“Unrigging the System with Jennifer Lawrence: An Oscar-Winning Voice Against Corruption”

Jennifer Lawrence, a popular A-list actress known for her glamorous lifestyle, showcased her political expertise by giving a speech on eliminating corruption from politics. The event, called the Unrig The System Summit, took place in New Orleans and included notable personalities like Fox News host Steve Hilton, ex-Louisiana Republican Governor Buddy Roemer, and The Big Short director Adam McKay. Watch the video below for more details.

More than a star: Jennifer Lawrence, 27, proved her political bona fides on Friday when she delivered a speech on how to remove corruption from politics

Jennifer Lawrence, the 27-year-old actress widely known for her role in the popular movie series The Hunger Games, showcased her political expertise during her speech on Friday. Her focus was centered on strategies to eliminate corruption from the realm of politics. Lawrence appeared elegant in an off-white dress shirt and black pants while speaking at Tulane University. The starlet left her blonde tresses untied as she captivated the audience with her delivery. The event, titled “Unrigging the System,” is a congregation of influential thinkers from both ends of the political spectrum who are committed to repairing American politics.

Hero: The Hunger Games starlet wore an off-white dress shirt and black trousers for the speaking engagement at Tulane University

The protagonist of The Hunger Games donned a cream-colored button-up shirt, paired with black pants, as she took the stage to deliver a speech at Tulane University.

Great hair: Lawrence wore her blonde tresses untied as she spoke at the event

Lawrence flaunted her gorgeous blond locks in an unfastened style while addressing the gathering, making her hair appear stunning.

Incognito: Here the dressed-down Oscar winner is seen arriving at the event

Disguised and low-key, the Academy Award-winning actor was spotted entering the venue. In a recent move to encourage the youth to take part in politics, the Passengers star made a surprise appearance at Cleveland, Ohio, where she inspired high school students with a thought-provoking discussion on government. Jennifer Lawrence partnered with Represent.US – a non-partisan anti-corruption organization – to lead a conversation with junior and senior students from Cleveland Heights High School. The discussion revolved around the current state of affairs in the United States concerning democracy and how to fix it. The teenagers were thrilled to participate in such an inspiring event.

Empowering: Jennifer gave many teenagers the thrill of a lifetime as she surprised a group of high school students in Cleveland, Ohio with an inspiring political discussion

Jennifer brought a sense of empowerment to a group of high school students in Cleveland, Ohio by surprising them with an enlightening political conversation. The X-Men: First Class celebrity impressed the teenagers with her knowledge about politics and left a lasting impression on them. One of the students, Londyn Crehnshaw, expressed how impactful it was for someone so close to their age to talk about political issues. Jennifer’s words of encouragement, “this is your time,” left a profound impact on the students and made them think deeply about their role in society.

Inspiring: The  actress joined non-partisan anti-corruption organization Represent.US to lead a discussion about the current climate in the US and fixing democracy with junior and senior students at Cleveland Heights High School

The renowned actress recently teamed up with Represent.US to engage in a discussion with high school students at Cleveland Heights High School. The non-partisan anti-corruption organization aims to address the current state of affairs in the US and work towards fixing democracy. Jennifer has expressed her desire to confront President Donald Trump about his performance in office and even has a speech planned that ends with a martini. She has been eagerly anticipating this moment and is more than ready to have the conversation, although she hints that it may not be pleasant.

Opening up: The Mother! actress admitted she has developed an increasing 'obsession' with politics since Trump took office

Jennifer Lawrence has recently revealed her growing interest in politics since the presidency of Donald Trump. The Mother! actress has become so passionate about the subject that it has almost become an obsession for her. She even mentioned that she has something to say to various politicians whom she disagrees with. While watching news, Jennifer often thinks that they should wait and see what she has to say. She feels unsettled in her personal life when she looks at the world and wonders how she can contribute to fixing things.

Touching down: The A-lister arrived back in Los Angeles aboard private jet on Thursday

Landing in LA: The famous personality arrived in Los Angeles via a private jet on Thursday.

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