“Stunning Sartorial Choice: Jennifer Lawrence’s Unique Red Sparrow European Premiere Outfit”

At POPSUGAR, we independently pick and write about the things we adore and believe you’ll also enjoy. If you decide to purchase a recommended product, we may receive an affiliate commission that supports our work. Jennifer Lawrence has been keeping busy lately. Following her dazzling appearance at the BAFTA Awards in London, the actress turned heads yet again during the European premiere of her upcoming film, Red Sparrow. For the event, Jennifer wore a stunning Dior dress featuring a low-cut neckline and delicate pale gold sequin embroidery. The gown was paired with accessories from Nak Armstrong and Fernando Jorge, making Jennifer sparkle like a rainbow. Needless to say, she looked absolutely breathtaking in the ensemble! Take a closer look at her dress below and shop similar numbers that will make you feel just as fabulous at your next fancy event.

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Jennifer Lawrence - 'Red Sparrow' Premiere in London

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