Selena Gomez’s Laid-Back Style Shines in Santa Monica with High-Waisted Denim and AC/DC Tee

Selena Gomez, the talented singer and actress, has been embracing her rock ā€˜nā€™ roll persona lately, and she continued to do so on a casual outing with friends in Santa Monica, California. The 26-year-old artist effortlessly paired a black AC/DC t-shirt with high-waisted blue jeans as she made her way into town.

Rocker: Selena Gomez stayed true to form on Sunday as she headed to out with friends in Santa Monica, California

Rockstar Vibes: Selena Gomez stays effortlessly cool and true to her style while stepping out with friends in the sunny Santa Monica, California. Embracing the distressed denim trend, her jeans feature frayed bottoms that give off a rebellious vibe. To elevate her height, she pairs them with sleek rectangular black heels.

Selena’s luscious dark locks cascade in relaxed waves, framing her face in an effortlessly chic way. A delicate cross necklace adorns her neck, adding a touch of spirituality to her ensemble. Not one to shy away from bold accessories, she complements her look with oversized hoop earrings that command attention, and a thick black belt that cinches her waist, channeling retro flair.

Adding a touch of softness to her overall look, the “Bad Liar” singer opts for a subtle splash of color. Her lips are adorned with a gentle pink hue, perfectly complemented by a hint of blush on her cheeks. Selena exudes a cool and confident aura as she effortlessly puts her own unique spin on the classic rockstar style.

Glowing: The 26-year-old multi-hyphenate tucked a black AC/DC t-shirt into high-waisted blue jeans as she headed into town

Radiant: The talented individual, aged 26, effortlessly pulled off a cool look by tucking a stylish black AC/DC t-shirt into a pair of trendy high-waisted blue jeans while making her way into town.

Weekend out: Her denim was ripped and frayed at the bottom and she added a couple inches with rectangular black heels

Weekend Getaway: The bottom of her jeans had a cool distressed and worn-out look, giving off a relaxed vibe. To elevate her style, she wore rectangular black heels that added a few extra inches.

Summer fun: Selena's dark tresses tumbled in relaxed waves across her shoulders as she wore a necklace with a cross on it

Enjoying the Summer: Selena’s luscious dark hair cascaded in effortless waves down her shoulders while adorning a cross necklace. On Sunday, she was spotted heading to church where she warmly embraced a dear friend. Even though she donned the same outfit, she had a stylish grey coat draped over her shoulders, prepared for any potential chill within the sanctuary. Lately, the actress has sought solace in her faith as she navigates through the challenging aftermath of her friend Demi Lovato’s reported overdose.

Keeping the faith: At another point on Sunday, Selena was seen heading to church and stopped to embrace a friend

Maintaining her spiritual devotion: On another occasion, Selena was spotted making her way to a place of worship and took a moment to warmly embrace a close companion.

Hug it out: She wore the same ensemble but had a grey coat thrown around her, just in case it got cold inside the sanctuary

Give her a warm embrace: Although she was dressed in the same outfit, she had a gray coat draped over her shoulders, just in case the air in the sanctuary turned chilly.
The alleged drug overdose of Lovato has been a subject she has chosen to remain silent about in public, but rumors suggest that the news has deeply affected the star.
In an interview with People magazine, an anonymous source disclosed that these two have consistently supported each other despite the ups and downs of their friendship.
“I am certain she is extremely upset,” the source shared. “They have known each other since childhood and have always been there for one another, no matter the distance between them or the status of their relationship.”

Close to the vet: She has publicly stayed quiet about Lovato's alleged drug overdose, but it has been claimed the star is shaken by the news

In close proximity to the veterinarian: While not publicly addressing Lovato’s purported drug overdose, there are reports suggesting that the celebrity is deeply affected by the distressing incident.

Insider: Speaking to People magazine, an insider revealed that the duo have always been there for each other regardless of where their friendship stands

According to a source close to the situation, the two individuals have consistently supported one another, regardless of the state of their friendship. The news of Demi’s alleged drug overdose initially broke on TMZ. Officials informed the outlet that she was brought to a hospital in Los Angeles and administered Narcan, a medication utilized to counteract opioid overdoses. Initial reports suggested that Demi may have overdosed on heroin, but TMZ later clarified that her team did not provide any information to the first responders regarding the specific substance(s) she had consumed.

Close: 'I'm sure she's very upset,' they said. 'They've been friends since they were kids and have always been there for each other whether they've been close or not'

They expressed their belief that she must be deeply distraught. They emphasized the longevity of their friendship, which had endured since childhood, and highlighted their consistent support for one another, regardless of their level of intimacy at any given time.

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