Selena Gomez stuns in fiery red as she reveals a glimpse of her toned midriff after conquering another challenging Pilates session

Since her return from the mental health facility, she has remained dedicated to her workout routine. Selena Gomez was seen heading to the gym for a Pilates session on Saturday morning. The 26-year-old star looked determined as she arrived at the Los Angeles facility, sporting a stunning Puma outfit from her own collection.

Workout done! Selena Gomez looked red hot following a sweaty pilates session in Los Angeles on Saturday morning

Selena Gomez rocked a fiery look after completing her intense pilates workout in the bustling city of Los Angeles over the weekend. Embracing a trendy and comfortable style, Selena chose a stunning burgundy ensemble for her exercise session. The outfit included an oversized T-shirt worth $50 and a pair of panel tights priced at $80. Displaying her enviable figure, the Back To You singer turned heads with her toned midriff and slender legs. To add a fashionable touch, she sported a pair of round reflective sunglasses, effortlessly enhancing her overall appearance. Arriving at the studio with her dark shoulder-length hair tied up, Selena exuded confidence and style.

Stunner: Selena opted for the burgundy colored set consisting of a $50 oversized T-shirt and $80 pair of panel tights

Stunning Choice: Selena decided to go for a burgundy-hued ensemble, selecting a comfortable yet stylish combination of a generously sized T-shirt priced at $50, paired with a fashionable set of panel tights priced at $80.

Ready to sweat: Selena appeared to be makeup free and focused on the workout ahead

Best tressed: She appeared to be pulling her hair into a ponytail

Prepared to perspire: Selena looked like she was embracing her natural beauty, completely free of any makeup, as she directed her attention solely towards the fabulous workout that awaited her.

Fit! The Back To You singer's ensemble drew attention to her toned midriff and lean legs

Looking great! Selena Gomez, the talented singer behind “Back To You,” flaunted her well-toned abs and slender legs in her outfit, catching everyone’s eye. Sporting a makeup-free look, Selena seemed completely focused on her upcoming workout. After the session, she was spotted with a flushed face but in a cheerful mood, engaging in conversations with her fellow classmates. This marks only the second time this week that Selena has been spotted attending a Pilates studio, clearly committed to her fitness routine.

Sweater weather: Afterwards traded her workout attire for a grey Balenciaga turtleneck and cuffed jeans

Sweater season: Later on, she switched out her exercise clothes for a cozy, grey turtleneck from Balenciaga and rolled up her jeans.

Details: Handsome suede loafers tied things together along with hoop earrings

Description: Beautiful suede loafers completed the overall look, complemented by stylish hoop earrings. Later on, she changed outfits to have lunch with her friends. She replaced her workout clothes with a sophisticated gray Balenciaga turtleneck and rolled-up jeans. To maintain consistency, she continued to wear the same round sunglasses that she had been seen wearing around town recently.

Friendly: Following the session she appeared red faced but in high spirits as she chatted to members in her class

Informal: After the class, she had a flushed face but was in a cheerful mood as she engaged in conversation with her classmates.

Workout glow: The Disney alum looked healthy and happy post-workout

Parched: Keeping hydrated, she carried a bottle of Fiji water

Radiant and rejuvenated, the former Disney star appeared exuding a vibrant aura of health and happiness following a vigorous workout session.

Focusing on her health: It's been nearly three months since Selena reportedly checked herself into a clinic for her mental health

Taking care of her well-being: It has been close to three months since Selena supposedly admitted herself to a facility to seek help for her mental health. This choice stemmed from challenges that arose from her struggle with Lupus, which eventually led to a kidney transplant, as reported by E!. It seems that her time in rehab has had a positive impact on her, as she has been spotted enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and tubing with her friends in the weeks following her departure from the treatment center.

Personal: Her decision followed from issues that arose from her battle with Lupus, which resulted in a kidney transplant, according to E!

According to E!, she made her choice after encountering complications stemming from her fight against Lupus, which ultimately led her to undergo a kidney transplant.

Doing good: It appears that her time in rehab did her well, as Selena has been seen hiking and tubing with friends over the past few weeks since leaving the treatment facility

Looking great: Selena’s recent activities prove that her stint at rehab was truly beneficial. Ever since completing her treatment, she has been enjoying the great outdoors, going on hikes and tubing adventures with her close friends.

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