“Stunning Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her toned abs in hubby’s underwear for an epic selfie”

On Thursday, Emily Ratajkowski posted a breathtaking photo on her social media account. The famous Vogue model sported a beautiful grey crop top made by Inamorata Woman, a brand she has been representing this year. In addition to that, the 27-year-old actress from “I Feel Pretty” also posed in her hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard’s grey underwear.

Selfie time: Emily Ratajkowski shared a stunning photo to social media on Thursday. The Vogue model was wearing just a grey crop top by Inamorata Woman, a line she has become the face of this year

Emily Ratajkowski surprised her fans by sharing an amazing photo on social media. The Vogue model was seen wearing a grey crop top from the Inamorata Woman line, which she has endorsed this year. Emily was standing in front of a bathroom mirror, holding up her red cell phone while brushing her teeth. She had messy hair and makeup on, with a few pieces of jewelry such as a wedding ring, a pinkie ring, and a watch. Emily tied the knot with Bear, an actor from NYC who is best known for his role in the movie Good Time, last year, which took everyone by surprise. The caption on her image read, ‘Although I launched @inamoratawoman body, I still love to steal my husband’s briefs.’

TMI? The caption on her image said, 'Launched @inamoratawoman body but still stealing my husband's briefs.'

Is it Too Much Information? The message accompanying her picture stated, ‘Although I’ve launched @inamoratawoman’s line of bodysuits, I’m still fond of sneaking my husband’s underwear.’ Her daring pictures for Inamorata raised eyebrows. Several provocative snapshots of the seductress in lingerie were posted on Wednesday. The supermodel could be observed shopping in a tiny corner store wearing the undergarments. ‘After over a year of hard work on @inamoratawoman, I’m ecstatic to finally unveil what I’ve been working on for all of you. Introducing BODY, a collection that is more than just lingerie. I hope you will adore it as much as I do,’ declared the Vogue model.

On top of the game as always: One of her striking images for Inamorata

As usual, she is at the forefront of her craft – a prime example being her captivating photograph for Inamorata.

The actress from Gone Girl flaunted her well-toned figure by wearing a variety of sultry outfits. One picture shows her standing outside a store that advertised its craft beer, cigarettes, and ATM while wearing a white bra and panty set. She looked confident as she posed on the street wearing sneakers.

Hot in isle seven: The standout could be seen shopping in a small convenience story as she wore the undergarments; here she is seen with a churro bag

Isle seven is heating up with a stunning sight of a shopper browsing through the small convenience store wearing her undergarments. Catching the attention of onlookers, she confidently carries a bag of delicious churros in one hand while holding onto her wedding rings with the other. The pinup’s beauty is undeniable as she strikes another pose in maroon lingerie, this time leaning against the shelf with a bag of mini churros in her hand.

She must be cold! Another image saw the beauty opening a fridge door as she looked at the Snapple, Tropicana and orange juice. She wore a nude colored tank top with spaghetti straps and thong undies that showed off her cheeks

Wow, she looks chilly! In another photo, the gorgeous lady stands in front of an open refrigerator, perusing the selection of Snapple, Tropicana, and orange juice. She’s sporting a nude tank top with skinny spaghetti straps and a thong that accentuates her derrière.

In another photo, the gorgeous woman was captured opening the door of her refrigerator while browsing through the drinks such as Snapple, Tropicana, and orange juice. She wore a stylish nude tank top with thin spaghetti straps paired with a thong, flaunting her attractive curves. Her hair was left loose as she peered into the fridge, concealing her facial expression.

Is this safe? Another shocking image was of the model wearing nothing but a skimpy bra and lace undies as she stood in the store in front of roes of candy bars

“Is it really safe?” This was the thought that came to mind when I saw a picture of a model in nothing but a small bra and lacy underwear standing in front of rows of candy bars at a store. The picture was quite shocking, especially since her face was hidden from view. It was definitely an odd image as she was practically naked.

So revealing: She was a bit more covered when she had on a nude colored tank top that revealed her abs. And short bicycle shorts looked almost conservative compared with the other outfits she had on

How interesting! She had a slightly more modest look with a flesh-toned tank top that still showcased her toned abs. Even the short bike shorts seemed less daring compared to her other ensembles. Now, she stood outside the store, holding a cup of coffee and striking a pose with her arm extended and lips slightly parted.

So much skin: Back inside the shot the sultry star wore bandeau top with straps and a tight mini skirt as she looked out to the cashier. There was an ATM machine behind her and more soda pop with A-1 steak sauce on her right

The gorgeous celebrity flaunted her skin in the photo, donning a strap bandeau top and a form-fitting mini skirt. She gazed towards the cashier with an ATM machine and some soda pop accompanied by A-1 steak sauce visible in the background. Her fresh makeup gave her a dewy glow, and her hair was perfectly tousled.

On the run: She had the most clothes on when she wore a white dress with thin straps. The I Feel Pretty actress added running shoes and nothing else

Jogging Away: Donning a white dress with delicate straps, the actress from “I Feel Pretty” had slightly more coverage than usual. She paired her attire with running shoes and opted for nothing else. In a confident pose, she gazed at the camera while resting her hand on the fridge door, where an advertisement for Cash 4 Life lay on the ground. Recently, she was spotted with her partner in New York City.

Ready to play: The catwalker held up two Lucky 7's lottery tickets as she posed in front of a wall of tickets

Prepared for action: The model strutted confidently in front of a colorful wall of lottery tickets, holding up two Lucky 7’s tickets. She took a moment to affectionately kiss her husband, whom she has been married to for almost a year. Emily paired her stylish winter coat with black skinny pants and a matching top, while accessorizing with chic mid-calf boots. Meanwhile, Sebastian went for a more casual look, sporting athletic pants, sneakers, and a baseball cap. The couple tied the knot on February 23 of last year and continue to enjoy each other’s company.


Emily and Sebastian have been married for almost a year now, with their wedding taking place at a courthouse on February 23, 2018. This came as a surprise to fans of the model and actress, who was previously in a long-term relationship with Jeff Magid from 2014 to 2017. Emily started her career as a model at just 14 years old, signing with Ford. But she has since diversified and branded herself as an actress, feminist, and designer. The London-born star has two upcoming projects lined up: a TV movie called Bright Futures with Lisa Kudrow, and a crime drama titled Lying and Stealing with Theo James.

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