Unswayed by the Winds: Selena Gomez’s Flawless Charm Shines as She Playfully Engages with Fans outside Radio 1

Jokey side: Selena Gomez shows she doesn't take herself too seriously as she poses with fans while pulling faces outside BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday morning

Playful side: Selena Gomez proves she has a playful spirit as she strikes silly poses with her fans, while goofing around outside BBC Radio 1 on a delightful Wednesday morning.

Dressed up style: The 20-year-old actress showed off her fashionable side in navy skinny jeans, animal print heels and a white blazer

Chic Ensemble: Displaying her trendy persona, the 20-year-old performer flaunted a fashion-forward look consisting of slim-fitting dark blue jeans, striking leopard print heels, and a pristine white blazer.

Popular: Selena wore her hair long and poker straight for the outing, looking gorgeous despite the early start

Popular: Selena wore her hair long and poker straight for the outing, looking gorgeous despite the early start

Trending: Selena flaunted her flowing locks, styled flawlessly straight, as she stepped out for the day, radiating beauty even in the early hours.

Stylish star: She still managed to look flawless and attractive while sticking out her tongue for a funny picture with a waiting fan

Trendy celebrity: Despite playfully sticking out her tongue for a comical snapshot with an enthusiastic fan, she effortlessly maintained an impeccable and captivating appearance.

That's better: But she also posed for pretty pictures as she pouted in her red lipstick

Looks improved! However, she also playfully featured in captivating photographs while wearing her vibrant red lipstick and pouting attractively.

Entourage: She looked happy and refreshed as she made her way to the radio studios early on Wednesday morning

Entourage: With an air of contentment and revitalization, she breezed through the doors of the radio studios bright and early on Wednesday morning.

Say cheese: She posed for yet more funny photos once she was inside Radio 1 as she stepped inside the Nick Grimshaw photo booth

Cheese alert! After making her way into Radio 1, she couldn’t resist striking a pose and snapping some more hilarious pictures inside the fabulous Nick Grimshaw photo booth.

London Calling: Selena Gomez showed off her impeccable mane as she arrived in the English capital on Tuesday

Selena Gomez made a stunning entrance in The Big Smoke, showcasing her flawless locks upon her arrival in London earlier this week.

The chic of it: Selena looked tremendous as she walked into a cool London night

The chic of it: Selena looked tremendous as she walked into a cool London night

The allure of it: Selena appeared absolutely stunning as she strolled through the vibrant streets of a breezy London evening.

Her future's so bright: Even Selena's funky coloured Ray Bans were a triumph

Selena’s future appears to be exceptionally promising, as evident by her stylish choice of funky colored Ray Bans. Even her sunglasses selection proves to be a remarkable accomplishment.

Zebra crossing: Selena's outfit matched the road markings

Zebra crossing: Selena’s ensemble perfectly complemented the patterned pavement.

Sealed with a kiss: Selena Gomez kissed former flame Justin Bieber on the cheek backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night

Locked with a smooch: Selena Gomez bestowed a gentle peck on the cheek of her ex-lover Justin Bieber behind the curtains of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in the dazzling city of Las Vegas on Sunday evening.

What's going on here? Selena's pal Taylor Swift witnessed the interaction and was seen smiling and giggling

What’s happening over there? Selena’s friend, Taylor Swift, observed the exchange and could be seen sporting a smile and letting out bursts of laughter.

Does she not approve? Taylor was then seen sticking her tongue out as her friend planted a kiss on Justin's cheek

Is she not in favor? Taylor playfully stuck her tongue out as her friend gave Justin a friendly peck on the cheek.

Sharing: Selena later posted the picture on her Instagram account, proudly captioning it: 'Vegas hug + kiss'

Selena took to her Instagram account and happily shared the photo, adding a confident caption that read: ‘Embracing the Vegas vibe with a sweet hug and kiss’

Surprised: The Red singer was taken aback as she watched Selena lay a smooch on Bieber

Taken by surprise, the singer known as Red was left astounded as she witnessed Selena planting a kiss on Bieber’s lips.

Budding big sister: Selena recently shared a picture online of her patting her mother's baby bump

Up-and-coming older sibling: Selena recently took to social media to showcase her tender moment of gently caressing her mom’s growing belly.

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