“Selena Gomez’s Solo Lunch in Black: Amid Reports of Blocking Justin Bieber’s Number”

Selena Gomez was spotted in Los Angeles wearing black attire while getting lunch alone, despite reports of a miscarriage in 2012 being denied by her representative. Despite the hot weather, the singer and actress wore a sombre all-black outfit while picking up her take-out order. It has also been reported that Selena has blocked all communication with Justin Bieber, her on/off boyfriend.

Somber: Selena Gomez wears an all black ensemble while grabbing lunch alone in Los Angeles on Thursday

Serious: Selena Gomez was seen in Los Angeles on Thursday wearing an all-black outfit while having lunch alone. Despite the hot weather in Southern California, she donned a sleeveless black top and loose-fitting harem pants with a white graphic print. Completing the look were her ankle strap animal print heels. Selena had her ombré hair styled in a partial ponytail with the sides left to hang down. With minimal makeup, she wore oversized sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun and held onto her cellphone. HollywoodLife reports that one contact missing from her phone is Justin Bieber’s.

Independent woman: The 21-year-old wore a sleeveless black top and matching harem-style pants for her solo meal

A self-assured lady: She, who was 21 years old, opted for a black top without sleeves and paired it with harem trousers of the same color for her solitary dining experience.

No more communication: A report has surfaced claiming the singer has 'blocked Justin Bieber's number'

According to a report, the singer Selena Gomez has allegedly blocked Justin Bieber’s number and is not communicating with him through social media. The reason behind this move is stated to be Justin’s reluctance to commit to their relationship and his alleged infidelity. Selena has decided to move on and forget about him. However, the source suggests that there might be one way for Justin to win her back.

Denial: Her rep said rumours that Selena had a miscarriage in 2012 are '100% fictional'

Denial: Her rep said rumours that Selena had a miscarriage in 2012 are '100% fictional'

Selena’s representative has denied the rumors regarding Selena’s alleged miscarriage in 2012, stating that they are completely untrue and fabricated.

Head down: According to HollywoodLife, Selena is 'done with letting him get away with cheating on her'

Selena Gomez is reportedly fed up with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s cheating ways, according to HollywoodLife. The actress and singer has allegedly had enough of his infidelity and is standing up for herself. Recently, there were reports that Selena had a miscarriage in 2012 while she was dating Justin, but her representative denied the claims. Although the couple hasn’t been seen together since April, Justin has been seen spending time with model Yovanna Ventura.


The love story of these youngsters has been quite tumultuous, with them being in an on-again-off-again relationship. Their latest public appearance was at Coachella in April, captured in a photo from happier times way back in 2011.

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