“Topless and Sassy: Miley Cyrus’ Unfiltered Photos from Her Girls’ Getaway in Palm Springs”

On Thursday morning, Miley Cyrus posted several pictures on her Instagram account. The 28-year-old singer had gone on a weekend getaway to Palm Springs with a few close friends who also documented the fun experience. In the caption, the Wrecking Ball hitmaker simply wrote ‘PALM SPRUNG’ and included a double heart emoji to express her delight.

Good times: Miley shared an assortment of photos that had been taken during a recent trip to Palm Springs to her Instagram account on Thursday morning

Fun Moments: Miley Cyrus just posted a bunch of pictures from her recent Palm Springs trip on her Instagram account on Thursday morning.

No shirt, no problem: In another one of her snaps, Cyrus went topless and sat against a brick wall while wearing her pants and leopard print cowboy hat

Cyrus didn’t seem to mind going topless in one of her snaps, opting to sit against a brick wall while sporting her pants and leopard print cowboy hat. The first image captured the singer grinning with her gaze into the distance. She wore a Daydreamer tank top with cropped graphics, and of course, her signature fashion piece – a leopard print cowboy hat, along with multiple jewelry items. Her blonde hair, cut above shoulder-length, peaked out from underneath the headwear, creating a striking contrast with her shirt. In one of the photos following that, Cyrus was all smiles while balancing an ice cream sandwich on her head.

Nothing too serious: The hitmaker balanced what appeared to be an ice cream sandwich on her head in one of the shots

In a fun and lighthearted moment, the popular artist showcased her balancing skills by placing what looked like an ice cream sandwich on top of her head in one of the photographs.

Dressing to impress: The Wrecking Ball singer wore a cropped black tank top in many of the shots; she paired her short with a set of pink pants and several articles of jewelry

Looking fabulous: Miley Cyrus donned a fashionable cropped black tank top in numerous snapshots. She complemented her attire with a stylish pair of pink pants and adorned herself with multiple pieces of jewelry.

In a series of photos, the famous singer was captured in various poses and outfits. One image showed her holding onto her chest while wearing black boots, light pants, and a studded belt with black pant coverings for a black-and-white shot. In another picture, she sat in a chair topless while gazing at the camera. Cyrus later changed into a white t-shirt with cropped sleeves that exposed her arm tattoos. The second photo had her posing on the back of a pink van while wearing mostly pink clothing.

Something different: The Party In The U.S.A singer changed into a white graphic-printed shirt for another one of her photos

Taking a break from her usual style, the renowned singer of “Party In The U.S.A” opted for a distinctive look by donning a white shirt emblazoned with graphic prints for one of her latest photos.

Better with friends: During her desert getaway, the singer was accompanied by a small group of pals, many of whom took pictures of her in various situations

Having company makes everything better, and that’s exactly what the singer did during her recent retreat to the desert. She brought along a few of her close pals, who managed to capture some snapshots of her in different poses. One of the photos shows her donning a graphic crop top and pink pants with stringed slits on the thighs, which she paired with a large belt. To complete her look, she added various bracelets and rings and kept a silver chain attached to one of her belt loops. Additionally, she shared a picture of her backside, revealing that her pants also had laces holding certain parts together.

Color coordination: Cyrus hopped on the back of a hot pink van that matched much of her outfit in one of her photos

Cyrus jumped onto the rear of a vibrant pink van that perfectly complemented her clothing in one of her pictures.

There it is: The songwriter also included a photo of her rear end to show that two portions of her pants were held together by laces

Check it out: The songwriter even shared a snapshot of her backside, revealing that the laces were used to fasten two sections of her pants together.

In one of her posted pictures, the famous Malibu singer was seen posing on a public bench painted with vibrant colors. She kept her look somewhat casual, wearing a pair of lace shorts, a t-shirt with a graphic for The Smiths band and completed her western look with cowboy boots. Cyrus then expressed a rebellious gesture by flipping her middle finger at the camera while relaxing on a red lounger. In the photo, she flaunted her toned body while basking in the California sun, wearing only a black bikini top and revealing much of the lower half of her figure to her 126 million followers.

Having fun: The singer wore a mostly white outfit while posing on a bench that featured the name of the desert city she had visited

Enjoying herself: The vocalist donned an ensemble primarily composed of white hues as she struck a pose on a bench adorned with the moniker of the arid town she had explored.

There she goes again: The singer was pictured flipping off the camera in one of her later photos; she has made the same hand sign in various other social media posts

Once again, we see the singer giving the middle finger to the camera in her recent photo. This is not the first time she’s done this as she has previously made the same gesture in several other posts on social media.

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