But honestly, this is all thanks to REMA!”
Selena also took the opportunity to talk about her experience working with Rema on their hit track, “Calm Down.” The actress, known for her role in “Only Murders in the Building,” credited the talented 23-year-old Nigerian rapper for choosing her to be a part of such an extraordinary song.

Stunning: Selena Gomez looked breathtaking in a pink cut-out crochet gown, from Oscar de la Renta, covered with hand-embroidered flowers while accepting her 2023 Billboard Music Award

Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning as she graced the stage at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. Dressed in a mesmerizing pink cut-out crochet gown by Oscar de la Renta, adorned with intricate hand-embroidered flowers, she captivated the audience. Accepting her award, Selena expressed her gratitude, thanking everyone for streaming and listening to her music. She even wished she could be there in person to celebrate with her fans.

In the recording, Selena’s joy was evident as she proudly held up her trophy. Her sleek high ponytail and glamorous makeup highlighted her natural beauty, adding to her charm and allure. Additionally, Selena’s collaboration with Rema also received nominations in four other categories, including Top Radio Song, Top Collaboration, Top Billboard Global 200 Song, and Top Billboard Global 200 Song.

While Taylor Swift emerged as a major winner with an impressive collection of 10 golden microphones, including the highly coveted Top Artist award, she was overshadowed by the controversial country star, Morgan Wallen, who took home 11 awards. Taylor did triumph over Wallen in the prestigious category of Top Artist, surpassing notable artists such as Drake, Luke Combs, and SZA.

Taylor’s achievements did not stop there as she also secured the titles of Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Billboard Global 200 Artist, Top Billboard Global (excluding US) Artist, Top Country Female Artist, and Top Selling Song for her hit “Anti-Hero.” With a total of 10 wins, Taylor matched Drake’s record as the most decorated artist in the history of the Billboard Music Awards.

In a recent teaser, Selena Gomez revealed that her upcoming album will not feature any sad songs. Fans can anticipate a different musical journey, filled with uplifting and positive vibes.

Beaming: While accepting the prize for best Afrobeats category on Sunday, the 31-year-old Disney Channel alum expressed her immense gratitude to her fans and collaborator, Rema

Radiant with joy, the 31-year-old former Disney Channel star couldn’t contain her excitement as she was awarded the coveted prize for the best Afrobeats category. During her acceptance speech on Sunday, she wholeheartedly thanked her dedicated fans and expressed deep appreciation for her collaborator, Rema.

'Hi Billboard, thank you guys so so so much for this award,' the two-time Grammy nominee gushed in a pre-taped speech, released ahead of the show. 'This is honestly REMA's doing!'

“Hey there, Billboard! I just wanted to express my immense gratitude for receiving this incredible award. It means the world to me. I must say, I owe it all to my amazing fans, REMA. Their unwavering support has been the driving force behind my success. Thank you once again!”

Grateful: While speaking about working with Rema, on their hit track, Calm Down, the Only Murders in the Building actress credited the Nigerian rapper, 23, for choosing her 'to be a part of such an incredible song'

Appreciative: When discussing her collaboration with Rema on their popular track “Calm Down,” the actress from “Only Murders in the Building” expressed her gratitude towards the Nigerian rapper for selecting her to be part of such an extraordinary song. In an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1, she clarified that her appreciation does not imply that she disregards the meaningfulness of pop songs. Even those with a catchy tune can still convey emotions. However, she confessed that she no longer possesses the inclination to write anything negative as it doesn’t align with her current state of mind.

During the conversation, she playfully mentioned that while she used to enjoy creating and listening to melancholic music, she decided to explore different musical avenues for her latest album. Explaining her shift in direction, the singer noted that she had endured a challenging period in her life, filled with emotional turmoil. Overcoming those obstacles required considerable effort, which involved therapy and surrounding herself with positive influences. This transformative experience prompted her to question her identity, though she acknowledged that she is still in the process of discovering who she truly is.

Despite not having everything thoroughly figured out, Gomez pondered on having a better understanding of the complicated aspects of her personality, humorously referring to herself as a “hot mess.”

Impressive: Gomez and Rema song also received nods in four other categories, including Top Radio Song, Top Collaboration, Top Billboard Global 200 Song and Top Billboard Global 200 Song (seen in October 2023)

Impressively, the song by Gomez and Rema was also recognized in four other categories, including Top Radio Song, Top Collaboration, Top Billboard Global 200 Song, and Top Billboard Global 200 Song (seen in October 2023).

During the same interview, Selena Gomez openly discussed her love life and expressed her openness to finding a special someone, while also acknowledging her contentment as a single woman.

She expressed that everyone goes through the phase of wanting to have a partner, but she is currently enjoying her own company. She emphasized the importance of being happy with oneself so that when the right person comes along, they can complement her rather than adding to her insecurities.

In the past, Selena has been in relationships with Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, and The Weeknd. However, for anyone interested in dating her, she values someone who is “cool” in their demeanor.

By “cool,” she doesn’t mean someone who is seen as cool by society’s standards. Rather, she emphasizes the importance of kindness, a sense of humor, and being good to her family and those around them.

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