Splashing Vibrant Hues Across Manhattan: Emily Ratajkowski sizzles in a NYC fashion shoot, flaunting her décolletage and mile-long legs in a daring minidress.

With a physique that is considered one of the finest in the modeling industry, it would be a disservice for her to conceal herself, particularly during the scorching summer season. In the heart of New York City’s iconic Central Park, she effortlessly flaunted her alluring features – showcasing her sculpted chest and toned legs – while donning an exquisite floral print dress in a striking shade of red. The renowned actress, known for her role in the film Gone Girl, graciously posed for the renowned fashion powerhouse, Express, during this captivating photo shoot experience.

Red hot in the city: Emily Ratajkowski showed off her chest and legs in a pretty floral print red dress when modeling for Express in New York City's Central Park on Thursday

Looking sizzling in the urban jungle, the stunning Emily Ratajkowski flaunted her toned physique, revealing both her alluring décolletage and shapely legs. The focal point of her ensemble was a delightful red dress adorned with a vibrant floral print. With effortless charm, Emily posed as she worked her magic for Express, capturing the attention of onlookers in the iconic Central Park of New York City, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Ready for her closeup: The tanned and toned catwalker also wore a pair of strappy red heels that displayed a professional pedicure. Her hair was tied up in a messy knot, but her makeup was impeccable

Prepared for her close-up: The sun-kissed and fit runway model flaunted a pair of stylish red heels that showcased a professionally done pedicure. Despite her hair being effortlessly tied up, her makeup was flawlessly applied.
During her outing, the attractive individual was spotted smiling while sitting on the rim of the magnificent fountain near the Boat House, extending her legs.
Then, she sat up straight, attentively examining something in her hand.

Cute for the colder weather: Ratajkowski was also seen in a black-and-white striped sweater with a black miniskirt and high-heeled buckled boots in suede

Perfect for the chilly temperatures, Ratajkowski recently sported a charming ensemble consisting of a stylish black-and-white striped sweater paired with a chic black miniskirt. Completing her winter look were her trendy high-heeled buckled boots made of luxurious suede material.

Ready for school? And Emily also added a clever backpack with silver zippers on each side as she walked up a flight of concrete stairs

Ready to start the day at school? Emily made a stylish entrance, sporting a backpack with shiny silver zippers on both sides as she climbed a set of concrete stairs. In another outing, Ratajkowski turned heads in a black-and-white striped sweater, paired with a black miniskirt and high-heeled buckled boots made of suede. This outfit was a stark contrast to her recent attention-grabbing nude photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, where she channeled the iconic Lady Godiva by posing on a horse. Not only is she enjoying her time in the city, but she also spent a day out with her boyfriend, Jeff Magid. The couple caught a matinee performance of the popular Broadway show, Hamilton.

At play: The brunette beauty seems to be having some fun in the city as well as on Wednesday she was seen with boyfriend Jeff Magid after catching a matinee performance of the hit Broadway show Hamilton

Having a great time: The attractive brunette was seen enjoying herself in the city, along with her boyfriend Jeff Magid. On Wednesday, they were spotted together after watching a matinee performance of the popular Broadway show Hamilton. Emily looked effortlessly stylish in a sleeveless tan blouse and cute blue Daisy duke shorts. Meanwhile, Jeff looked sharp in his white t-shirt, slate blue coat, grey trousers, and white fedora. As they walked through the bustling Times Square, Jeff affectionately put his arm around Emily. The couple has been in a relationship since late 2014. Emily rose to stardom in 2013 when she appeared in the music video for the mega-hit song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams.

Social media secrets: Emily shared her social media secrets in a YouTube video

Unveiling the Mysteries of Social Media: Emily Discloses Her Insider Tips on YouTube

Natural look: The model and actress suggested having a makeup team help out with morning selfies

Effortless appearance: The model and actress proposed enlisting the assistance of a professional makeup crew for flawless morning selfies.

On vacation: Emily said the goal on social media is to always be on vacation

During an interview, Emily revealed that her ultimate goal on social media is to always give off vacation vibes. She has been making a transition into the acting world, starting with a supporting role in the 2014 drama Gone Girl alongside Ben Affleck, which was an adaptation of a popular book. In 2015, she made a cameo appearance in the comedy film Entourage and took on a leading role in the drama We Are Your Friends, where she worked alongside Zac Efron. Fans can look forward to seeing Emily in the upcoming Robert D. Siegel drama Cruise, set to release later this year. Additionally, she has been cast in the thrilling movie In Darkness, where she will be acting alongside Natalie Dormer and Ed Skrein. In a recent article by Refinery29, it was mentioned that Emily has returned as the face of Express for their latest reinvention of the Edition line. She modeled a range of stylish leather jackets, lace camisoles, and flowing blouses, which became available in stores and online on Thursday. As if her talents weren’t already impressive, Emily also showcased her acting skills in a clever tutorial on how to boost one’s social media presence, adding more charm to her already captivating personality.

Faking it: The model showed how to fake being on a tropical beach

Pretending it: The supermodel demonstrated a clever way to pretend being at a tropical beach during a fashion photoshoot in New York, showcasing her chest and legs in a breezy short dress, Emily Ratajkowski steals the spotlight with a vibrant red apple-shaped blush.

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