Unleashing Style: Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in a Daring Black Tank Top while Strolling the Streets of New York City with Colombo

In the past few days, she has been experiencing the bliss of countryside life at a charming farm. However, Emily Ratajkowski found herself back amidst the bustling cityscape of New York City on Thursday. The 31-year-old multifaceted talent, known as both a model and writer, effortlessly exuded style as she strolled through the city streets with her beloved canine companion, Colombo. Opting for a fashionable all-black outfit, she rocked a relaxed and loose ensemble.

On the go: Emily Ratajkowski, 31, was back to big city living on Thursday when she was spotted in New York City walking her dog Colombo

In the midst of her busy schedule, Emily Ratajkowski, aged 31, returned to the bustling streets of New York City on Thursday, accompanied by her furry companion, Colombo.

Embracing a carefree style, Emily donned a plunging V-neck tank top that tastefully accentuated her ample cleavage. Complementing her top, she opted for loose-fitting black pleated pants adorned with cargo pockets, adding a touch of practicality to her ensemble.

Interestingly, the pants were slightly longer than her 5ft7in frame, resulting in her inadvertently stepping on them as she strolled along the sidewalks. To balance the overall darkness of her outfit, Emily chose to pair the ensemble with casual white sneakers, lending a contrasting lightness to her look.

To accessorize, she adorned herself with a striking black necklace, featuring a sizable silver heart pendant that gracefully dangled from her throat. Additionally, Emily incorporated oversized black glasses with a mesmerizing orange tint, enhancing her overall aesthetic.

Emily Ratajkowski effortlessly exuded confidence while embodying a relaxed yet chic style during her outing in New York City, capturing the attention of onlookers as she effortlessly embraced her role as a city dweller.

Back in black: She wore a plunging black V-necked tank top with baggy pleated pants and brilliant white sneakers, along with a heart-shaped silver pendant

Returning in style: Emily was dressed in an alluring black V-neck tank top paired with loose pleated pants and crisp white sneakers. Adorning her outfit was a heart-shaped silver pendant that added a touch of charm. Her flowing brunette hair, subtly transitioning in color, cascaded down her shoulders with a middle part.

Juggling multiple items, Emily had a firm grasp on Colombo’s leash in one hand, while cradling a long brown cardboard box in her arms. It was evident that the actress from Gone Girl was pleased with her ensemble as she took a moment to capture a quick video of herself putting on her sunglasses upon reaching her car. Playfully, she struck a sultry pose before shifting the camera’s focus to Colombo, who was panting in the back seat.

Down time: She snapped a video of herself relaxing in the car later in the day, which she posted to her Instagram Stories

Moments of relaxation: Later on, she decided to capture a video of herself unwinding in the car, taking a leisurely break. Excited to share this peaceful moment with her followers, she uploaded the snippet to her Instagram Stories.

Stunner: She flipped her hand through her voluminous brunette locks

Chic: She put on her cool orange-tinted glasses

Gorgeous: With a swift flick, she ran her fingers through her full-bodied brown hair, adorning her face with a pair of stylish shades that had a striking orange hue.

Fit figure: Emily also snapped a mirror selfie of herself that revealed her trim tummy while she was out running errands in the Big Apple

Emily, known for her fit figure, recently took a mirror selfie while running errands in New York City. The photo showcased her toned stomach and also featured the logo of her swimwear line, Inamorata, on a nearby wall. Interestingly, Inamorata does not have brick-and-mortar stores and solely sells its products online. During this outing, Emily’s son Sylvester, whom she fondly refers to as Sly, was not present. However, she recently shared adorable pictures on Instagram of her playing with Sly at a rural farm location. It seems that Emily was spending time alone with Sly following reports of her separation from her film producer husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. According to sources, Emily plans to divorce him due to his alleged history of infidelity.

MIA: Missing from her outing was her son Sylvester, whom she usually refers to by his nickname, Sly

MIA: Absent from her excursion was her offspring Sylvester, whom she commonly addresses by his moniker, Sly.

Cute: Earlier this week, she shared some adorable photos to Instagram of herself playing with her one-year-old son at a rural farm location

Adorable: Earlier this week, she delighted her Instagram followers with some precious snapshots of herself enjoying quality time with her one-year-old son in a picturesque rural farm setting.
Speculations of their split began circulating when she was spotted without her wedding ring in public, and these suspicions continued to grow as she consistently omitted the ring from her recent outings and social media posts.
Their romantic journey seemingly began on Valentine’s Day in 2018, and just a few weeks later, they sealed their love with a civil ceremony on February 23 of that same year in New York City.
However, Emily set the record straight during an appearance on Busy Tonight in 2021, revealing that she and Sebastian had actually been close friends for many years before taking their relationship to the next level.
“We had known each other for a substantial amount of time, and he loves to joke and say, ‘Yeah, everyone thinks we rushed into marriage, but you actually vetted me for two years,'” she shared.
Their joy multiplied when they welcomed their son into the world in March of the following year.

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