Selena Gomez Throws Dreamy Pajama Themed Birthday Celebration for Bestie Nicola Peltz featuring Culinary Delights by Boyfriend Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez organized a cozy pajama party to celebrate her best friend Nicola Peltz’s 29th birthday, and her boyfriend Benny Blanco contributed by preparing delicious food for the occasion. The 31-year-old former Disney channel actress, who recently attended a delightful Rare Beauty event, appeared in various joyful photos and videos shared by Peltz on her Instagram account. Peltz, who is happily married to Brooklyn Beckham, posted a series of pictures capturing memorable moments from the party. In the caption, she expressed her gratitude for the wonderful and kind people in her life. Peltz’s best friends surprised her with a PJ night and everyone enjoyed playing games, which was a dream come true for her. Lastly, she thanked all her friends for making her feel loved and extended a special thanks to Benny for preparing the most amazing food and to Selena for hosting the party.

Selena Gomez, 31, hosted a pajama party for her BFF Nicola Peltz's 29th birthday and her boyfriend Benny Blanco also assisted by making 'the best food' for the festivities

Selena Gomez, aged 31, organized a fun-filled slumber party to celebrate her best friend Nicola Peltz’s 29th birthday bash. To make the event even more special, Selena’s boyfriend, Benny Blanco, showed off his culinary skills by preparing a scrumptious spread of delicious food for everyone to enjoy.

The former Disney channel actress appeared in an assortment of lighthearted snaps and clips shared by Peltz onto her main Instagram account

The actress who is best known for her past involvement with Disney channel made an appearance in a collection of cheerful photos and videos shared by Peltz on her primary Instagram profile.
In one photo, the stunning actress could be seen posing playfully with Gomez and her younger sister, Gracie.
All three of them wore matching pajamas while standing in what seemed to be a spacious kitchen.
Another picture captured Peltz holding pink balloons outside, while skillfully balancing numerous gifts in her left arm.
Selena’s sibling also joined the frame and flashed a peace sign towards the camera with her fingers.
The actress added a group photo of all the guests, where her husband Brooklyn was prominently positioned in the front, accompanied by Benny Blanco who showed a peace sign on one side.
Additionally, The Only Murders in the Building star was also spotted standing close to Beckham as she quickly posed while puckering her lips.
Nicola and a few of her close friends gathered together to capture a shot, proudly displaying their matching pajamas for the memorable celebration.
Furthermore, she tantalized her fans and followers by sharing a glimpse of the birthday cake, which showcased an image of herself on top, embellished with delicious sugary icing.

The Holidate star - who is currently married to Brooklyn Beckham - uploaded a photo series that had captured special moments from the party

The Holidate actress, currently in a marriage with Brooklyn Beckham, shared a delightful collection of photographs capturing cherished moments from the celebration.

The actress also included a group photo of all the attendees, and her husband Brooklyn could be seen at the very front, with Benny Blanco on one side holding up a peace sign and Selena also striking a pose

In a delightful gesture, the actress shared a delightful snapshot capturing all the guests at the event. Taking center stage in the photograph was her husband Brooklyn, with the ever-charismatic Benny Blanco flashing a peace sign next to him. Not to be outdone, Selena exuded confidence as she struck a fabulous pose alongside them.

Nicola and a few other of her close pals gathered together for a picture as they all showed off the matching pajamas for the memorable festivities

Nicola and her closest friends came together to capture a moment in their matching pajamas, adding a touch of excitement to the special celebration.

She also gave her fans and followers a glimpse of the birthday cake which had an image of herself on top and bordered by tasty, sugary icing

In addition, she treated her adoring fans and loyal followers to a sneak peek of her birthday cake. The delectable confection showcased a delightful image of the charismatic star gracing its surface, encircled by a luscious frosting that would surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

Nicola also had a blast while taking a selfie with Gracie, who held a big smile on her face

Nicola had a great time while posing for a selfie with Gracie, who had a wide smile on her face.
Additionally, she shared a photo where two retainers formed a heart shape.
Later, Nicola took to her Instagram stories and uploaded a short reel of the guests singing ‘Happy Birthday’.
Her husband, Brooklyn, appeared in the video alongside her, while Selena took charge of lighting the candles on the cake.
Nicola added pink lettering in her post, expressing her love for her friends and admitting her awkwardness.
Although the exact date of the birthday celebration is unknown, Nicola officially turned 29 on January 9th.
She also reposted another video to her stories, capturing an intimate birthday dinner with a small group of friends.
In the video, she blew out candles on a cake, showcasing her stylish outfit with a fluffy coat and a sleek ponytail.

Lastly, the star added a picture that was taken to show two retainers nearly making the shape of a heart

Lastly, the superstar included a photograph which captured the unique moment when two retainers were positioned in such a way that they resembled the outline of a heart.

She later took to her Instagram stories to upload a short reel as the guests sang her 'Happy Birthday'

Her husband, Brooklyn, stood next to her in the clip while Selena took on the task of lighting the candles on the cake

Afterwards, she decided to share a brief video on her Instagram stories, capturing the moment when her friends serenaded her with the classic birthday tune, “Happy Birthday.”

Peltz also added the text in pink lettering, 'i love you guys so much' as well as 'omg I'm so awkward' towards the bottom

Peltz further embellished the content with a touch of uniqueness by incorporating pink lettering and expressing affection with the words, ‘i love you guys so much.’ Adding a playful twist, they also admitted to feeling a bit awkward, exclaiming, ‘omg I’m so awkward.’

She also reposted another video to her stories that was taken on a separate night while enjoying an intimate birthday dinner with a few friends

The star was filmed blowing out candles on a cake and put on a stylish display in a fuzzy coat while her locks were slicked back into a chic ponytail

She also shared another video on her Instagram stories, which was recorded on a different night when she was having an intimate birthday dinner with a few friends. The birthday post came shortly after Selena decided to take a break from social media following the viral drama involving Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the Golden Globes. On Tuesday, she made a post on her Instagram stories addressing her fans, expressing that she would be taking a break from social media to focus on more important things. However, she returned after just 24 hours with a cooking video featuring Gordon Ramsay. Selena previously tried to shut down rumors that she had been gossiping about Chalamet and Jenner with her friend Taylor Swift. In a social media post, she clarified that she had only told Taylor about two other friends who had hooked up, stating that it was nobody’s business. Despite all the drama, the singer and actress has been keeping busy during awards season and recently showcased her fashionable sense at the AFI Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills. She wore a black pin-striped top with a belted waist and matching trousers. To complete the look, she added an unbuttoned pin-striped blazer and a pair of black closed-toed heels.

The singer and actress previously attempted to shut down the speculation that she was gossiping to pal Taylor Swift about Chalamet and Jenner

The singer and actress has made efforts to dismiss the rumors suggesting that she was gabbing with her friend Taylor Swift about Chalamet and Jenner.

The Single Soon hitmaker has been keeping busy amid the awards season, and recently showed off her chic sense of style at the AFI Awards Luncheon at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Friday

The artist famous for her chart-topping track “Single Soon” has been occupied with the ongoing awards season. Just recently, she flaunted her impeccable fashion taste at the AFI Awards Luncheon, held at the luxurious Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last Friday.

Nicola has also made a milestone by making her directorial debut with the upcoming drama titled, Lola - which is slated to be released next month on February 9; seen in December 2022 in L.A.

Nicola has achieved a significant milestone by stepping into the directorial role for the first time in her career. Her debut film, titled “Lola,” is set to hit theaters on February 9, marking an exciting moment for her. In December 2022, Nicola was spotted in L.A., where she had the opportunity to meet and mingle with her co-stars from “Only Murders In The Building,” including Steve Martin, Martin Short, and the legendary Meryl Streep.

Not only did Nicola direct “Lola,” but she also took on the leading role in the film and wrote the screenplay. This project was a labor of love that took nearly six years to complete. The storyline, according to IMDB, revolves around Lola James, who is determined to rescue her younger brother, Arlo, from their toxic living situation. However, tragedy strikes one fateful night, turning their world upside down. From that moment on, everything changes for them both.

Meanwhile, celebrating her best friend Nicola Peltz’s 29th birthday, Selena Gomez organized a fun-filled pajama party. To make the occasion even more special, Nicola’s boyfriend, Benny Blanco, lent his culinary skills and created the most delicious dishes for the gathering. It was a joyful celebration of friendship and love.

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