Sizzling in Style: Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in a Figure-Hugging White Dress at Prestigious Horse Racing Championships

Saturday was the concluding day of the 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Championships at Santa Anita Park, and it attracted a multitude of famous faces. One stand-out attendee was none other than Emily Ratajkowski, who effortlessly stole the spotlight. The 25-year-old arrived in Arcadia, California donning a dazzling white mini-dress that accentuated her enviable legs as she gracefully made her way along the lavender carpet. For a glimpse of her show-stopping appearance, check out the video below.

Showstopper: On Saturday, Emily Ratajkowski walked the lavender carpet at the second and final day of the 2-16 Breeders' Cup World Championships

Highlight: Emily Ratajkowski stole the spotlight at the 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Championships on Saturday. Opting for a relaxed look, she gathered most of her hair in a simple updo, allowing the remaining strands to flow freely. Complementing her turtlenecked, short-sleeved dress with nude stilettos, she added a stylish twist by painting her fingernails and toenails in a bold black hue. Elizabeth Banks also added a contemporary touch to her attire, which could have easily belonged to a fashion ensemble at the Ascot Racecourse in the 1950s.

A bit of a schlep: The horse races took place at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California

A bit of a schlep: The horse races took place at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California

A little bit of a hassle: The equestrian competitions occurred at the splendid Santa Anita Park situated in the vibrant city of Arcadia, California.

Simple elegance: The 25-year-old paired a tight white mini-dress with a pair of nude stilettos

Effortless sophistication: The young woman, who is 25 years old, combined a form-fitting white mini-dress with a pair of neutral-colored high heels.
On the other hand, the 42-year-old woman’s black top appeared ordinary from the front, but revealed a daring backless design when she turned around.
She accessorized with a black veil made of netting, gracefully hanging from a headpiece that resembled a cluster of berries and leaves.
Completing her ensemble was a pleated dress adorned with images inspired by a vibrant garden landscape, artfully scattered across a pristine white background. Accompanying this attire were black stilettos, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

Retro chic: Elizabeth Banks added a few modern touches to a throwback outfit

Retro chic: Elizabeth Banks added a few modern touches to a throwback outfit

Vintage vibes: Elizabeth Banks effortlessly blended old-school charm with contemporary flair

Lady bountiful: A black netted veil dangled from a headpiece that was designed to resemble an ample clump of berries and leaves

The lady of abundance: A dark, lacy veil hung delicately from a headdress crafted to imitate a generous cluster of berries and leaves.

Reveal: When the 42-year-old turned, her dress turned out to be backless

Surprise revelation: As the 42-year-old woman turned around, her dress unexpectedly showcased her bare back, adding an element of allure to her look.
Taylor Lautner chose to leave a few buttons undone on his white dress shirt, accentuating his well-defined physique. To add a pop of color, he paired it with a purple belt adorned with playful pink stitching, elegantly cinched around his silver trousers.
Meanwhile, Wilmer Valderrama exuded charm in his sky blue button-down shirt, casually allowing it to hang untucked over his black trousers. To elevate his style, he topped off his ensemble with a midnight blue blazer, impeccably complementing his outfit with a sleek pair of black dress shoes featuring wood soles.

Bombshell: Taylor Launter dropped by in a white dress shirt that framed his toned physique

Shocking revelation: Taylor Launter arrived wearing a crisp white button-up shirt that accentuated his perfectly sculpted body.

A dashing figure: Wilmer Valderrama wore a midnight blue blazer over a sky blue shirt

A dashing figure: Wilmer Valderrama wore a midnight blue blazer over a sky blue shirt

A fashionable sight to behold: Wilmer Valderrama rocked a sleek midnight blue blazer paired with a refreshing sky blue shirt.
Susan Sarandon flaunted her impeccable style, donning an elegant white blouse boasting a distinctive large collar that gracefully showcased her d├ęcolletage.
Adding a touch of edginess to her ensemble, the 70-year-old actress effortlessly sported a black bomber jacket featuring a unique blend of leather and fabric.
Enhancing her vibrant look, Susan adorned her fiery red curls with chic pink-framed cat-eye sunglasses, while accentuating her still-toned legs with a pair of form-fitting black trousers.

That winning smile: Susan Sarandon complemented her curly red hair with a pair of orange-rimmed cat-eye sunglasses

Sashaying with confidence, Susan Sarandon effortlessly showcased her vibrant, curly red locks, effortlessly enhancing her look with the addition of fabulous cat-eye sunglasses rimmed with an eye-catching orange hue.

Still got it: The 70-year-old's white top bared a good deal of her cleavage

Still got it: The 70-year-old's white top bared a good deal of her cleavage

Keeping it up: The septuagenarian sported a revealing white top, showcasing her ample cleavage. Kevin Dillon donned a stylish blazer adorned in various shades of blue, complemented by a powder blue dress shirt. His charcoal slacks flowed effortlessly into his pine green shoes.
Standing beside him was the enigmatic blonde, who has been spotted with him on numerous occasions, as reported by It remains uncertain whether he has officially divorced Jane Stuart, his wife since 2006.
Meanwhile, his new companion adorned herself in a sheer blue robe adorned with wave patterns, gracefully paired with a white sleeveless miniskirt and nude high heels.

Old-school: Camilla Belle wore a string of pearls over her lacy purple floral dress

Camilla Belle showcased her elegant style as she adorned a stunning lacy purple floral dress. Her wavy brown locks cascaded gracefully over the high neckline of her pink dress, which was intricately patterned with delicate floral lace. To complete her ensemble, Camilla carried a beige purse that perfectly matched her beige ankle-strap stilettos. A timeless string of pearls graced her neck, adding a touch of sophistication.

Meanwhile, Mark Duplass exuded a casual yet polished look. He rolled up the sleeves of his sky blue dress shirt, maintaining a hint of formality by neatly tucking it in. A navy and gold tie served as a subtle accent to his ensemble. Opting for navy trousers as his bottomwear, Mark effortlessly pulled off a stylish and comfortable outfit. Beside him, his wife Kate Aselton flaunted her enviable physique by wearing a tight orange top that left her flat midriff exposed.

The new lady: Kevin Dillon arrived with the woman he's been seen out with on multiple occasions this year

Introducing the unfamiliar face: Accompanied by a mysterious lady, Kevin Dillon made an entrance, sparking curiosity as they have often been spotted together this year.

Happy couple: Mark Duplass beamed alongisde his wife Katie Aselton

A joyful pair: Mark Duplass stood alongside his wife Katie Aselton in their stylish attire. Katie’s skirt was elegantly tailored to accentuate her toned legs, adorned with vibrant orange and pink designs. She completed her ensemble with a stunning gold clutch. Meanwhile, Allison Janney sported a unique top featuring a captivating fusion of blue and gold patterns on an off-white backdrop, flawlessly tucked into ankle-length, hot pink slacks. Standing next to her, Philip Joncas exuded timeless fashion with a Prussian blue top hat adorning his head and a striking zaffre pocket square perfectly complementing his blue and pale gold tartan suit jacket.

Pretty in pink: Allison Janney wore a blue, gold and off-white top over hot pink slacks

Allison Janney rocked a vibrant ensemble, pairing her hot pink slacks with a stunning top featuring shades of blue, gold, and off-white.

Dapper Dan: The Juno actress posed for photos with her boyfriend Philip Joncas

Dapper Dan: The talented star of Juno captured snapshots alongside her beloved partner, Philip Joncas.

Ever the trio: Boyz II Men turned up to the lavender carpet in identical tuxedos

Always sticking together, Boyz II Men made quite the appearance on the lavender carpet, donning matching tuxedos. Their stylish ensemble included a midnight blue tie to match their trousers and even a faded purple dress shirt. Completing their look, they sported black sunglasses with lenses of different shapes. Once the lavender carpet affair was over, the famous attendees mingled and socialized with one another at the main event.

Happy reunion: The Thelma   Louise star seemed pleased to see the The Hunger Games actress

Delightful reunion: The beloved Thelma Louise actress appeared genuinely happy at the sight of the talented The Hunger Games star.

Back together: The pair both won 2016 Glamour magazine Women Of The Year Awards

Reunited: Both individuals were honored with the prestigious Women Of The Year Awards by Glamour magazine in 2016.

Matching smiles: The 40-Year-Old Virgin actress also stood for photos with Ratajkowski

Smiling in harmony: The renowned actress from “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” also posed for pictures with the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski. Susan Sarandon appeared especially delighted when she unexpectedly bumped into Elizabeth Banks, her counterpart in Glamour magazine’s 2016 Women of the Year. The two women warmly hugged each other before capturing the moment in a shared photograph. Notably, Mrs. Max Handleman’s fashionable camel-colored clutch shimmered under the bright lights. At a certain point, these two marvelous ladies posed alongside Ratajkowski and Belle, radiating joy and emitting dazzling smiles.

Old-fashioned glamour: The woman in the veil and the woman in a string of pearls also stood for the cameras beside one another

Vintage elegance: A mysterious veiled lady and a pearl-adorned woman gracefully posed side by side, capturing the attention of the cameras.

Quartet: (from right) Ratajkowski, Sarandon, Banks and Belle all hobnobbed together

Quartet: This enjoyable gathering brought together Ratajkowski, Sarandon, Banks, and Belle as they mingled and connected.

Beauties in blue: The That '70s Show actor cosied up to Constance Zimmer for a photo

Gorgeous ladies in blue: The actor from That ’70s Show found himself in a cozy photo with Constance Zimmer. Another picture captured the Seabiscuit star, who had returned to the track, alongside the actress from Back To The Secret Garden. Later in the event, Valderrama slipped off his blazer, revealing a fitted shirt with darker blue sleeves that accentuated his slender physique. He also took the time to mingle, even while wearing the jacket, and posed with Constance Zimmer, who had adorned a beige top hat with a stylish black ribbon.

Feeling the heat: He'd removed his jacket by the time he stood for the cameras with the Gone Girl actress

Experiencing the scorching temperatures, he had already taken off his jacket when he joined the Gone Girl actress in front of the cameras.

Bombshell: His dress shirt was perfectly tailored to frame his svelte figure

Surprise: His well-fitted dress shirt accentuated his slim physique flawlessly.

Proud display: The Juno actress held up a horse trophy marked 'BREEDERS' CUP CHAMPION'

Proudly showcasing her accomplishment, the renowned actress from Juno proudly raised a majestic horse trophy engraved with the words ‘BREEDERS’ CUP CHAMPION’. She was clad in an elegant dress that resembled a cozy dressing gown, adorned with delicate pink flowers against a vibrant zaffre backdrop. To complete her sophisticated ensemble, she opted for pearl grey stilettos, while trendy shades delicately dangled from her neckline. Alongside her, the actress struck a pose with Ratajkowski, placing a hand gently on her waist, capturing the attention of eager photographers. Janney herself appeared to have reached triumphant heights, as she exuded joy while cradling a horse-shaped trophy placed on a luxurious green marble pedestal, showcasing the engraved words ‘BREEDERS’ CUP CHAMPION’.

When you got it: The We Are Your Friends star's dress showcased her vertiginous legs

When she appeared, the actress in We Are Your Friends flaunted her dress that beautifully accentuated her incredibly long legs.

Ready for her close-up: Emily shared a sexy selfie while getting ready earlier that day

Prepped and preened: Emily flaunted her allure with a captivating self-portrait taken during her prepping routine earlier in the day.

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