Unleashing a Vibrant NYC Vibe! Emily Ratajkowski Shines in Sizzling Photo Shoot Along the Bustling Big Apple Streets

She has a talent for making everything appear attractive, and once again, Emily Ratajkowski showcased this skill as she appeared absolutely stunning in a panda bear outfit while in New York on Monday. Fortunately, the 25-year-old model also switched to more revealing clothing after taking off the oversized panda headpiece for a DKNY photoshoot.

She's the bust: Emily Ratajkowski, 25, posed for a DKNY shoot in New York on Monday

Emily Ratajkowski, a 25-year-old model, exuded confidence as she struck poses for a captivating photoshoot with DKNY in the bustling streets of New York City on Monday.

Heads up: The Blurred Lines video vixen got silly but sexy as she put a panda costume headpiece on and posed

Get ready for some playful and seductive antics from the famous model featured in Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” music video. In a surprising twist, she decided to embrace her inner panda by donning a cute costume headpiece, adding a touch of both silliness and sexiness to her shoot.

Meanwhile, the renowned star of the film “Gone Girl” kicked off her appearance on set with a stylish ensemble. Sporting a short pleated mini skirt and a trendy velvet zip-up hoodie, she effortlessly showcased her enviable figure. Interestingly, the hoodie ended just above her waist, giving a glimpse of her toned upper body.

Taking advantage of her elevated platform, she confidently stood on a traffic light post, drawing attention to her stunning legs. To complete her look, she opted for a pair of sleek black high-heeled boots, perfectly complementing her attire. As for her hair, she let her beautiful chocolate brown locks flow naturally, parting them in the middle, exuding a carefree vibe.

Throughout the shoot, the actress accessorized with a black DKNY leather tote, adding a touch of sophistication to her overall look. To add a retro flair, she also donned a pair of stylish shades, effortlessly channeling a timeless fashion aesthetic.

Ab appeal: The gorgeous star posed with an equally ripped male model

Appealing to the eyes, this stunning celebrity graced the camera alongside a male model who exhibited equal levels of fitness.

Sucking it in: Emily made sure to give her narrow waist ample attention

Sucking it in: Emily made sure to give her narrow waist ample attention

Squeezing it tight: Emily was determined to lavish enough focus on her slender waist.

The camera loves her! The Blurred Lines favorite struck a series of glamorous poses

She truly captivates the camera! The beloved star of Blurred Lines effortlessly struck a stunning array of glamorous poses.

Relaxing: The star tried to look casual while toting her accessories for the shoot

Unwinding: The celebrity attempted to appear nonchalant as she carried her accessories for the photoshoot.

Guess who: The panda head looked enormous next to Emily's petite svelte figure

Can you believe it? Emily, with her slim and graceful figure, looked like a dwarf compared to the massive panda head she had on. It was both silly and seductive as she playfully posed in that costume for the Blurred Lines video. The contrast between her petite frame and the gigantic panda head was quite amusing. In another shot, a male model appeared, effortlessly holding the panda head with just one arm.

Strike a pose: The Gone Girl star started off on set in a short pleated mini skirt and a velvet zip up hoodie that cut off above her waist

Get ready to strike a pose! The talented actress from Gone Girl kicked off her day on set donning a stylish pleated mini skirt. She paired it with an eye-catching velvet zip-up hoodie that fell just above her waistline.

Long beverage: Perched on a traffic signal pole, she showcased her captivating legs.
Freshly back from Coachella, the talented star confidently donned her signature revealing outfits.
Her initial destination led her to the H M booth, where she proudly revealed her impressive midriff and flawless complexion.
Eventually, she swapped her attire for a stunning grey swimsuit to enjoy the sunshine and festivities in southern California.

Partners: A male model joined her in another shot holding the panda head in one arm

Collaborators: In a subsequent photograph, a male model accompanied her, effortlessly cradling the panda head with one arm.

Covergirl: The actress wore black high heeled boots and kept her brunette locks long and loose parted in the middle

Covergirl: The starlet donned chic black boots with towering heels, allowing her luscious brown tresses to cascade freely, gracefully parted down the center.

Abs: Emily just returned from Coachella where her first stop was the H M tent

Emily has recently come back from Coachella, where she made her way to the H M tent.

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