“Unveiling the Real Me: Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts DKNY Intimates in Bold Campaign, Puts Badass-ery on Display”

Once again, Emily Ratajkowski has graced us with her stunning figure in a new ad campaign. This time, the 27-year-old is modeling DKNY’s Intimates collection for Fall 2018. The campaign showcases a variety of lingerie, including bras, underwear, and teddies, in both photos and video. However, it’s not just about what’s on the outside for Ratajkowski. In the campaign, she also opens up about what’s “underneath it all” and who she truly is as a woman.

Va-va-voom! Emily Ratajkowski stars in a new campaign for DKNY Intimates

Wowza! Emily Ratajkowski is the face of the latest advertising campaign for DKNY Intimates.

The 27-year-old models a series of teddies, bras, and underwear for the shoot

In the photo shoot, the young woman of 27 flaunts a variety of lingerie such as teddies, bras, and underwear.

The stunning brunette has been a spokesmodel for the brand since 2017

Since 2017, the brand has had the pleasure of having a beautiful brunette serve as their spokesmodel.

Behind-the-scenes shots show her effortlessly striking sexy poses in a New York City loft

Photos taken behind the scenes reveal how she effortlessly struck sultry poses in a New York City loft.

She pouts as her tousled hair falls loose around her shoulders

Her hair tumbles down her shoulders as she sulks, while being photographed in a New York City loft. The stunning photography captures Emily’s mesmerizing physique effortlessly as she poses in nothing but lingerie. The model sports a bra paired with tights and non-existent undergarments while relaxing on a bed. Another image features her kneeling on a couch in a lace green one-piece. In various other photos, she flaunts a sporty lingerie set underneath a sweater, proving that she looks gorgeous no matter what style of undergarment she wears. Emily also showcases DKNY’s new range in a 45-second promotional video where she playfully toys around with the tagline #UnderneathmyDKNY.

The images, part of the Fall 2018 campaign, were released today

The photos that are a part of the Fall 2018 campaign have just been made public today.

In one behind-the-scenes shot, can be seen taking off her sweater

In a candid backstage photograph, the artist can be observed removing her sweater.

She models sportier pieces like black leggings, and racier ones like this lace bra

She showcases a variety of athletic wear such as sleek black leggings and more provocative pieces like a lace bra.

She also models a bit of loungewear for the shoot

During the photoshoot, she also sported some comfortable loungewear for the camera.

Emily kept her makeup to a minimum and stuck to simple jewelry

Emily preferred a natural look, opting for minimal makeup and simple jewelry. As she relaxed in her chair, she admitted that despite appearances, she was far from perfect. “I’m a little crazy,” she laughed. “Just a little.” When it comes to making choices, Emily likes to do things her own way, but acknowledges that it can be difficult at times. “I don’t need permission to be me,” she affirmed. “I’m both tender and tough, and nothing is ever just black and white.” In a magical display of duplicating herself, Emily appeared in three versions of herself in the same room, each engaged in different activities. “Underneath it all, I’m a true New Yorker,” she declared. “I’m a hopeless romantic, never satisfied, outspoken with a cause. I can be a bit of a dreamer.” With an apple in hand and a laptop on the bed beside her, Emily’s unique personality shone through.

She also appeared in a 45-second video for the camapgin

Additionally, she was featured in a brief 45-second promotional video for the campaign.

In the clip, she talks about who she is 'underneath it all'

During the video, she discusses her true self and what lies beneath the surface.

'Underneath it all, I'm far from perfect,' she says, leaning back in a chair. 'I'm a little crazy. Just a little'

As she relaxed in her chair, she admitted, “Truth be told, I’m not flawless. I have quirks, and maybe a touch of madness.”

'I like to make my own choices,' she goes on. 'But it can be hard to choose'

'I don't need permission to be me,' she adds. 'I'm tender and I'm tough. Nothing is ever just black and white'

She expresses her inclination towards making her decisions, but admits that it can be challenging to select the right option.

'Underneath it all, I'm a New Yorker,' she says. 'Hopeless romantic. Never satisfied. Outspoken with a cause. I can be a little bit of a dreamer'

She admits, “At the core of my being, I am a true New Yorker.” Her personality leans towards the hopeless romantic side, and she’s always searching for more. She is unafraid to speak her mind when she believes there’s a good reason to do so. She also confesses to being a bit of a dreamer at times.

'I'm a bada**... don't you think?' she asks as the video wraps up

As the video comes to an end, she confidently asks, “Do you think I’m a bada**?” In her opinion, all women possess immense strength and capability, and she embraces change fearlessly. Despite her badassery, she remains true to herself and doesn’t hide beneath a facade. This latest campaign is just one of many she’s worked on with the brand since becoming a spokesperson in 2017. While her recent photoshoots include indoor shots displaying her undressed, her initial campaign featured her walking a dog in lingerie on the streets of New York.

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