Settling into Cozy Bliss! A Sneak Peek into Emily Ratajkowski’s Charming $2 MILLION Residence in Los Angeles – A Haven for the Newlyweds.

Emily Ratajkowski and her recently wedded husband have finally discovered their own charming abode, a three-bedroom house located in Los Angeles that required a substantial sum of $2 million. Following their intimate courthouse ceremony in New York City, where Emily, 26, uttered the sacred words ‘I do’ to film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, 31, the couple has now secured a place to call home. As reported by Trulia, Emily has chosen a residence in the trendy Echo Park neighborhood of LA. This lovely dwelling spans an impressive 1,650 square feet, boasting not only three bedrooms but also three bathrooms, providing ample space for the newlyweds should they choose to embark on the journey of starting a family.

Love shack! Emily Ratajkowski and her new husband just bought their first home together

Love Nest! Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski and her newly-wedded partner have just made their inaugural plunge into the real estate world and purchased their very own love nest.

Chill: The $2 million house is in Los Angeles' hipster neighborhood, Echo Park

Relax: Nestled in the cool and trendy neighborhood of Echo Park, Los Angeles, you’ll find a stunning residence worth a whopping $2 million.

Cozy: It's 1,650 square feet and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms

Comfortable: This charming home spans over 1,650 square feet, offering ample space with three cozy bedrooms and three convenient bathrooms.

Homey: There is a 'custom kitchen' and a fireplace in the living room

Cozy: The living room boasts a warm fireplace, while the kitchen is tailored to fit your personal preferences.

Surprice! Emily, 26, married Sebastian Bear-McClard, 31, in February in New York City

Surprise! Emily, who is 26 years old, got married to Sebastian Bear-McClard, who is 31 years old, in February in New York City. Their wedding took place in a beautiful Mid-Century estate that was originally built in 1946 but has been completely renovated since then. The estate is tucked away behind a gated double lot at the end of a cul-de-sac, offering them plenty of privacy. Inside the estate, the living room boasts a stunning 15-foot brick fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere. The house also features a custom kitchen and provides scenic views of the surrounding woods. Additionally, there is a separate cottage on the property that is connected to the main house by an open breezeway. Outside, they have a private wrap-around garden, a hot tub, a gas fire pit, and a lovely succulent garden. Emily recently spoke out against those who doubted her marriage because of its quickness. She and Sebastian had only been together for a few months before tying the knot, and Emily had previously ended another engagement. However, she believes that people often dismiss women’s choices and don’t take them seriously, especially when those choices don’t adhere to societal norms surrounding marriage. When it came to her wedding, Emily opted for a nontraditional approach. Instead of wearing a white dress, she chose to wear a yellow Zara suit. She explained that she never liked the idea of wearing white because she doesn’t see herself as someone who fits the traditional mold of a pure woman. She views herself as a woman with character and a wealth of life experiences. She also loved the idea of wearing a suit for her City Hall wedding because it felt like she was taking care of business. Originally, she considered wearing red, but ultimately fell in love with a mustard yellow suit and knew it was the perfect choice for her.

Redecorating? Pictures show the inside of the cozy home before it was purchased

Planning a home makeover? Take a peek inside this snug abode with a series of captivating images capturing its interior, all taken before the current owners acquired it.

Celebs only! It is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, so the couple will have plenty of privacy

Exclusive to celebrities only! This extraordinary abode is nestled at the ultimate spot, right at the terminus of a tranquil cul-de-sac. The fortunate couple inhabiting this haven will relish an abundance of seclusion and tranquility.

One with nature: The house also has a wraparound porch and a yard

Embracing the beauty of nature: The dwelling also features an encompassing veranda and a spacious garden area.

The house includes a separate cottage that is connected to the main house by an open breezeway

The property features a charming standalone cottage that is conveniently linked to the main house through a delightful open breezeway.

Expanding? The couple has ample space to embark on their journey of parenthood.

Yard: Outside is a hot tub, a gas fire pit, and a succulent garden.

Outdoor area: The yard boasts a delightful combination of amenities including a luxurious hot tub, a cozy gas fire pit, and a charming succulent garden.

MYOB! Emily recently spoke out about doubters who criticized her marriage, saying that women's decisions are constantly written off 

Pay Attention! Emily recently shared her thoughts on individuals who questioned her marriage, stating that society often dismisses women’s choices.

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