Stunning Jennifer Lawrence Shines in Ethereal Floral Dress while Maintaining Her Personal Space at the Glittering Mother! Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence was seen on a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky, in Italy’s renowned canals. However, during the premiere of her new film Mother! at the Venice Film Festival, the actress kept her distance from her 48-year-old director partner. Jennifer stunned attendees with her stunning floral gown that trailed across the floor. She confidently opted to go braless under the partially sheer yet sophisticated design, brushing off any criticisms the film had received. Jennifer Lawrence certainly grabbed everyone’s attention as she arrived at the event.

Stunning: Jennifer Lawrence, 27, looked sensational as she stepped out onto the red carpet for the premiere of new movie Mother! at the 74th Venice Film Festival on Tuesday night

Beauty: She put on a dazzling display in a floral patterned floor-length frock

Dazzling: On Tuesday night at the 74th Venice Film Festival, Jennifer Lawrence, 27, made a breathtaking entrance onto the red carpet for the premiere of her latest film, Mother!. The actress looked absolutely stunning in a show-stopping Christian Dior gown. This striking ensemble featured a fitted bodice that gracefully flowed into a pleated skirt, showcasing her legs. The low-cut neckline accentuated her assets, while the semi-sheer top, adorned with polka dots and a delightful floral pattern, revealed her toned figure. Jennifer’s presence was impossible to ignore as she confidently strolled down the red carpet, with the train of her remarkable gown following behind her.

Keeping her distance: Jennifer posed slightly apart from her director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky on Tuesday night, as she stunned in a dazzling floral floor-length gown on the red carpet at the premiere for her new film Mother!

Maintaining some personal space, Jennifer stood slightly away from her partner, director Darren Aronofsky, during the premiere of her latest movie Mother! on Tuesday evening. She looked absolutely captivating in a stunning floor-length gown adorned with beautiful floral patterns.

Head-turner: The actress daringly chose to go braless underneath her frock that featured a semi-sheer bodice

Show-stopper: While teasing a look at her assets, her gown nipped in at the waist before billowing out into a full skirt 

Eye-Catcher: With bold confidence, the actress made a daring choice by opting to forgo wearing a bra beneath her exquisite Christian Dior gown. The dress itself boasted a semi-transparent bodice, adding an extra element of intrigue.

Romance: She and Aronofsky (pictured to Jennifer's left)first began dating in September 2016 after filming had wrapped for Mother! last year

Sweet: Gushing about her beau, she has claimed: 'I¿ve been in relationships before where I am just confused. And I¿m never confused with him'

Love Story: Their romantic journey unfolded in September 2016, right after the completion of the film “Mother!” which featured both Jennifer and Aronofsky.

Keeping her distance: Jennifer appeared to sandwich herself between her co-stars instead of sitting alongside her director beau

Maintaining her personal space: Jennifer opted to position herself between her fellow cast members rather than sitting right next to her significant other, who happened to be the film’s director.

Stellar turn out: Pictured above L-R; Ari Handel, Darren Aronofsky, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Scott Franklin

Impressive Attendance: Featured from left to right are Ari Handel, Darren Aronofsky, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, and Scott Franklin, all gracing the event.

Leading stars: She was joined on the red carpet with her Mother! co-star Javier Bardem who cut a dapper figure clad in a two piece tux

In the brilliant spotlight, the dazzling she was accompanied by fellow actor Javier Bardem, her esteemed companion from the film “Mother!” Admirably, Javier exuded an elegant charm, effortlessly donning a splendid two-piece tuxedo.

Star-studded: The duo were then joined by Michelle Pfeiffer, 59, who also stars in the new horror release, and donned a glittering gown that sheathed her age-defying figure

Star-studded: The duo were then joined by Michelle Pfeiffer, 59, who also stars in the new horror release, and donned a glittering gown that sheathed her age-defying figure

A constellation of stars: The pair were later accompanied by Michelle Pfeiffer, a 59-year-old actress who also appears in the recent horror film, adorned in a dazzling dress that beautifully enveloped her timeless physique.

Picture perfect: The trio looked worlds away from their characters in the haunting movie Mother! directed by Jennifer's beau Darren Aronofsky

Flawlessly capturing the essence of completely different roles, the trio exhibited a striking contrast to their on-screen personas from the chilling film Mother!, expertly helmed by Jennifer’s partner Darren Aronofsky.

Beauty: The Hunger Games star's elegant look was completed with glamorous make-up that came complete with blusher-tinted cheeks and lipstick to match while showcasing her flawless complexion

Lovely: Jennifer wore her shoulder-grazing blonde locks swept back from her face into a tousled chignon

Beauty: The stunning appearance of the Hunger Games actress was enhanced by a radiant and sophisticated makeup, which included rosy cheeks and a perfectly coordinated lipstick. This combination flawlessly highlighted her impeccable complexion.

Leading lady: Jennifer had all eyes on her as she struck up a series of poses in her elegant ensemble

Star of the popular film series The Hunger Games, Jennifer garnered all attention as she effortlessly posed in her exquisite outfit. To complement her elegant look, Jennifer adorned herself with a touch of glamorous makeup, flaunting rosy cheeks and matching lipstick that accentuated her flawless complexion. Jennifer chose to style her shoulder-length blonde hair in a chic tousled chignon, sweeping it away from her face. Adding a touch of sparkle to her ensemble, she accessorized with diamond drop earrings and a delicate necklace that complemented her neckline. Despite the mixed reactions from critics following early screenings at the film festival, Jennifer arrived at the premiere with high spirits. She confidently faced the crowd, showcasing unwavering determination in the face of her new movie, Mother!. Reports from The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the highly anticipated horror film was met with ‘large boos’.

Delightful! Jennifer was perfectly poised as she showcased her stunning attire and glamorous look 

What a treat! Jennifer exuded elegance and grace as she proudly presented her exquisite outfit and captivating appearance.

It's a handful: Jennifer appeared to master her gown as she maneuvered her way along the steps and red carpet with ease

Jennifer effortlessly glided down the staircase and confidently strutted along the red carpet, completely owning her stunning ensemble.

Red carpet ready: But not before receiving some assistance before making her grand arrival

Ready for the red carpet: But not without a little help before making her grand entrance.

Oh hey there! Jennifer made sure to give a wave as she sauntered past an array of treats

Hello! Jennifer greeted everyone with a friendly wave as she casually strolled past a wide variety of delectable treats.

Like a pro: With plenty of expertise when it comes to the red carpet, she knew exactly how to work the cameras

Being a pro at navigating the red carpet, she possesses a plethora of knowledge on how to effortlessly captivate the cameras.

High spirits: She and Javier made sure to stop photographers as they made their way into the premiere together

High spirits: She and Javier made sure to stop photographers as they made their way into the premiere together

In high spirits, She and Javier made a point of posing for photographers as they entered the premiere together. Despite the chilly response to his movie Mother!, director Darren Aronofsky didn’t let it bother him. In fact, he responded to the negative feedback by saying he knew the film wouldn’t appeal to everyone’s tastes. When discussing the film, Aronofsky described it as a strong cocktail, acknowledging that there would be people who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of experience. However, he was unfazed by this and boldly stated that he had already made it clear that the film is like a roller coaster ride, and only those willing to brave the loops should board.

What's going on here? The actor appeared to be putting on an animated display as he took to the red carpet

What’s happening right now? The performer seemed to be putting on an energetic show as he made his grand entrance on the red carpet.

Amicable: Jennifer and Javier displayed their close bond on their arrival, having formed a firm friendship during filming

Amicable: Jennifer and Javier displayed their close bond on their arrival, having formed a firm friendship during filming

Friendly: Upon their arrival, Jennifer and Javier showcased the strong connection they had developed while working together on set, demonstrating a close friendship.

Close: He wrapped an arm around Jennifer's waist as they posed together while sharing a laugh in between 

At the intimate close, he lovingly embraced Jennifer’s waist, their laughter filling the air, frozen in a tender pose together.

Ever the gentleman: He appeared to lead the way, gesturing to Jennifer as they walked alongside each other

Always the epitome of chivalry: He seemed to take the lead, motioning for Jennifer to walk beside him as they strolled side by side.

High spirits: The duo put on a defiant display amid reports Mother! received a mixed reaction from critics during its earlier screening

In a display of unyielding spirit, the pair showcased their confidence despite rumors of Mother! receiving conflicting feedback from critics at its previous showing.

Smile: Brushing off the controversial response from the show's earlier screening that saw it subject to boos, Jennifer and Javier were caught beaming on the red carpet

Grinning: Jennifer and Javier were seen sporting huge smiles on the red carpet, unfazed by the polarizing reaction their show received during its initial screening, which led to some booing.

Suave: Javier, who plays Jennifer's husband known as Him in the film, cut a dapper figure clad in a black and white suit

Charming: Javier, portraying Jennifer’s on-screen spouse referred to as Him in the movie, looked elegant as he donned a stylish black and white suit. The premiere saw Jennifer, Javier, and Michelle Pfeiffer, aged 48 and 59 respectively, presenting a united front. A snapshot captured Javier and Jennifer together, with his arm wrapped around her waist, before Michelle joined them. Michelle, known for her timeless beauty, stunned in a glamorous black and gold Michael Kors gown that gracefully trailed down to the floor, showcasing her youthful figure.

Ageless: Michelle looked just incredible in her form-fitting number that trailed down towards her feet and highlighted her incredibly toned physique

Ageless: Michelle appeared absolutely stunning in her figure-flaunting attire that gracefully descended to her feet, accentuating her impeccably sculpted physique.

Gorgeous: She teamed her red carpet look with sultry make-up, boasting a heavy smokey-eye and a glossy lipstick across her lips

Finishing touches: Michelle sported her blonde locks in tousled curls that fell just past her shoulders.

Stunning: She paired her elegant ensemble with alluring makeup, featuring a bold smoky eye and a lustrous lip color that added a touch of glamour to her red carpet appearance.

Beautiful: The What Lies Beneath star accessorised with a stunning pair of drop earrings 

Gorgeous: The actor from What Lies Beneath added the finishing touch to her outfit with an exquisite set of dangling earrings.

Supportive beau: Michelle was joined at the premiere by her husband David E. Kelley - whom she has been married to since 1993

Dressed to impress: Aptly dressed for the occasion, David donned a charcoal grey suit and tie

Loving partner: Accompanied by her life partner David E. Kelley, Michelle walked the red carpet at the premiere, displaying their unwavering bond that has flourished since their marriage in 1993.

Hand-in-hand: The couple were seen clutching onto each other's hand as they stopped for photographs together

Side by side: The pair were spotted firmly holding onto each other’s hand as they paused to capture some photos as a duo.

And pose: Michelle caught the eye in her shimmering ensemble, no doubt wowing onlookers with her ageless looks

And pose: Michelle caught the eye in her shimmering ensemble, no doubt wowing onlookers with her ageless looks

Michelle turned heads with her dazzling outfit, leaving no doubt that her timeless beauty left onlookers in awe.

Dressed for the red carpet, she paired her look with alluring makeup, featuring a bold smokey-eye and a shiny lipstick on her lips. Her blonde hair cascaded in tousled curls, reaching just below her shoulders. Michelle takes on the role of ‘Woman’ in the film, alongside her co-star Ed Harris, also known as ‘Man’. Their characters are invited into the home of Jennifer’s character, ‘Mother’, and Bardem’s character, ‘Him’, after mysteriously appearing. This leaves ‘Mother’ feeling uneasy. Reluctantly, ‘Mother’ agrees to let the guests stay, influenced by her poet boyfriend’s belief that their presence will cure his writer’s block. As the movie unfolds, ‘Mother’ finds herself pregnant, leading to more dramatic events. Aronofsky, the writer and director of the film, is currently in a relationship with Jennifer, privately starting their romance in September 2016 after completing the filming of Mother!.

Stopping for fans: Jennifer gave onlookers more than they bargained for as she stopped to sign autographs in her plunging attire

Surprising the crowd: Jennifer pleasantly surprised her fans with a spontaneous autograph session, while confidently flaunting her low-cut outfit. Popular as ever! The actress attracted a lot of attention from the excited onlookers, who eagerly extended their pages for her signature.

Following suit: Javier too made sure to meet and greet with the adoring crowds in Venice

Emulating the trend, Javier also ensured he took the time to engage and mingle with the enthusiastic crowd in Venice.

Man of the hour: Javier and Jennifer were then joined by her beau and Mother! director Darren Aronofsky (far right) and Michelle 

Star couple Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence were accompanied by film director Darren Aronofsky (seen on the far right) and Michelle, as they enjoyed a night out together.

Rubbing shoulders: Javier and Jennifer were seen posing alongside the prestigious film festival's director Barbera

Bumping into greatness: Javier and Jennifer were spotted standing next to Barbera, the esteemed director of the renowned film festival.

Belle of the ball: Jennifer captivated the crowds as she joined her co-stars at the event

Jennifer stole the spotlight as she dazzled the audience while attending the glamorous event alongside her fellow actors.

Mesmerising: Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer put on an enchanting display

Captivating: Jennifer, the talented actress from the movie Silver Linings Playbook, put on a mesmerizing performance. Moving on to another event in Venice, a dazzling array of celebrities gathered for the premiere of the film Mother!, and leading the pack was the renowned Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell. Stella effortlessly exuded glamour as she walked the red carpet, showcasing her signature long limbs in a stunning blush-colored ensemble. However, despite her entrance being nothing short of glamorous, Stella narrowly avoided a potential wardrobe mishap. Her dangerously high thigh-slit skirt pushed the boundaries as she made her way to the venue. Luckily, she had a stroke of luck as her diamond-clad hand swooped in to save the day, preventing her slinky skirt from billowing up and revealing her underwear.

Tickled pink: Stella Maxwell, 27, was back to her old style tricks as she flashed her trademark limbs in a sizzling blush gown

Delighted and full of charm, Stella Maxwell, aged 27, showcased her timeless fashion choices once again by flaunting her distinct long limbs in a scintillating blush-colored gown.

Near-miss: Despite her glamorous arrival, the Victoria's Secret model narrowly missed an awkward wardrobe malfunction as her dangerously high thigh-slit chartered into risky territory while she navigated her way to the venue

Near-miss: Despite her glamorous arrival, the Victoria's Secret model narrowly missed an awkward wardrobe malfunction as her dangerously high thigh-slit chartered into risky territory while she navigated her way to the venue

Close call: Despite her stunning entrance, the runway model representing Victoria’s Secret narrowly avoided an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when the daringly high thigh-slit of her dress ventured into risky territory as she made her way to the event location. Phew: Without a doubt, the attractive blonde model expressed her gratitude to fate as her adorned hand prevented the near-disaster, with the sleek and floor-length skirt catching a gust of wind, threatening to reveal her undergarments.

Glam gal: Overcoming the near fashion fail, the Belgian-born beauty - who's parents hail from Belfast - oozed glamour in her silky one-shouldered dress by Twinset which skimmed her model frame with ease

Making an entrance: The dramatic gown highlighted her narrow waist as it flared out to display her incredible lean legs and pert posterior

Stunning lady: Surpassing a potential fashion blunder, the gorgeous woman from Belgium, with parents from Belfast, exuded elegance in her smooth and asymmetrical gown designed by Twinset. The dress effortlessly highlighted her slender figure, showcasing her inherent gracefulness.

Upping the ante: Stella upped the fashion ante as she added to her towering frame with a pair of statement black heels with a gold frame, while she accessorised her look with a striking diamond-encrusted choker for the evening

Raising the stakes: Stella took her fashion game to the next level by elevating her already tall stature with a stunning pair of black heels adorned with a gold trim. To complete her ensemble, she effortlessly enhanced her appearance with a dazzling choker, embellished with brilliant diamonds, which accentuated her overall look for the night.

Dazzling: And her sparkling display didn't end there as she complemented her statement piece with a pair of drop-earrings and a number of rings across her manicured mitts

Dazzling: And her sparkling display didn't end there as she complemented her statement piece with a pair of drop-earrings and a number of rings across her manicured mitts

Stunning: Her dazzling presentation didn’t stop at that point, as she paired her standout accessory with dangling earrings and a collection of rings adorning her perfectly polished hands.

Vintage: The supermodel opted to incorporate some old Hollywood glamour into her beauty look as she worked her blonde tresses into a deep side-parting and vintage curl

Vintage: The stunning model decided to add a touch of old Hollywood charm to her enchanting appearance by styling her blonde locks in a classic side-part and elegant vintage curls.

Doing what she does best: Stella wasn't afraid to pop a leg as she posed for photographers in her daringly cut gown

Getting into her element: Stella had no fear as she confidently struck a pose, elegantly displaying her toned leg, much to the delight of the paparazzi, all while wearing a daring and intricately designed gown.

Show-stopping: Her jaw-dropping display comes after Stella and her actress girlfriend Kristen Stewart threatened legal action earier this week against pornography sites that have published illegally obtained nude photos of the couple

Impressive: The astonishing exhibition comes in the wake of Stella and her actress partner Kristen Stewart taking legal action against unauthorized websites sharing explicit photos of the couple that were obtained without permission. Despite a fashion mishap narrowly averted, the stunning Belgian-born model, whose roots trace back to Belfast, exuded elegance in her silky one-shouldered Twinset dress, effortlessly accentuating her slender figure. The striking gown accentuated her slim waist as it gracefully flowed down, showcasing her remarkable toned legs and shapely rear. Taking her style to new heights, Stella complemented her already tall stature with a pair of bold black heels featuring a gold accent, and completed her look with a captivating diamond-embellished choker for the evening.

Model behaviour! Fellow model Tina Kunakey seemed to follow in Stella's footsteps, as she too donned a Twinset design for the evening's festivities

Risque: The fashion star looked sensational in the slinky petrol blue gown that framed her assets with its plunging halter-neck style

Setting a stellar example! Another stunning model, Tina Kunakey, took cues from Stella and also opted for a fabulous Twinset creation for the night’s celebration.

Saucy: Tina appeared to ditch her lingerie underneath and teased a look at her bust, thanks to her gown's low-cut neckline daringly stretching down towards her waist

Sassy: Tina seemed to have left her lingerie behind and playfully flaunted her cleavage in a daring dress with a plunging neckline that extended down to her waist. Like Stella, fellow model Tina Kunakey also opted for a Twinset design for the evening event. She looked absolutely stunning in a sleek petrol blue gown that highlighted her assets with its halter-neck style. Tina confidently strutted her way in, proving her modeling skills as she posed with her hands running through her hair. Completing her look, she wore a silver bangle and matching earrings, and added a touch of shimmer to her eye makeup and a glossy lip. On the other hand, actress Rebecca Hall stole the spotlight in a gorgeous black Giorgio Armani dress adorned with a sparkling mesh overlay and delicate shoulder straps.

Glittering: The brunette beauty teamed her attire with De Beers diamond droplet earrings and a stunning pendant to match

Sparkling: The attractive woman complemented her outfit with De Beers earrings that showcased radiant diamonds and a mesmerizing pendant that perfectly matched. Radiant Energy: Rebecca exuded joy, with a radiant smile adorning her face as she confidently walked down the red carpet, leading up to the highly anticipated premiere screening.

Sensational: The acting talent decided to pare things back on the beauty front and favoured a subtle make-up look

Exciting News: The actor/actress made a conscious choice to opt for a more minimalist approach to their appearance, opting for a delicate and understated makeup look.

Elegant: Rebecca stunned on her arrival and happily posed for photographers in her sophisticated gown

Elegant: Rebecca stunned on her arrival and happily posed for photographers in her sophisticated gown

Rebecca made a striking and elegant entrance, happily posing for photographers in her sophisticated gown. The actress looked absolutely delightful in a stunning black dress that had a beautiful shimmering mesh overlay and delicate shoulder straps. Following the fashion trends of the evening, Rebecca chose to emphasize her bust with a daring low-cut Armani design that perfectly showcased her enviable figure. Completing her look, she carried her evening essentials in a unique box clutch that perfectly complemented her outfit. Her short brunette hair was styled in a sleek, straight fashion, with a center part. Accompanying her on the red carpet was film producer Ekaterina Mtsitouridze, who added a vibrant splash of color to the elegant event with her rose-printed ensemble. She paired her eye-catching outfit with striking pillar-box red strappy heels and a bold red lipstick that perfectly matched.

Caught the eye: Film producer Ekaterina Mtsitouridze who made sure to bring a splash of colour to the lavish affair in a vibrant rose-printed design

Sassy: She teamed her eye-catching ensemble with a pair of pillar-box red strappy heels, sporting a slick of bold red lipstick to match

Attracting attention was film producer Ekaterina Mtsitouridze, who effortlessly injected a burst of vividness into the extravagant event with her striking ensemble adorned in a lively rose-patterned pattern.

Extraordinary: Italian beauty Marica Pellegrinelli favoured a royal blue gown by Twinset, that featured a dramatic silk train

Extraordinary: Italian beauty Marica Pellegrinelli favoured a royal blue gown by Twinset, that featured a dramatic silk train

Italian stunner Marica Pellegrinelli chose a stunning royal blue gown from Twinset for her attire. This elegant gown accentuated her figure, gracefully skimming over her body and drawing attention to her well-endowed cleavage. Complementing her dress, Marica wore a pair of black sandals that barely covered her feet, along with statement earrings that sparkled with every step she took. Her luscious brunette locks were styled in a glamorous wave reminiscent of the 1950s, and her makeup was flawlessly applied, enhancing her natural beauty. On the other hand, dancer Klaudia Pepa decided to break away from the traditional floor-length gown trend. Instead, she opted for an indigo bodycon dress that flaunted her long legs. This bold choice featured daring cut-outs around the waist and a plunging gold zipper at the back, revealing Klaudia’s confidence and daring spirit. She completed her ensemble with patent nude heels, adding to her already statuesque appearance. Klaudia’s brunette tresses were perfectly styled with tousled waves, completing her effortlessly chic look. To complement her ensemble, Klaudia wore well-defined eyebrows and fluttery lashes, enhancing her mesmerizing gaze. Adding a touch of glamour to her outfit, she adorned her décolletage with a statement jeweled necklace, drawing attention to her neckline.

Busty: Dancer Klaudia Pepa decided to ditch the trend for floor-length gowns and showcased her lengthy pins in a thigh-skimming indigo bodycon dress

Voluptuous: The graceful dancer, Klaudia Pepa, embraced a departure from the floor-length gown craze by flaunting her long legs in a captivating indigo bodycon dress that grazed her thighs.

Revealing: The busty number made for an eye-popping display, featuring racy cut-outs around the waist and a plunging gold zip at the back

Revealing: The busty number made for an eye-popping display, featuring racy cut-outs around the waist and a plunging gold zip at the back

Breaking: The stunning outfit was a showstopper, featuring daring cut-outs around the midsection and a bold golden zipper at the back. The highly anticipated premiere of the film Mother! coincided with the arrival of the film’s leading lady, Jennifer, and her partner Darren, in Venice. It is worth noting that the director, Aronofsky, was previously in a long-term relationship with actress Rachel Weisz for nine years before she married Daniel Craig. On the other hand, Jennifer had a four-year relationship with her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult and a brief fling with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, which ended in the summer of 2015. Although Jennifer usually keeps her love life under wraps, she recently shared some details about her relationship with the director in an interview with US Vogue.

Front row seats: Jennifer and Michelle appeared in great spirits as they took their seats for the screening of Mother! 

Taking their places in the front row, Jennifer and Michelle exuded an infectious enthusiasm as they settled in for the highly anticipated screening of the movie, Mother!

Taking a stand: The actresses took it in turn to receive an applause from the seated crowd inside the screening

Taking a stand: The actresses took it in turn to receive an applause from the seated crowd inside the screening

Standing up for themselves: The female performers eagerly enjoyed their moment in the spotlight as they graciously accepted the applause from the audience seated during the screening.

In the past: Jennifer has previously dated X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult, 27, from 2010 to 2014 and was later linked to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 40, for a year before breaking up in summer 2015

Previously, Jennifer had been in a relationship with her X-Men co-star, Nicholas Hoult, from 2010 to 2014. After that, she was romantically connected to Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, for a duration of one year. However, their relationship came to an end in the summer of 2015.

Enamoured: Completely smitten by her new beau, though, Jennifer said of his work on Mother!: 'When I saw the movie, I was reminded all over again how brilliant he is. For the past year, I’ve been dealing with him as just a human'

Jennifer expressed her deep affection for her new partner, describing herself as completely captivated by him. When discussing his work on the movie Mother!, she couldn’t help but praise his brilliance. Reflecting on their relationship over the past year, she acknowledged that she had the privilege of seeing him as a real person, beyond just his talent. Talking about their collaboration in the horror film, Jennifer confessed how amazed she was by his exceptional performance on set. But it was when she watched the final product that she was reminded once again of his sheer brilliance. Jennifer couldn’t contain her excitement when discussing her boyfriend, expressing her admiration for him and emphasizing how her feelings for him were unlike anything she had experienced before. She mentioned that in previous relationships, she often found herself confused, but with him, there was no confusion. There was a unique energy between them, and Jennifer confessed she had never felt this way before. However, she admitted that she couldn’t be certain of his feelings towards her, adding a touch of vulnerability to her otherwise glowing admiration.

Hours earlier: Jennifer had onlookers captivated as she ventured to a water taxi to hitch a ride to her big night

A few hours ago, all eyes were on Jennifer as she made her way towards a water taxi, ready to embark on an exciting journey to her much-anticipated event.

Glam entrance: She donned a huge pair of chic shades as she made her way to the premiere, clad in her evening gown

Glam entrance: She donned a huge pair of chic shades as she made her way to the premiere, clad in her evening gown

Stunning arrival: With an air of elegance, she sported oversized trendy sunglasses while gracefully proceeding towards the film premiere, dressed in a magnificent evening dress.

Entourage: Jennifer was seen clutching onto the arm of a female companion, clad in a head-turning floral frock

Jennifer was spotted holding onto the arm of a friend, who was wearing a striking floral dress that caught everyone’s attention.

Easy does it: The starlet was forced to hitch up her gown as she took her seat on the water taxi at the Hotel Excelsior

Take it easy: The young actress had to pull up her dress when she sat down on the water taxi at the Hotel Excelsior.

Mind your step: The beauty was in need of assistance as she made her way to the boat

Mind your step: The beauty was in need of assistance as she made her way to the boat

Watch your step: The gorgeous woman required help as she navigated towards the boat.

Enjoying the view? She was no doubt centre of attention during her outing, as she stepped out looking red carpet ready

Are you savoring the scenery? Undoubtedly, all eyes were on her as she went out, appearing absolutely glamorous as if she were ready to grace the red carpet.

New release: Jennifer stars as 'Mother', who falls pregnant by her husband and is left unnerved by the presence of two strangers in her home in the horror film of the same title as her character

Latest Release: Jennifer shines in the role of ‘Mother’ in the thrilling movie, where she unexpectedly conceives a child with her spouse. However, her tranquil life takes an unsettling turn when two unfamiliar individuals invade her abode, echoing the title of the spine-chilling film.

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