“Unleashing Her Inner Feline: Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Braless Look in Bold Leopard Print Suit for Domenico Dolce’s Milestone Birthday Bash”

On Saturday, Emily Ratajkowski made an appearance on the runway for the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show. The very next day, she attended Domenico Dolce’s 60th birthday party and looked stunning in a leopard print suit designed by Domenico himself. The 27-year-old opted to go braless and was seen leaving the party solo. Check out the video below for more details.

Dressed to impress: Emily Ratajkowski went braless under a leopard print suit at Domenico Dolce's 60th birthday party in Milan on Sunday

Emily Ratajkowski made a bold fashion statement at the 60th birthday party of Domenico Dolce, the creative director of Dolce & Gabbana, in Milan on Sunday. She wore a leopard print pantsuit sans bra, mingling with other celebrity guests like Cardi B, Ashley Graham, and her husband Justin Ervin. The event held at Four Seasons Hotel was one of the most star-studded events at Milan Fashion Week, and Emily stood out with her deep plunge outfit that accentuated her toned figure.

Stunning: Sporting a leopard print pantsuit designed by Domenico himself, the 27-year-old was spotted leaving the party alone as she stunned in the plunging number

Impressive: Dressed in a leopard print pantsuit created by designer Domenico, the 27-year-old woman was seen leaving the gathering alone, looking breathtaking in the low-cut outfit. Emily certainly looked fashionable during her outing as she stepped out unaccompanied and made her way to her car. The satin suit boasted eye-catching green accents on the buttons and collar, which perfectly complemented the model’s high-heeled leopard print sandals. Her beautiful brunette locks were stylishly parted in the centre and flowed freely over her shoulders as she exited the occasion.

Plunge: Held in Milan's Four Seasons Hotel, Emily made sure to make a statement as the pantsuit featured a deep plunge, highlighting the brunettes svelte physique

Emily flaunted her fashion prowess at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan by donning a pantsuit with a daring plunging neckline that accentuated her stunning figure. Adding to her radiance was her engagement ring, which she proudly displayed after tying the knot with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in late February. Emily’s makeup showcased her natural beauty with a glamorous cat-eye and a bold mauve lip. Recently, the actress wowed the crowd at the Dolce & Gabbana MFW showcase where she mingled with fashion icons Helena Christensen and Monica Bellucci while clad in a sheer gown.

Stepping out: Emily was undeniably chic for the outing as she stepped out solo to her waiting car

Heading out: Emily looked effortlessly stylish as she ventured out by herself and made her way to her car.

Beauty: Her stunning brunette tresses were styled in a chic centre parting and fell loosely around her shoulders while she paired the ensemble with high-sky leopard print sandals

The woman’s appearance was captivating, with her luscious brown hair arranged in a fashionable middle part and cascading casually down her shoulders. To complete her outfit, she chose to wear leopard print high-heeled sandals.

Chic: Showing off her sparkling engagement ring following her marriage to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in late February, the actress put on a sizzling display as she made her way out the venue

Looking stylish and dazzling, the actress proudly flaunted her stunning engagement ring after tying the knot with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in late February. As she exited the venue, she exuded a confident and eye-catching presence.

Busy lady: The outing comes after Emily dazzled in a sheer gown as she rubbed shoulders with catwalk legends Helena Christensen and Monica Bellucci at the Dolce & Gabbana MFW showcase on Saturday

The article discusses Emily’s recent outing where she caught everyone’s attention in a stunning sheer gown. She attended the Dolce & Gabbana MFW showcase, hanging out with famous models like Helena Christensen and Monica Bellucci. Emily donned a cornflower blue dress that highlighted her curves with its ruched body and sheer material. Her outfit brought an edgy touch to the runway, showcasing a perfect blend of sexiness and fashion. Emily tied up her raven hair into a chignon and added a pop of color with a big red rose.

Sensational: The model certainly turned heads as she sported a cornflower blue dress with a sheer material and ruched body to help showcase all her curves on the runway the day before

Impressive: The stunning model caught everyone’s attention during her runway appearance, dressed in a gorgeous cornflower blue gown that featured a sheer fabric and a ruched design which perfectly highlighted her curves.

Stealing the show: Emily's ensemble added an undeniably edgy touch to the runway as she perfectly marred sexy and fashionable by sporting the form-fitting mesh dress with folds and detailing

Emily’s outfit was the highlight of the show, bringing in a unique and edgy touch to the runway. She pulled off a perfect blend of sexiness and fashion by wearing a mesh dress that hugged her figure and had intricate folds and details.

A vision: Her raven tresses were scraped into a chignon at the nape of her neck while she added a splash of contrasting colour to the look with the addition of a huge red rose

Imagining a scene: As I pictured her in my mind, I could see her beautiful dark hair pinned up in a neat bun at the base of her neck. And, to add some extra flair to her appearance, she had adorned her hair with a striking red rose that created a stunning contrast against her locks.

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